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Step away from the hustle, tune out the bustle. Outpost believes that drinks, good food and a good ambiance are part of after-work chilling. On top of that, live acoustic sounds are there to accompany you and your friends. continue reading
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Having chanced upon a "$25 for $50" groupon voucher for Outpost Bar and Bistro,we decided to give it a try. Seeing as there was only 1 review for this on Hungrygowhere, and a highly positive review at that, we thought that it was going to be a great meal. Sadly, we were sorely mistaken. We ordered a seafood pizza ($22), sizzling chicken wings ($14), fried pork belly ($13) and 2 Burger Trios ($18 each), along with a cocktail each ($18) as they did not serve water (which would have come in handy to wash down the taste of disappointment). The drinks arrived first and despite the relatively high price tag and the fact that Outpost is a bar (supposed to be specializing in alcoholic beverages), tasted more like syrup than anything else.  Shrugging away our initial disappointment, we had higher hopes for the food - famous last words. The food arrived in quick succession, with the chicken wing and pork belly arriving first, followed by the Burger and seafood pizza shortly after. While I appreciate the nearly simultaneously food delivery (which meant that everyone got to dig in at the same time without having to wait politely for someone else's food to arrive while yours is getting cold in front of you), it meant that some of the dishes that were prepared earlier were already lukewarm when they arrived to our table - especially the fried dishes. Both the deep fried dishes were lukewarm and not crispy at all. The pork belly tasted like fried strips of flour, and its accompanying mystery sauce equally unimpressive. Sizzling chicken wings weren't any better, a tad too salty for our liking but paired with a safer non-mystery option - sweet thai chili sauce. The seafood pizza was probably the most disappointing dish - $22 for a thin crust pizza that was not warm at all, tasted like one of the frozen pizzas purchased from NTUC that had a few frozen shrimps and bits of squid (not even the full squid ring but bits and pieces like those left over from making calamari) thrown on top. The saving grace was probably the burger trio - three mini burgers with crab, chicken and beef patties served with thick cut fries, but even then, it was good only when compared to the other dishes we ordered. That said, the service was good (efficient but not friendly - and the bill took quite a while to arrive) and since Outpost is a relatively new establishment (I hope), our poor gastronomical experience could have been due to some teething issues. However, our unanimous decision at the end of the meal was that this would be our first and last time dining at Outpost Bar and Bistro. continue reading
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