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Review (8)
Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/11/paddy-hills.htmlFood-wise, it was a hit-and-miss averaging on decent, and occasionally bordering on so-so. Methinks Paddy Hills would make a pretty worthwhile option if you're in the area, but I don't think the food was excellent enough to warrant travelling from afar.The bistro is run by a lean workforce, but, for a place that doesn't have any service charge, service was fantastic - smiley and efficient. Another perk, no GST either!That said, my grouse was mainly regarding the menu, it tended towards unnecessary and wasted pretense. If a menu requires Dr Google's assistance to make an informed decision, that's far too much posturing. I mean, how many regular people know what bagna cauda is? Or even how to pronounce it?! Also, a girlfriend took issue with the mispresentation on the menu. What was named 'Hash Hash' with a description of "sauteed beef, mushroom, chorizo, doughstick and sous vide egg" turned out to be a beef bak kut teh. Calling a dish "hash", she said, and I quite agree, implies that the whole jin-gang is sauteed, as you would a breakfast hash. A soupy bak kut teh IS NOT a hash. Strip away the pretense, I think, and re-direct the effort to the food. That's what draws in the crowds anyway.We had:1) Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($23) adorned with blueberry sugar, pinenuts, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, yuzu gel, and maple syrup: Very pretty, and it tasted as good as it looked. Thick, dense, but fluffy, these were the best pancakes I've had for as long as I can remember.2) Quesadillas ($20) stuffed with pulled duck and pickles, served with charred baby capsicum and sweet corn, and sided by a garlic aioli and guacamole: The quesadillas, in addition to being laced with parsley, were mediocre. My parsley-loving friend, who had this, said to give this a hard pass.3) Hash Hash ($24): Misleading description aside, this was a reasonably commendable and very comforting bowl of beef bak kut teh. Meltingly soft and wonderfully fatty, the luscious hunks of meat could have passed off as pork if I hadn't been informed otherwise. I particularly liked the western twist of the sous vide egg, arugula leaves, and chickpeas.4) Kimchi Fried Rice ($20): much touted, but turned out middling, even with the perfectly wobbly sous vide egg, and medium-well tender steak. I've had better continue reading
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Level2 2015-12-24
For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/where-to-find-hotcakes-in.htmlPaddy Hills opened in the first quarter of the year to much fanfare as there were a lot of positive reviews about it - from the food, the interior design, to the service. I do remember that they had an initial problem of long waiting times, but I believe it should be ironed out by now.They have two different menus (day and night), but here's the day one for your reference. As you can see there're a lot of Asian-Western fusion food, and they offer interesting items rather than the common Eggs Benedict, e.g. Squid Ink Tagliatelle and Kimchi Fried Rice.Squid Ink Tagliatelle ($23++): My friend had this and I tried a mouth. The squid ink flavour was just right, not too overpowering. The scallops were very fresh!Berry Ricotta Hotcake (now $23++): A pretty-looking hotcake adorned with berries, pine nuts and mascarpone. The texture was light and fluffy, and a bit cake-like. The insides are stuffed with ricotta cheese, which was a delight as my fork and knife sliced through the thick pancake. The pine nuts added a contrasting crunch to the dish. However because of the cakey texture/taste, after a while it may get cloying for some people. Advised to share this, unless you really love pancakes like I do!This place is generally expensive and I don't think I'll come back again. But I heard other dishes are worth a try too.To find out where else serves such aesthetically pleasing and yummy hotcakes, visit my blog at the link above! continue reading
