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Bringing the best of authentic Italian cuisine in a relaxed setting, OTTO Locanda opens its doors at the charming Maxwell Chambers. The trattoria is also outfitted with a bar area for those looking to unwind and socialize. The design concept of OTTO Locanda emanates a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is accented with the charm of a traditional Italian trattoria. continue reading
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Potato-Crusted Malabar Fillet Prosciutto di Parma Vongole
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Otto Locanda is this, fanciful and posh Italian Restaurant at Maxwell Chambers (right outside of the Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit, that I had walked past years ago, thinking to myself, when will I ever come to dine at this restaurant. Because it looks so good on the outside, and on the inside as well, upon further peeping.As aforementioned, the interior was sleek, cozy and welcoming. I just love the contrasting color theme of the restaurant. We were warmly greeted by the hostess and brought to our table of eight. The bread basket was one of the better ones. I’m pretty particular when it comes to bread baskets. Being warm is the first step. Then, the bread has to be relatively soft with a different textured and slightly crispier crust. I thought Otto Locanda did it pretty good.Before I go into the courses proper, I must commend that the management is very flexible. As I had friends of mine who couldn’t take cheese, they were actually open to switching it up (the dessert) for that two friends of mine when I wrote in. They did a great job coordinating with the Chef and my friends in person whilst we were there. I am glad they were being taken care of.Antipasti (Sliced Chilled Roast Grain Fed Strip Loin with Tuna Sauce): Appetizers, have always been a ‘small portion’ in my perception. More so for one, this is a Restaurant Week Menu – many restaurants would be cutting back on parts of it to save cost. I was impressed with the gigantic portion the restaurant offered. All my dining companions were, too. Save for the slightly exotic combination of tuna sauce with the strip loin, I thought the dish was refreshing. Every part of it had their flavors spot on.Main Course (Trio Pasta): Though it might seem like a degustation menu, it can actually be quite filling if you finish everything. Well, there’s the carbohydrates there. I admire the beauty of the presentation. Ravioli stuffed with Buffalo Ricotta Cheese, Beef Lasagna, and Squid Ink Spaghetti Chitarra Pasta with Crab Meat are the three musketeers in this course. Again, I think it was cooked to perfection. And just the right amount – not getting too cloying.Main Course (Pan-Roasted Sea Bass): Fish wasn’t a problem, it was soft and smooth. I, for one though, am not a fan of the Amalfi Coast Style Sauce. Somehow, it tasted too Chinese and tomato-based for me. Pity though, because I am a huge fan of fishes.Main Course (Roasted Baby Chicken): Of the three main courses, this rank in the middle for me. As the name suggests, pepper caponata, the dish is skewed toward the spicy side. It’s definitely tolerable, but this serves as a heads up for non-spicy takers. The baby chicken wasn’t the most tender, softest or most fragrant, but it’s passable.Dessert (Tiramisu): Hell, this photo doesn’t do justification to the size of the dessert. Like its counterpart, the antipasti, our jaws dropped when it was brought onto the table. It was such a huge piece of tiramisu that our stomachs were starting to call for help. Even the usual ‘there is always space for dessert’ couldn’t hang in there for long. Okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Only because the Tiramisu is good. I thought it differs a little from the usual – Otto Locanda’s version was milder, I thought. But with every bite of it, you can still distinctly taste its cocoa, mascarpone cheese, and coffee. Bravo.Dessert (Profiteroles): Now this is the switched up dessert I was talking about. I say, my friend got a steal for herself. The profiteroles, soaked in chocolate, matched with the chilled cream within, was indulgent even though I only had a pop of it. Oh yes, strawberries accompanied as co-star.Overall, I’m definitely impressed with the service. Food-wise, some hits, some misses, although most were the former. We were there for Restaurant Week, Lunch. So it was only $25++. For that, it’s value for money, hands down. I would certainly love to try its ala-carte menu some other time. continue reading
