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Level4 2014-02-05
More 'liangteh' for today after eating so much heaty food lately! I never bought from this stall before so I decided to give it a try to see how their herbal tea fared compared to other stalls like Hockhua. They have quite a variety of herbal tea and "cooling" drinks such as Barley, Water Chestnut, Almond and so on. To help you decide, there are also useful signs stating which of the drinks are suitable for certain minor ailments like cough. The cute thing is that many of their drinks come in fancy but sweet names like "Red Passion", "Secret Garden" and "First Love". So, what does First Love taste like? Probably like Lemon Tea, at least according to this shop."First Love" Lemon Tea ($1.80)Sweet, a little zesty. And quite refreshing. I thought that this drink from Oriental Herbal Tea managed to achieve the delicate balance between lemon and tea, at least for my taste. It had the aroma of fragrant tea and was pretty refreshing to drink especially on a hot day. Wheatgrass usually tend to be my first choice for a cooling drink, but at this stall, I actually preferred this Lemon Tea over it. This "First Love" Lemon Tea was really quite Love at First Sip. I did come here initially with the intention to get Wheatgrass, but didn't see Wheatgrass among their display so I took my chances and asked if they have it. To my surprise, they actually had it in stock but the batch was stored in the fridge to keep them chilled and fresh. If you didn't see the drink you want at the counter display, just feel free to ask! The staff were quite approachable and helpful and they also took the initiative to inform me to keep the wheatgrass juice in the fridge if any storing was needed.Wheatgrass ($3.50)No fancy name for this unfortunately. This tasted a tad milder compared to the one from Hockhua but was still quite concentrated. It also tasted natural and wasn't too sweet which suited me just fine. However, at $3.50, it was much more expensive than the one from Hockhua which was only $2.00. I supposed you are probably also paying for the nice bottles, which are thick and sturdy and definitely good for reusing over and over again! The prices for most of the other drinks seemed to be more or less on par with other herbal tea stalls although I personally wouldn't mind paying a tiny wee bit more for the bottles, just as long the difference isn't too great like the Wheatgrass juice. But if price is a concern, there are also a few other reasonably priced drinks in the $1+ range. It helped that the taste of the drinks in general seemed to be quite decent too, especially that of First Love. continue reading
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