Owl Cafe is the first Straits Asian café in Singapore. It brings to patrons various blends of the Straits Asian-inspired coffee. Besides coffee, they also sell snacks, toast, main courses, and desserts. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
King Prawn Fritters Kopi Luwak Stir-fried spaghetti with soft-shelled chilli crab
Review (19)
Level4 2015-06-10
I still can remember how the aroma from the brewing Owl Coffee stirred me awake every morning when my parents never failed to have a cup of them for breakfast. I always relate "Owl" to their coffee until I discovered their cafe in Bouna Vista.Owl Cafe is the first straits Asian Cafe in Singapore. With various blends of authentic Straits Asian-inspired coffee and after 50 years of roasting and blending coffee in its name, having a a cup of coffee in their Cafe will just never go wrong.Besides just coffee, they are proud to serve their Straits Asian Food from snacks to main courses as well as desserts.Fish Noodle (Yu Mian) was rather special to me as its not common in Singapore. Thickness of the noodles are larger than the thick bee hoon and very soft as I bite on it. These fish noodles were served in rich fish broth with seafood like prawns, fish, fishballs and crabstick. The broth is creamy in color and rather tasty. Bawan Kepeiting Broth is one of the recommendations on the menu. The meat balls are a good mix of chicken and crab meat served in clear tasty chicken soup. You can pair this broth with steamed rice, glass noodle or macaroni at additional $1.Slices of duck with sauce was cradled by the crispy spring onion prata. Stuffing like cool juvenile cucumbers added had given additional refreshing and crunchy bites to the roll!Otah on the toast was not bad. The dish featured a traditional toast with tasty Otah spread with slightly burnt taste. Moving on to the desserts, we have traditional chendol made from shaved ice, coconut starch noodles and gula melaka. Instead of having chendol the usual style, syrup over shaved ice, they have it served the reverse way which makes having chendol dessert enjoyable.Washing down our food with the Malaysian style Gula Melaka Teh had also make the dining experience different. Instead of having conventional sugar over our beverages, palm sugar syrup was used.Having been to a number of cafes in the same line as what Owl Cafe are selling, e.g. Old Town, papparich, I find that Owl Cafe standards are better and the uniqueness of food served make them stands out on their own. Ambiance was relaxing and unpretentious, a perfect choice to keep yourselves away from the bustling weekends crowd. What's more if you want to be closer abit to the nature, they have wooden theme alfresco dining. My trip was Owl Cafe was satisfying indeed. For more food reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-27
When one thinks of OWL, one can easily recalls its packets of instant OWL coffee which can be found easily in most supermarkets. But do you know that there is OWL Cafe in Singapore. There is not one but 3 outlets in Singapore : The Star Vista, Bedok Point and Republic Plaza. The outlet in The Star Vista is the first outlet in Singapore. Besides offering its well known coffee in the cafe, it also offers Straits Asian food, cooked in a modern style.The cafe is decorated in modern style with lots of light bulbs and brightly colored walls. There is both indoor and outdoor dine in area. The outdoor has a kind of cozy feel with its dim lighting. There is also packets of instant drinks such as OWL GINGER WITH LEMON($3.60), OWL NUTRIFIELD SOY SOYA BEANCURD PUDDING($5.50) and OWL PREMIUM UMBRELLA($8.00) for sale at the shelf.Assam Chicken Wings 招聘亚叁鸡翅 ($4.80++)Looks very spicy, leaving Chilli oil patches on the papers. But it does not taste as spicy as it looks and has a tangy taste as well. The meat is moist despite its dark look. Overall it is like having assam fish but in chicken form. Shiok!Crispy Duck Prata Roll 片皮鸭葱油饼卷 ($5.80++)I really thought that I am having Peking Duck. Inside the roti prata roll, it is stuffed with thick smoked duck slice, shredded cucumber and sweet sauce. Really very shiok. It's gone too soon because there is only 5 pieces.Spaghetti Laksa with Tiger Prawn 叻沙风格意大利面 ($11.90++)It looks dry, but tastes lemak with the noodles fully soak up the flavours. Still got chewy hums  (blood cockles), dry bean curd puffs, and sliced fish cakes tossed with the pasta. It is served