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I enjoyed dining at Otto Locanda and it was one of the best Italian that I have tried so far. Not only the food was good but the service was superb. I just can't praise this place enough cause my friend and I really enjoyed my time there. I went on a Monday and there weren't that many people. There was this lady who was there attending and showing us our seat. She was really polite and she managed our orders. Upon seated and ordered, we were served with some ice water and not long after some bread. The bread came together with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was nice eating this way dipping into the olive oil rather than conventional butter. Bread was complimentary and it was really fragrant too. So both my friend and I ordered these few dishes for sharing, which I will share what the taste is like individually. We ordered altogether the Lasagna della Locanda ($23), the Ravioli Toscani ($24), Carnaroli Risotto with mix seafood & fresh basil pesto ($34) and lastly we topped off with a traditional Tiramisu for the finale since we are having Italian food. This place has also one of the best service. What I noticed was that the waiter will come and check on you regularly if everything is alright and if they can serve the next dish. It is different as they allow you to eat at your on pace comparing to serving all the dishes at one go. This is really commendable cause not many places does that. Also, after our second dish, Chef Marco, the chef also came out and greeted us and check if the food was alright. The attentiveness just makes you feel special and it just makes your dining experience more memorable. Pricing is also affordable and I would say it is really quality food, so its really worth it. Fresh Baguette - This was served with a plate of Olive oil with some balsamic vinegar. The bread was fresh and fragrant. Lasagna della Locanda ($23) This is a must-try dish! It is an entree dish and it consisted of oven baked truffle together with Porcini mushroom lasagna and what they called a light cherry tomato sauce. It was served hot and you can feel the warm lasagna and the cheese melts in your mouth. It was simply yumz! Ravioli Toscani ($24) This dish is a Home-made Ravioli with tastes of butter and sage sauce on pureed lentils. It also contains Buffalo Ricotta cheese and Tuscan black cabbage. Black cabbage are not black in colour though. It is a wild cabbage also known as Kale. Anyway, this dish came second and I carefully savour every bite of this Ravioli, it was fresh, creamy and delicious. Carnaroli Risotto with mix seafood & fresh basil pesto ($34)This was our last main dish. It was a special of the day which you won't find it in their normal menu. I was so glad my friend ordered this. It came with a generous amount of seafood and the Risotto was the best I have tasted. The differences is that this Risotto was softer than the usual ones that I have tasted. The flavours kind of wraps up the Risotto so when you take a mouthful of it, you can taste of all the combination of seafood which makes it so flavoursome. I am really not exaggerating, your really have to try it yourself. And, you can really taste a tinge of pesto which added an extra refreshing taste in this dish. Tiramisu al Caffe’The traditional Tiramisu is just Wow! It was topped in an Espresso coffee sauce and The mixture of the coffee, alcohol, the texture was just so nice. It was well-done in my opinion. I was so full of joy and mesmerized by it with every bite. Ambience was really soothing with light music playing in the background with decoration of wine since it is an Italian restaurant. Lighting was dim, good for dates or a nice relaxing dinner. Place was also very convenient just next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Do take the Exit B at Maxwell Chamber building and you will find it. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-26
A sister restaurant of Otto Ristorante, Otto Locanda serves up some hearty, trattoria-style dishes. It is located adjacent to the Red Dot building, at the pristine white Maxwell Chamber, directly opposite Tanjong Pagar MRT.This circular dining area at Otto Locanda made me feel as though I was dining in a lighthouse! I really love the decor of the restaurant with its rich brown hues, contrasted against the mint green walls, with mismatched picture frames plastered all over. This setting exudes a very warm ambience, very much like you’re having a meal over at a friend’s house.Vitello Tonnato ($22) – My first thought when I saw this plate: it is too heavy for a starter. To my surprise, it turned out to be rather light on the palette and even helped to whet my appetite further! The roast beef was sliced as thinly as a piece of paper, adding to tenderness of the meat. As you can see, the meat was done medium well, with some pink, producing a fork-tender texture