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Oishii Bakery sells Japanese inspired pastries and confectioneries. continue reading
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Level1 2014-01-14
Black Sesame Paste BunThis was my first time trying a black sesame paste bun, something I have been meaning to try. After finally being able to get my hands on one, I slowly bit into the chewy bread, hoping that it would live up to my expectations. The bread was rather tasteless, but that was a good thing since the filling was extremely robust! The bread merely acted as a casing for the generous portion of black sesame inside.In the picture above, the black sesame doesn’t really look very generous, but as you bite further in, the amount of filling increases (below). The filling was more powdery than a paste, and was not at all like the Black Sesame Paste dessert. It was stronger, and was almost too bitter. Being a black sesame fan, I liked this bun.BUT, if you aren’t a fan of black sesame. I suggest you steer clear of this bun, since the black sesame taste is very strong. The bun was not sweet at all, so the natural flavor of the black sesame remains the star of this bun.YAM BUNSadly, the filling was not as generous for this bun. But it was enough to me, considering that the yam paste tasted exactly like the yam paste dessert aka Orh-nee, which can be quite rich on its own. The sweetness was just right, and was nicely balanced off with the plain bread.Oishii Bakery offers a great variety of quality buns, which go beyond your normal options, which is a huge plus point to me. I love how they incorporate traditional flavours into their bread. It would be nice if they made their fillings even more generous or increased the size of their buns though, since their buns average at $1.40 a piece. Compared to the many other neighbourhood bakeries though, it isn’t particularly outstanding. Definitely above average, but it is going to take a lot more for bread to really WOW me. Nonetheless, it is a good place to stop by to grab a bun, or two for a quick on-the-go snack.Rating: 6/10 (+1 for variety) continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-25
Really love their selection of buns and breads. The bread base is light and fluffy with a slight chew to it. There is a wide variety of buns available to choose from too. Especially like the blueberry cheese bun, shaped like a boat, the bun is topped generously with blueberry jam and is filled with pockets of oozing cheese and deliciously sweet blueberry filling continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-17
I was at Beauty World Centre this afternoon, having my late lunch. I thought I would get some bread from this bakery for a snack later of the day. I went into the bakery, look around at the selection of bread they have. i decided to go for the basic, donut. The donuts didn't look appealing, I like those coated with lots of sugars. Anyway I just chose the one with the most sugar. While I was waiting to pay, I saw the shop personnel packing some chocolate cookies. Looked tempting, since they were freshly baked. She gave me a piece to sample. It didn't taste as well as it looked. A bit dry. It didn't taste like chocolate cookies. Couldn't really tell what it tasted like.I ate the donut at night. It was very normal. A bit dense inside. Not enough sugar. continue reading
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