Korean dessert cafe offering a milk flake rendition of the popular Korean Bingsu. continue reading
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Mango Berry Cheesecake Bingsu Patbingsu
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Level4 2015-06-17
If you can't find O'ma Spoon in Marina Square, just ask any passerby where the infamous Hotpot Culture buffet restaurant (publicized recently for a dead cockroach in its salted veg dish) is located and you'll get directions to the cafe. Owned by a Korean lady, O'ma Spoon is famous for its injeolmi bingsu or shaved ice with rice cakes and roasted soy powder. Not soya fans, my dining companion  and I opted for the signature 'OMG bingsu' instead. This is a heavenly combo of mango cubes, berries, almond slivers, cheesecake and shaved ice. 'OMG bingsu' comes in a slightly smaller, lower priced version which goes by the name of 'Mango Cheese  Bingsu' or if you're alone, you can order this item in a takeaway cup 'Petit Bingsu' but the mini version does not have almonds, berries and cheesecake. So it's better to visit Oma Spoon in a group so you can order the regular portion to share or try different flavours at one go.We've visited both Nunsaram and MOF Snowman for their bingsu but our vote goes to Oma Spoon for the best mango bingsu  in town, in terms of texture and quality of ingredients used. The ajuma owner certainly doesn't stinge on quality as we spied cartons of Paul's brand UHT milk in a corner of the shop. This is the milk that goes into the making of the shaved ice at Oma Spoon. The bingsu's texture here is finer, and the fresh mango topping for the bingsu is of better quality, compared with the desserts served at both Nunsaram and MOF Snowman. At Nunsaram, fake tasting dried mango strips are mixed with the fresh mango in the bingsu, while at MOF Snowman we were served acidic, unripe mango cubes in our bingsu.  The cafe environment at Oma Spoon is more pleasant and relaxed than both Nunsaram and MOF Snowman too (the latter is like a school tuck shop dining area located next to a busy corridor right in front of a table BBQ restaurant).Besides the injeolmi bingsu and mango cheese bingsu, the other item that is popular among customers at this Oma Spoon Cafe is the banana chocolate brownie bingsu. We will be revisiting this cafe soon to try this item. continue reading
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