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Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/paddy-hills-premium-cafe-at-south-buona-vista-roadFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookThe owners named this café "Paddy Hills" (which represents rice and abundance) with the intention of positioning their café as a source of staple for their patrons. On top of that, this Australian inspired café is really the premium version of café. From dish ideas, interior design to equipment, everything is top notched!Even the patch of wall outside the café was given much thoughts by having a large display of artwork which is calls for a mandatory #ootd photo!Latte was great! Full of flavour and had moderate punch (intensity or gao) to it. Enjoyed every sip.This probably is the BEST milkshake in town. Step aside Billy Bombers! Sweetness overload, but not jelak. I could also taste the finely blended ice which melted instantly with each sip. How cool is that?Cakes were superb! 3 in 1: Thickness, Moist, Fluff. Brilliant Stuff checked.With all intended purpose, the precise fluff in these pillows were meant to soak up the berry soup. Despite that, the moisture in the pillows was just right and still great in texture. What sorcery is this?!The crew at Paddy Hills has gotten things on point! Just be ready to spend a little more while you indulge and lepak away. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-07
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/05/paddy-hills.htmlHave you ever wonder what's after the shut down of famous Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice in South Buona Vista Road? With the hype all over on social media about this new place, it's hard not to get moved. Paddy Hills served another option for Cafehoppers and "instagrammable" place in the west. If you ever been to Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice, you will see the vast differences through their transformation. They must have spend a hefty amount in transforming the old school place into such a modern and hip environment with a little hint of industrial theme.Decor and environment was rather comfortable and pleasing to eyes. There is a long island counter in the middle of the cafe and leading towards the kitchen in the back end.I never knew that there was daytime and night time menu. It seems like my mind was all about their pancakes.I couldnt find any pancakes in the night time menu and was rather lost until the friendly staff state their cafe's recommendations.Immediately after we had sat down, bottled plain water was served with a warmest greeting from the service staff which made us felt very comfortable.Taste Like Purple is something totally new to me. It is made up of cold pressed grapes, sweet basil & dehydrated lemon slice. Beverages looked cloudy pink to me and tasted rather refreshing topped with two blueberries. To enjoy the fullest experience out of this chilled beverage, Paddy Hills made use of a steel straw instead of those disposable plastic ones.The dish came as a surprise with the weirdest combination, having the simplest snack like rice crisps, pulled pork, salsa, cheddar, guacamole jalapeno & homemade bbq sauce.Come to think of that, this sharing dish was rather yummy, the only pet peeve I had was the hardness of the rice crisp.A quirky name the dish has which literally means a big chicken when translated from Mandarin! It's also best for sharing as the chicken was quite big, not those spring chicken size. It came in a large heavy porcelain plate with whole chicken deboned, brined and roasted.And underneath the big slab of chicken contains a striking yellow bed of corn kernels. The dish is served with charred lemon, paprika salt, salsa verde & romesco. The chicken maintained its juciness under the roasted skin layer. However, I would prefer a version with more charred chicken skin. Overall, this place is recommended who people who wants to check out the latest trend in cafe hopping. Especially those who likes to share photos on social media, management staff of Paddy Hills were rather thoughtful to provide Guest Wireless for patrons.Though food combinations and name may gives us a new twist, I would advice not to have too high expectation. And being in this cafe trend, do prepare to spend more even though there are not GST and service charge. continue reading
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 It's not too close to anywhere but still if you don't drive taking a bus you just need to walk for around 8-10mins.  Located in Pasir Panjang although it's next to some other restaurants, it's very full when I went there on a Saturday morning for brunch.  The decoration is very welcoming.We tried the signature ricotta hotcake.  It's colour it's wonderful.  Decorated by various fruits and the hotcake is fluffy and made me think of Bill's hotcake in Tokyo.  It's not sweetened with syrup but with the berries.  It made the whole dish much more healthy.Then we had the kimchi fried rice.  It's a nice surprise as its matched with egg and minced meat which made the taste with more variety than merely came with kimchi.  You could easily finish it as you don't want to stop once you started.I also ordered a cup of chocolate.  You could see from my picture it's presentation scores full mark!  It tastes also very chocolately as well.Very good and we would come again.Btw it doesn't charge 17% so don't forget to tip for its good service! continue reading
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