despite being chilled. The tuna sauce reminded me of Subway’s tuna but much smoother. This is certainly no complaint as tuna sandwich is the only thing I would order from Subway. The fact that the dish was served on a charming plate definitely added brownie points! A must-order for meat lovers I say.Astice all Griglia ($30) – One of the most reasonably-priced Boston lobsters in my opinion; so much so that my partner and I decided to opt out from their freshly-made pastas. Granted, the lobster was rather small but adequate if you plan to have desserts after. I felt that the lobster was a little overdone on the grill as the meat was too tough for my liking. As the meat of Boston lobsters are rather firm, it is not easy to perfect the timing when cooking it on the grill, with inconsistent heat. However, by grilling the lobsters, it lent the meat an aromatic smokey flavour that is usually absent when you boil them. I also love the combination of fruits and vegetables, which helps fill you up with fibre and can be very refreshing at the same time. Oh, and major love for the mayo on the lobster head!For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiepink.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/otto-locanda-maxwell-road/ continue reading
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Situated barely a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, casual trattoria-­style Italian restaurant- OTTO Locanda fronts the white and regal statuesque building, Maxwell Chambers. Opened by the same people behind fine-dining sister branch- OTTO Ristorante one block down the road, the former instead offers authentic homely Italian fare in a charmingly rustic space which is both comforting and relaxing.The space is decidedly cosy, seating up to 55 people in the main dining area and 28 in the rotunda. Diners are encouraged to have a drink or two by the bar before/after their meal to unwind and socialize with other like-minded patrons. Food wise, OTTO Locanda's menu sees a monthly update with the introduction of regional speciality dishes from the different regions of Italy.At the beginning of this year however, the Italian restaurant welcomed a new executive chef formerly from Basilico- Marco Violano who gave the traditional menu an overhaul with many new dishes inspired by his hometown of the Puglia region and a heavy emphasis on only the highest quality ingredients executed with perfection.Inheriting his mother's passion for creating authentic Italian cuisine, it comes as no surprise that the Melanzane alla Parmigiana $20 (his mother's specialty dish) is Chef Marco's favourite dish from the menu. Recreating it from fond memories of eating this traditional oven baked layers of eggplant as a young boy, Chef has undoubtedly won the carnivore in us with this Vegetarian dish. Creamy, simple and cheesy with the interlacing Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, it was hearty without being too heavy.Not to be missed also is the gorgeous plethora of colours from this Astice alla Griglia $30. Fresh lobsters blanched in water before being grilled to perfection, the meat was firm, sweet and succulent. Complimented by a mix of pinzimonio vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits, the platter of shellfish was a lovely marriage of flavours. And might I highlight the undeniably affordable price tag attached to this main which makes it even more appealing!The desserts range is considerably varied with the usual Classic Italian sweets. Tiramisu fans should not miss the Tiramisu al Caffe’ $10 dressed in espresso coffee sauce. For something lighter, end with a Pannacotta Piemontese $10 topped with berries coulis which was silken smooth, almost riveting.For full review and more photos, please visit http://gninethree.com/2013/08/19/otto-locanda-32-maxwell-road/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-16
This is the Melanzane alla Parmigiana - Oven Baked Layers Eggplant “Parmigiana” Style withBuffalo Milk Mozzarella Cheese, San Marzano Tomatoes and Fresh Basil. This is super good! It feels very "meaty" and the blacken bits adds alot of flavour to the dish. I greatly enjoy this starter. This is the Squid Ink Tagliolini with Crab Meat and Asparagus Tips. I feel it is average as it is very "watery" or soupy which waters down the flavour. The first few bites are good but at the end of the meal, it started to feel quite gelat. My friend had the angel hair pasta with sirloin beef! This is really really good! The tomato based sauce tasted rich and tangy and the beef are really delicious. I think this dish is a special dish of the day so if you do see this on their board, I recommend ordering this. continue reading
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