A newly cafe helmed by the folks behind Lola's Cafe in Kovan. They created this space for food lovers to share their laughter over a good cup of coffee & hearty meal. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-12
If you are running out of cafes / places to go in the West for some gathering or chit chats, perhaps you can try going to On The Table which is just located a walking distance away from Pasir Panjang MRT station.With similar concept to Lola's Cafe in Kovan, On the Table's Interior was rustic, whereby floor was just only cement screed with wall painted off white furnished with yellow furniture. If you dont know who is behind OTT (On The Table), they are actually the similar folks from Lola's Cafe.Snail Sausage and bratwurst was served on a bed of creamy mashed potato. The caramelized onions gravy was simply a perfect marriage to the yummy mash!Toasted buns, stuffed with house smoked pulled pork spread with BBQ sauce and purple slaw with thick cut potato fries placed beside the burger, making the meal a complete one. Pulled pork were juicy and a good crunch was added once biting on the purple slaw. Decent but not the best pulled pork I ever had.It really beats me when I saw the word "Gnocchi" till I figured them out on the bowl. Potato Gnocchi is actually thick yet soft dough dumplings. I find this dish rather appetizing especially the 63 degree Celsius cooked poached egg was broken and mixed with shimeji mushrooms, broccoli and Parmesan cheese.And washing down the food, we had a bottle of Lemon Thyme Soda.Iced Mocha too!For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Another gem located in the western part of Singapore, On The Table serves a wide selection of food, ice-cream and waffles which boasts for a worthy trip down. As a sister restaurant to Lola's cafe, this place incorporates certain similarities but with very distinct variations. I find that the ambience of a place is significantly as important as the food, and naturally this cafe stood out for me.On the Table retains a chic-industrial approach within their interior which is beautifully complemented with dimly lit hanging lights and dark grey walls. This down-to-earth aesthetic properties of exposed piping, industrial bar lighting and seating adds up to the urban and metropolitan vibe of this spacious cafe. The colours of the place are earthy (except for a few brightly coloured chairs), which makes everything very pleasing to the eyes. A cosy and sophisticated place to dine with friends but definitely not a place to chill as it gets extremely crowded especially during lunch hours.I love the idea of having cosy spots in cafes, they give us diners a comforting place to lounge the evening away~~A new dish recently added to On The Table's dinner menu, the Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese was a dish I instantly fell in love with. Topped with honey glazed bacon, this unpretentious dish was fragrant and rich, yet not too cheesy. A must try if you are heading down for dinner!Another new dish on their dinner menu is the Gnocchi with Broccoli and Mushrooms which is made up of potato gnocchi, shimeji mushrooms, broccoli, 63 deg poached eggs and drizzled with shaved parmesan cheese. A simple and comforting dish yet packed full of flavours, making it quite delicious.A classic favourite which is available at both Lola's Cafe and On The Table, these honey wings definitely lived up to my expectations. They were well-marinated, the exterior was crispy while the meat retained its tender texture. The paprika spices in the marination was mild yet complemented the wings beautifully. With a tinge of sweetness coming from the honey, it was a lip-smacking dish!This was not too bad, not that fantastic either. It was crispy on the outside but it was a little too hard on the edges. The Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream however was a delight to us. It was smooth, dense and so delectable!Great food, wonderful ambiance and their friendly staff made our dining experience at On The Table an enjoyable one. Moreover, although the prices have increased, their dishes are still one of the most affordable ones and I am glad that they do not charge GST and service charge. Definitely one of the cafes to add to my list of favourites!  continue reading
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Located just across the road from the Pasir Panjang MRT is this cosy cafe. Once you see Fat Boys, you know you're on the right block! On The Table is the sister cafe of Lola's from Kovan, as such they sell similar menu items like the very instagrammable Honey Crispy Wings, but did you know they also sell superb waffles along with their brunch menu?It is quite a big cafe, there's lots of nice decorations, the wall have a rustic print on them, there are round tables for groups of fours and also bench seats for groups of 6.Help yourself to the water and as I was getting some cups, I noticed this sign. I couldn't resist, I had to try the truffle mac n cheese!!Here is their menu, it is simple, easy to read, and immediately I wanted to try a bunch of them! The waitress hurried over and took our orders. Our drinks slowly arrived on the table one by one. I had the iced matcha latte, it was abit diluted for my taste, maybe it was because it was iced. My friend had the hot matcha latte and it tasted good.1. Eggs Benedict $13The eggs were perfectly poached and tasted great on the brioche toast. The salad seemed fresh and was seasoned well.2. Prawn Aglio Olio $18I really liked the aglio olio. It had a al dente texture with a strong aroma of prawns and they were very generous with the prawns. I lost count on the number of prawns I had munched on. The pasta is a decent serving and I would want to try more of their pasta offerings in the future! I highly recommend this to all prawn aglio olio lovers!3. Fries with Truffle Mayo $8Truffle fries, every cafe has them! Truffle Mayo? Say that again? Yes it's the perfect kind of mayo you want with anything fried!! We chomped down on this side dish and we vowed to always order it everytime we step into this cafe!! The truffle taste isn't subtle, it is actually quite strong but does no overpower the mayo. The fries were fried just alright, not dripping in oil and they were not soggy either.4. Truffle mac and cheese with bacon $9I am a mac and cheese lover and yes this was a sure win for me!! Not to mention BACON!  