Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place, exit at UOB Center or Prudential Tower Taxi Stand: Telok Ayer Street E07 continue reading
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Starting out as a "Nasi Padang" concept eating house in Duxton Road, Pagi Sore has transitioned over the course of its history into an A la Carte styled restaurant using a fusion of Chinese cooking techniques with authentic Indonesian flavours. They feature a varied menu of original recipes and dishes created to cater to every customer's tastes. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Ayam Bali Fried Rice Ikan Goreng Balado Ikan Otah Kukus
Review (5)
Level4 2014-12-10
www.umakemehungry.comA wonderful suggestion from my pal to have some Indonesian cuisine next to Telok Ayer Street. From words of mouth, Pagi Sore is noted for its ala carte styled restaurant with fusion of chinese cooking style and authentic Indonesian flavours.Dining Environment is big with classic Indonesian style furnishing in majority wood theme color.Dining in a group of 4 we were advised by the staff on duty to take up their package for 4. Set meal consists of starters, seafood, meat, vegetables, dessert and beverages.These starters are the classics of what an Indonesian Restaurant served! They were placed on every reserved tables contained in a wood woven little basket with dolly paper at its base absorbing the oil. Sambal Belacan chilli was all wonder complemented well with cripsy crackers and wasnt too spicy on my tongue. Rendang Sapi (Beef Rendang) was tender and burst full of flavours with every piece of it coated consisently with its sauce.Shortly after our orders, default drinks, lime juice, for the table of 4 was served. It was rather sour cup of drink but was good as it aids in washing down the spiciness from those authentic Indonesian flavoured dishes. When it comes to set meal, free flow of rice is offered. They were presentable, each wrapped to triangular shape in banana leaves, freshed cut and steamed together to infuse the fragrance.The stir-fried kangkong with spicy shrimp paste gave a good crunch. However the amount of chilli paste was not consistent and was too bland from our ideal dish.Fresh leather jacket fish was steamed to perfection that you can feel its fine and tenderness flesh coated under the savoury rich and smooth Otah-based gravy. The level of spiciness is indicated by 1 chilli on its menu which depicts the minimum spicy level. This is the must have signature dish!Lovely deep fried bean curd with egg was the scene stealer. A tower packed full of tofu and eggs, it was make perfect by its accompanied sweet black sauce. A simple cut into them broke these wobbly egg tofu apart, revealing its hot steaming interior. Looking at the egg nests and the steam emitting, I did really drools over them! Bali style barbequed chicken was tantalizing! Its charred color on its skin with a sweet tasting smoky goodness, yet packing with juiciness from its boneless thighs. Yums!Indonesian Styled Curry Chicken is indeed different from the chinese style. Curry was mild with its unique style added with potato and chicken chunks. Though curry may looks orange, it was not that spicy. Had the fresh blended avocado topped with shaved ice with a little spat of gula melaka sweetening the taste. My meal ended well with desserts soothing the heat soring stomach.Other than the Avocado dessert, one may also get to choose chendol too. Just like the Alpukat, its soothing to the body system washing down the spicy dishes.Bali Sore is definitely a good place to gather if you are craving for some spicy Indonesian food to heat your stomach up. However the location maybe a little bit difficult to reach if you are coming from Raffles Place MRT Station due to many constructions sheltered ways had been built and are rather misleading. Another pet peeve we had was its narrow dining space though the restaurant was big to spread out the number of tables from the consumers, they had clustered all tables in just one area which makes walking along the aisles difficult.Service may be a little abrupt and slight disappointing at times but overall, Pagi Sore still score slightly above than the average. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-11
For more reviews with pictures, please go to http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.com/2011/02/pagi-sore-indonesian-restaurant-far.htmlI love the food here, it's value-for-money and very yummy. Service is generally efficient but slower during the lunch time rush than during the dinner period lull.We had:1) Ikan Otah Kukus ($23.50) steamed leather jacket fish in otah marinade. The fish was mild and smooth, almost creamy in texture, with a rich thick otah spice paste slathered over the fish.2) Tumis Kangkong Belachan ($7.80) water morning glory stir-fried with spicy shrimp paste, was done perfectly al dente, soft but not limp3) Tahu Telor ($9.20), a towering fried concoction of eggs and beancurd was heady, robust and spicy, with a liberal drizzling of kecap manis. This was quite fresh and didn't taste re-fried, the beancurd was still soft and smooth4) Ayam Bali ($6.80) - boneless chicken thigh charcoal grilled to smoky goodness, was brushed on with sweet and spicy kecap manis. This should have been taken off the grill a couple of minutes earlier, the chicken was a bit tough and dry continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-30
I had a lunch here with my colleaguesthe must-try dishes are Ayam Bali – grilled chicken thigh, conveniently deboned and coated with a sweet dark sauce. This is one of their house specialties, for good reason. The chicken is tender, the sauce is flavourful and the grilled and slightly charred edges are lovely. It’s absolutely packed at lunchtime and reservations are essential, especially for large groups continue reading
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I was around Far East Square with my boyfriend and started to ask my friends who worked nearby for some recommendation on the food to eat here. Mass chatted with them and both of them at the same time recommended us to try out this Indo Restaurant. We were served first the $1 Keropok that comes with a plate of spicy chili. Next we asked for our dessert - Avocado ($4.80) to be served. The avocado is heavenly! It's sweet and thick avocado taste makes you want to order another cup. Our main dishes consist of Balachan Kangkong, Ayam Bali, Ayam Goreng Kalasam and rice that is wrapped in pandan leaf. shaped like a ketupat. For the rice, we were charged for the first two serving but subsequently, it's unlimited, so you can order a second serving of the rice for free. Great and highly recommended. continue reading
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Yummy! Had a sumptuous dinner at Pagi sore with a group of friends. We have ordered Cumi Bali which is a char-grilled squid which has a sweet and little bit spicy taste. We have also ordered Kangkung Belachan - sambal kang kong, Ayam Goreng Kelasan which is like Indonesia fried chicken and Udang Mentega which is a prawn dish that is done just nice, which is quite springy in texture. Overall, its a good eating experience in a cosy place. continue reading
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