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The Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf's main offerings are, obviously, oysters but also include over 100 kinds of wines and mojitos to go with your oysters.There are also other highly recommended foods. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-11
Saturday night at Robertson Quay is surprisingly quiet and pleasant -there are throngs of people but not so much that it is overwhelming. It's lively but also quiet enough to hold a decent conversation with friends over dinner.The Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf at Robertson Quay specialises in oysters (well that wasn't too unexpected) and seafood, and they also boast an interessting selection of 100 different mojito flavours. Their wine list is also stunningly impressive!We ordered a Scallop & Mushroom Ajilli ($12.50), Prawn & Mushroom Ajili ($14), Hamburg Steak ($19.50), Calamari ($12), Truffle Fries ($13) and a bottle of French red, Le Vignes de Bila-Haute at $80.The prawn & mushroom ajilli (ajilli is served with bread!) is cooked in a sea-salt & white wine broth with garlic, tomatoes and chilli. The seafood is really fresh and the prawns have this slight crunch to them when you bite down...The prawn & mushroom combination is relatively safe for anyone who isn't too huge a fan of oysters (they have the oyster option at $16!). The broth tastes of sea salt and olive oil, and is great to be eaten with the crusty bread.The scallop & mushroom ajilli is also pretty popular among people -the broth used is similar, (if not the same) -a delicious concoction of freshness and saltiness. The scallops border on creamy when you bite into them, yet you can taste the freshness of the ocean in its aroma -the flavours are all raw and natural. The mushrooms go better with the prawns in my opinion, but it's fantastic when it soaks up the broth...the burst of flavours is a sensational experience!The calamari is served with a cream sauce. The squid wasn't overcooked, and the outside was a delicious crisp that wasn't soggy with oil. The batter wasn't overly flourry and it was also lightly salted (a nice touch that made the calamari good on its own -to enjoy its freshness and crisp goodness without having to coat it with creamy sauces!) Great for sharing especially if you are with 3 people (the portion is just right for 3)The hamburg steak took longer than expected to arrive (we had joked that they were hand-mincing the patty after catching the cow haha), and is served with a vegetable stew. The patty is juicy and not overly seasoned so you can really taste the beef. The patty is also a generous size, so that's a plus point given that one is paying $19.50 for this!! The vegetable stew was a tad strange though, it came across as an Asian adpation of ratatouille, with a hint of Indian spices and just a teensy bit of curry powder that resulting in this slightly mushy vegetable dish which was slightly creamy. We felt that this was an odd pairing with the steak though.What I liked about the truffle fries here is that it's served in a basket, with some on the chopping board -such presentation is lovely and thoughtful! I'm not a fan of shoestring fries and I like my fries thick-cut, but I make an exception for truffle fries because I believe you need the slimness of the fries to capture the aroma of the truffle and chunky fries would ruin the subtle aftertaste. The fries weren't too oily, and they were piping hot. We didn't really need the dipping sauce to be honest, it was good on its own. This is perfect to share too!We decided to order a bottle of wine, and their wine selection is impressive, ranging from Chilean, French and Spanish (just to name a few) wines in both reds and whites. The menu has this chart that shows how full-bodied/dry the wine is, and selections can go up to $140++, with the cheapest being a French merlot at $38. This bottle is in the mid-range at $80, a full-bodied red wine from France. This wine is deliciously fruity for a red, it's not dry and has a nice sweetness to it that accompanies food well because it's so easy to drink and goes down so smoothly.The service here is lovely, and the staff is attentive, always with a smile on their faces. One would come here to be immersed in a mind-boggling array of oysters (usually at $8 per piece), a good wine and mojito selection and a fantastic seafood! We would recommend the ajili, served with bread as it's really worth the price and the seafood is super fresh! You may also want to give the fries a go, they're perfect for sharing! Lastly, do yourself a favour and indulge in a bottle of wine here! Note: The total bill after GST & Service Charge is $174 for 3 persons! continue reading
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