This charming and artistic spot, previously an art gallery, now takes on a class of its own in the neighbourhood of Kampong Bahru. <br>With its creation of the manster burger to the geekdom of craft beers, one can get into the mood with fine art pieces, great food and fantastic beer. Art pieces on the wall are for sale. continue reading
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Along the street of Kampong Bahru, one can find this charming and artistic spot that was previously an art gallery. I was being introduced to Old Boys Gallery Tapas Bar & Restaurant, a great place to chill out for a good food and fantastic beer.Upon entering Old Boys Gallery, I was immediately being attracted to all the fine art pieces that were surrounded the places.The vibrant colours of the art pieces instantly lifted up my mood. The ambiance made me feel at ease, Old Boys Gallery is a place that you will enjoy with your friends.Old Boys Gallery is like a mini gallery, bringing Singapore’s burgeoning arts scene to the fore. The art pieces on the wall are for sale.Can't get enough of the art, especially love the art piece on the wall. Belly Good Burger - $18.90 (newly added to the menu)This handmade burger definitely will fill our stomach. Pork belly and onion ring was a great combination. The pork belly was very tender and juicy while the onion ring was deliciously crispy. One bite of both, you will experience a tender juicy crunch. Deliciously good.Bak Kwa Risotto - between $10 to $20 (newly added to the menu)Who would have thought risotto can actually pair with bak kwa?This creative concept came from our Chinese New Year delicacy, Bak Kwa, specially created for last CNY. The savoury of the bak kwa bring out the flavour of the creamy risotto with a taste of sweetness. Suitable for people who want to opt for something simple and not too heavy.Spam Chips - $9Trying this for the first time, deep-fried luncheon meat with wasabi mayo. The luncheon meat was fried until it turned golden brown. You can hear the cripsy crunch with every bite of it. We cleared the plate within minutes, leaving the veggies behind. Potato Head - $7.90How about dipping the sweet potato fries with curry mustard.This is super addictive, we couldn't stop ourselves from eating. The secret lies in their homemade curry mustard, it further enhanced the flavour of the fries, bringing a different taste out.Form Your Own Triplets - $21You can select any 3 sides from bits and bites at the price of $21. There are 14 selections that you can mix and match from.We have Vongole Bianco served with crispy toast, crispy porky and OBG crab cakes.The vongole bianco was really spicy. When I took the first sip, I think the spiciness was still bearable. But when you swallowed it, that's when the burning sensation kicked in and linger at the throat.I love the sassy flavour crab cakes with mango relish and the juicy roasted pork.Early Grey Cake with Lavender Cream - $7.90The cake has a refreshing taste with a trace of light early grey and lavender aroma that linger. Suitable for people who prefer not so sweet dessert. The cake was moist and spongy as well.Coconut Cake - $7.90This was my favourite dessert, coconut cake with gula melaka.Gula melaka complemented the overall taste with sweetness added, every bite tasted flavoursome. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-25
Located among the stretch of shop houses along Kampong Bahru, you can find Old Boys Gallery. The near 1 year old cafe is filled with bright vibrant splash of colors and sprightly painted canvas art pieces which immediately brightens up the whole dining corner. Also, displaying a collection of empty beer, cider and liquor bottles to furnish up the other side of the corner.OBG menu with selections from their starters, to bar bites to main dishes. Westernized with fusion of tapas style.Can’t help but to take a photo of such cutie Nest Beer cups. Soup of the day – Mushroom Soup ($6.70). Thick and creamy filled with slices of wild mushroom and 2 slices of well toasted bread. Love it’s fragrant aroma and crispy edges.OBG Steak ($21.90) – One of the recommended dish, so i was really looking forward to it. But it came out to be a tad too disappointing. Ordered the rib eye steak to be medium but it came out between medium well to well done, a little too tough and chewy. But nonetheless, the flavor and marination of the steak was good on its own even without the sauce. A little touch of herbs and spice with mushroom gratin on it. For the two side dishes choice, i have chosen miso corn and truffle mash. Miso corn is another disappointment, the corn kernels were really dry and the least juicy. But the Truffle Mash saved the day, one of the consolation to this dish. Smooth potato puree with noticeable truffle taste.Salmon & Prawn ($18.90) – Quite a mediocre dish. Flavors were almost there but texture of the food needs improvement. If prawns were a little juicer, it will be perfect. The salmon on the other hand was a little too bland to my liking.All in all, it’s a very welcoming environment to dine in, and i really saw raving reviews before i decided to give it a try but it turns out more improvement to the mouthfeel of the food is needed. Maybe they are better known for their tapas and drinks. But one good thing to note, prices stated are all nett!https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/old-boys-gallery/ continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-29
Amidst the rows of pubs at Kampong Bahru is Old Boys Gallery, previously an art gallery now with an additional element of bistro opened by three friends who wanted a place for people to chill out and enjoy over delectable food and wide variety of craft beers.A special place where food meets art, paintings of vibrant colours by local artists filled the walls.The opposite side of the bistro has empty beer bottles neatly displayed, you can see the different types of beer they carry here.As you walk down the bistro, you can find this very interesting 'Love Lock Bridge' just before the exit. Customers can write their names on locks and attach their locks to the metal railings there!My choice of beverage was the French Rose Tea which came in a lovely pot.We started with their Trio Plate of dishes. Priced at $21 nett, customers could choose up to 3 different kinds of starters available on the menu.Crispy Porky!! One of my favourite over here at OBG. Cackling, juicy roasted pork served with kecap manis! Kecap manis is sweet dark sauce which is very popularly used in Indonesian cuisine. It compliments this dish extremely well!!!OBG Wings. These wings are quite special and not too common in Singapore yet. They are marinated with Marmite and exudes a slightly sweet, yet robust and savoury flavour. Something definitely worth trying.OBG Crab Cakes. Fresh crabs and mango relish makes such a perfect combination!Vongole Aglio Olio. Venus clams sauteed in white wine sauce. I have a thing for pastas, especially aglio olios because I've learnt that although they are made from the simplest ingredients, it's not easy to execute them well. Here, OGB's rendition of Vongole left me very impressed and craving for more. Love it's unpretentious, honest to goodness taste!Lastly, we finished off with Manster Burger! Topped with a thick beef patty, fried egg, with sweet caramelized onions, cheese, pickles and a special BBQ sauce served along with fries and vegetable, this would surely fill your stomachs leaving you very happy! Well, it's difficult to go wrong with burgers!Amidst the rows of pubs at Kampong Bahru is Old Boys Gallery, previously an art gallery now with an additional element of bistro opened by three friends who wanted a place for people to chill out and enjoy over delectable food and wide variety of craft beers.Do try their OBG chicken wings marinated in Marmite, vongole in white wine sauce and also their Manster Burger if you're really hungry because it's really huge but delicious!!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)