with shredded cucumber, sliced hard boiled egg and a juicy huge tiger prawn.Teh Halia 薑汁茶 ($2.60++)It tastes strong, although would prefer the ginger taste to be stronger.Gula Melaka Kopi Teh 椰糖奶咖啡摉茶 ($3.20++)It does not taste like the usual Hong Kong style Yuan Yang (鸳鸯) which is stronger in the tea’s taste. It is more like a creamy coffee with Gula melaka aftertaste, and does not taste too sweet.Signature Pumpkin Kaya Butter Toast 金瓜咖椰奶油土司 ($2.60++)I am surprised with the type of bread used, which is Ciabatta. The freshly toasted bread is soaked with melting butter. Although the bread is soft and flavourful, I would prefer it to serve in traditional old fashion white bread without the skin around.Durian Pengat 榴莲奶油甜点 ($5.80++)It is like eating the fresh fruit, thick and creamy with a hint of bitter. Smells so shiok from far. First time having with biscotti. Would like to have more biscotti to go with it.Overall the food is delicious and reasonably priced. Food is served quite fast. The staffs are quite friendly, especially an old uncle who kindly recommended us what to order for the meal. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-03
Been wanting to try their Duck Prata Roll since I saw someone post a pic of it on Instagram. Finally got a chance to dapao it for my tea break The Crispy Duck Prata Roll consists of sliced duck with hoisin sauce and julienned cucumber wrapped in prata. There were 5 of such pieces you see in the above picture. It was pretty good, like a less atas version of Peking duck but still yummy! Will definitely be ordering more of this in the future and I'm sure it'll taste even better if you eat it there in the cafe. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-22
Time for another supper after a tiring schedule in school. We ordered several side dishes which includes the chef recommended prata duck roll, assam chicken wing as well as the mushroom and cheese toast. First of all, the prata duck roll is a blend of the traditional prata wrap with the duck meat, several kinds of vegetable as well as the special sauce. This kind of combination is quite unique and the taste is also very different from the traditional duck roll available in the chinese restaurant. Next the assam chicken wing is another unique blend of the assam that is used in fish head curry together with the chicken wing to produce a new flavour. The assam is well seasoned and is not too salty. Lastly, the taste of the mushroom and cheese toast is similar to the pizza just that it is in the toast version. Price wise is reasonable and this cafe also offer a wide range of food choices. Definitely is a good place to hang out with friends !! continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-30
It was my first time going to Star Vista, and I was excited because there were many restaurants there that I haven't tried. What's more, I was finally catching up with *Edwin and *Gerald again after so long.... anyway, *Gerald suggested we try Owl Cafe, so we met up there. It is the first Straits Asian Cafe in Singapore, this tiny little cafe with a cosy setting and minimalistic designs sprinkled with tiny lights, artwork and colorful cubes on the walls.Appetiser to share was a Crispy Duck Spring Onion Prata Roll (SGD$5.80) that was like a Popiah stuffed with duck and a little spring onion and veggies chopped into tiny pieces. The slices of duck were thin and there was not a hint of crispy anywhere - not the duck nor the skin itself. Don't get me wrong, the taste itself was rather good, but not if you were expecting a dish of crispy duck-wrapped rolls.*Gerald had the Peranakan Laksa Lemak (SGD$5.80) that seemed to contain the essential ingredients of a good bowl of laksa - hard boiled eggs, taupok etc, but it was not spicy like the usual Chinese laksa we are accustomed to. He said it was quite nice anyway.As for me, I had the Soft Shell Chilli Crab Spaghetti (SGD$9.80) which was quite a generous portion. The pasta was fine - not too springy but not soggy so I had no complaints. The chilli gravy was not spicy but added flavor to the dish, and I kept chasing the egg white stirred into the sauce. The soft shell crab was coated too heavily with flour that it obliterated the naturally sweet flavor of the crab.For full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/09/dinner-at-owl-cafe-star-vista.html continue reading
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