I love bacon too! The top layer was just right, slightly charred to give it a crispy texture and with the crumbs everywhere, it was a crunch in every bite. There was sufficient cheese spread around the entire dish, no one macaroni was not drowned in cheese!5. Crispy Honey Wings $10From the popular Lola's cafe comes these infamous wings, we figured to just order two servings and we were right. They were crispy and delicious, I loved the honey drizzled over the wings too! Some of my friends commented, why pay $10 for 8 winglets when you can get prawn paste chicken wings from any tze char stall, at a lower price? Simple, these wings aren't dripping in oil, and they actually stay crispy for a while. They are also pretty plump and I totally love them! I have tried wings at different cafes and here is one of my favourites!6. Waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream $12People flock to Lola's or On the Table for their brunch menu.. and to be honest.. Their waffles are much more worthy cause to travel across our island country for! These are the best waffles ever! Super crispy with every bite, even when the ice cream has drenched through the waffle, the waffle still stays crispy! We tried baileys brownie, which I felt was abit too sweet, earl grey which frankly was very good and milk tea, which was very good as well! After visiting On the Table for ice cream and waffles, and then visiting Upper thomson for supper, I realized alot of ice cream parlour up at upper thomson, can't even hold a candle to the ice cream at On The Table!All in all, On The Table could very well be one of the best cafes I have been to! I will be back for double waffles!!!~ continue reading
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The cafe is situated in the sleepy Pasir Panjang neighbourhood next to Fat Boy’s Burger. The cafe is opened by the good folks from Lola’s cafe thus offering the same good quality food and coffee you have come to expect from Lola’s . They offer a decent menu which includes the perennial favourites such as all day breakfast items and typical cafe fare .The cafe is rather spacious as it took up two shop units . Tables were spread sufficiently far apart so that you can enjoy your meal here without having to rub shoulders with the patrons in the next table .Similar to other cafes , service here is semi-self service . Order at the counter and you will be given a large peg with a number . The staff would then serve the food to you when it is ready .First up , the Crispy Honey Wings . Served up on a wooden board , there were 4 wings and drumettes. Fried to perfection , the chicken was crisp on the on the outside yet moist and juicy inside. The drizzled with honey and sprinkled with paprika gave the stellar dish an additional boost of flavour . A definitely must order starter , if you visit them .Next up , the mains . The portions served here are on the bigger side . Big eaters, rejoice ! The food here can’t be faulted , each were well executed with quality ingredients. The Ultimate Croissant was a large croissant stuffed with scramble eggs , bacon, cheese and ham . The croissant was delectably flaky, aromatic . It when perfectly with the scrambled eggs , cheese , ham and bacon. A sinful brunch item but boy it was calories well spent .Eggs Atlantic is a version of Eggs Benedict with the addition of smoked salmon . Here, the perfectly poached eggs were served with a generous portion of smoked salmon on a thick slice of toasted brioche . The hollandaise sauce was well executed and the eggs had oozing runny yolks. A truly protein packed and hearty meal . Both mains came with a serving with a side salad dressed with balsamic vinegar . A simple yet refreshing salad that contrasted the rich brunch fare .We ordered a cappuccino .Similar to Lola’s the coffee beans used here are sourced from Dutch Colony Co. The coffee was decent, it was sufficiently robust that was slightly acidic with a nutty hints .Overall , the food served here are pretty good . The prices here are relatively lower compared to other cafes . Definitely worth a visit for those staying in the West .Visit my blog for more :https://gluttonthatshoots.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/on-the-table-pasir-panjang-singapore-cafe/ continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-02
I guess Lola Cafe which is known for their crispy honey wings has been a familiar name to all of you! On the Table is the new creation by the successful folks behind the bustling Lola Cafe. The presence of On the Table in the pasir panjang neighborhood is definitely a good news to the west-siders! The west-siders no longer have to travel all the way down to the north east area for their crispy honey wings or a caffeine fix!On the Table is much more spacious, uncluttered tables and chairs with more room available for moving around freely. Among the dimly lighted bulbs are a few brightly lighted bulbs straddled on the wire cables over the ceilings illuminating the little cozy corner. Comes to lunch time, it is always fully packed with customers from all walks of lives. Their menu beside the usual brunch food and popular sides, has a few more substantial mains like the Swimmer Crab Linguine and Duck Confit.This is the legendary crispy honey wings ($8) which everyone is talking about. I can assure you these wings, are one of the most crispy, juicy and aromatic wings accompanied with subtle sweetness from the honey, the best i have ever tasted. It’s really addictive!Another living up to the expectations, is this Duck Confit ($18) dish. Apart from the one at Saveur, this is the next best duck leg confit i’ve tasted. Crispy on the exterior and tender soft meat on the interior paired with the citrus orange sauce and mushy potatoes, it’s totally enticing to the eyes and palate.Swimmer Crab Linguine ($16) is another interesting dish that caught our eyes. Tomato based linguine cooked to al dente with generous servings of shredded crab meat. It’s good but somehow it's lacking some kick to the overall taste. It reminded me of chilli crab somehow, so i thought how amazing it will be if the base is replaced with chilli crab sauce.What’s a complete meal without the desserts? We decided to go for their Waffle with Double Scoops of Ice Cream ($10). I guess surprises do not just stop at their crispy honey wings and main courses. Their waffle is another dish that will wow you! Franking speaking, the appearance of waffle does not look that appealing, but the taste and texture of it will leave you asking for more! The waffle is not only crispy and fluffy, but as you munch on it, there’s seems to be more crunchy elements hidden within the waffle. The taste is just too awesome. Paired with their creamy Belgium Chocolate & Salted Caramel ice cream, there’s nothing more you can ask for. It simply ends your lunch on a sweet note!For more details on http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/on-the-table/ continue reading
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