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Starting out as a "Nasi Padang" concept eating house in Duxton Road, Pagi Sore has transitioned over the course of its history into an A la Carte styled restaurant using a fusion of Chinese cooking techniques with authentic Indonesian flavours. They feature a varied menu of original recipes and dishes created to cater to every customer's tastes. continue reading
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Ayam Bali Fried Rice Ikan Goreng Balado Ikan Otah Kukus
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The outlet at 100AM is an open set-up near the escalator on Level 2. The place is hard to miss and reservations are recommended especially during weekday lunch hours.Sambal Balachan and Keropok BarinjauEach table is decked with small plates of piquant sambal balachan and baskets of crispy keropok barinjau. Despite being set out in the open for however long it has been left there, the keropok barinjau was shatteringly crisp and went brilliantly well with the sambal. Do note that they are not free.We considered ordering dishes to share but eventually succumbed to the charming maitre'd's suggestion to go for a set lunch for 3-4 pax. For 4 office ladies, a set lunch for 3-4pax was more than sufficient for us. Part of the advantages of having the set lunch is the free flow of rice which came wrapped in the banana leaf.Steamed white rice wrapped in banana leafThe smell of freshly steamed white rice in a banana leaf is heavenly.Tahu Telor (Deep-Fried Tower of Beancurd & Egg) (not part of the set lunch menu)The Tahu Telor was not part of the set menu but we couldn't resist ordering it. It was a towering heap of fried tofu and egg nets with a sweet peanut studded sauce and julienned carrots. The crisp outerior housed the egg tofu which broke apart to reveal a steaming hot interior that wobbled and slid down the throats like a kid on a slide. The egg nets soaked up the sweet savoury sauce and when eaten together with the tofu, the egg nets gave the subtle egg tofu bursts of flavour. (7.5/10)Ayam Bali (Bali Styled Barbeque Chicken)The smell was incredible when the Ayam Bali arrived at our table. The burnished caramelized skin beckoned and resistance was futile as we sank our teeth into slices of juicy and succulent chicken thigh. The marinade reminded me a lot of satay with its sweet and savoury nuances. (7.5/10)Tumis KangKong Balachan (Stir-Fried Kangkong Balachan)I like to think I'm more carnivorous than herbivorous but when you dine with ladies with more lady-like dietary inclinations, vegetables are bound to creep onto your dining table. Not that I minded in this instance because this Stir-Fried Kangkong Balachan provided a welcome distraction from all the meats on our table. While it was not the best I have ever tried, Pagi Sore serves a decent rendition of this famed dish. I think this dish lacked a certain wok-hei (the kiss of the wok's breath) to make it a stellar rendition. (6.5/10)Ikan Ota Kukus (Steamed Whole Leather Jacket Fish in Ota Gravy)The star item of our meal was the Ikan Ota Kukus. We marvelled at the uniqueness of the dish and I don't think I have ever come across this dish at other Indonesian restaurants before. The sizealso amazed us because it came with a whole fish and a whole fish usually costs a lot at a restaurant. I think we were expecting just a portion of the fish or a really small fish but this was a sizeable fresh and meaty fish that was steamed to perfection. The accompanying Ota gravy was lemak (coconut milk-like) without being overwhelming. The essence of this dish is that it borrows its concept and flavours from a fish otah but served in a deconstructed and steamed version instead. I would highly recommend ordering this dish and I'm salivating as I type. (8.5/10)Alpukat Gula Melaka (Fresh Blended Avocado topped with Gula Melaka)Nothing ends the meal better than with dessert. All of us wanted the Alpukat Gula Melaka instead of the Chendol because we all love avocadoes. However, upon ordering, we were told that they sold out. As we ate our meals and were ready for dessert, the waiter informed us that they went to buy more avocadoes so we could have the Alpukat Gula Melaka if we wanted. Needless to say, we were stoked and said yes! I've tried many avocado blends with gula melaka and/or chocolate sauce that I know it would taste fabulous but the coarsely shaved ice knocked off points off this dessert. The coarse ice made me feel like I was constantly biting into ice and towards the end, it diluted the creaminess of the avocado. Had the ice been fine or if the avocado blend been chilled instead of topping the avocado blend with coarse ice, it would have been a well executed dessert. (6/10)Not shown but included in the set meal is the Lime Juice (one glass per guest). You have a choice between Refreshing Lime Juice and Homemade Barley Water in case you were wondering.We paid approximately $30 after taxes per person. While it ain't cheap, we felt like it was every penny well spent. I must say that any criticisms written here is because I'm being picky for the purposes of reviewing the food but if you are after good Indonesian food in general, Pagi Sore is one to check out especially if you are in the CBD area. I liked the dishes I ate that day. I just feel that there is always room for improvement because cooking is an art that can always be improved upon and never perfected. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
We were here on a weekday night. Since this was in the CDB area and it was after office hours, the entire mall was rather quiet, including the restaurant. However, while we were here, there were about 10 other tables that were occupied too and just like us, everyone seemed to be enjoying their food very much While we were waiting for our food, the waitress served us a small basket of belinjau chips (chips that are made from the belinjau fruit) like most other Indonesian restaurants do. We thought these were complimentary however we realized that they cost $1.20 when we looked at the receipt. I think they should let customers know that they aren't complimentary as just serving it to us without saying anything is very misleading. I guess this is like how Chinese restaurants serve peanuts which are actually not complimentary. We ordered the following 2 dishes to go with our rice, which was wrapped in banana leaf, giving the rice a subtle fragrance. The rice is free-flow so don't be shy to ask for more servings to go with the delicious dishes! Petai Beans with SambalPetai beans are not commonly eaten in Chinese cuisine, I think it's more common in Malay and Indonesian cuisine. For those who have not heard of petai beans, they are flat beans that are green in colour, and when they're cooked, the texture is crunchy and brittle in a good way. I LOVE petai beans hence when I saw this on their menu, I immediately ordered it. Their petai beans are stir-fried in sambal, a very lovely sweet and spicy sauce. The beans were nice and crunchy (very addictive) and the sauce was extremely yummy even on it's own. Just give me the sauce to eat with plain white rice and I'd be happy Fish with OtahThis was a whole fish with otah paste slathered over and around the fish, 'marinating' the fish with the otah spices in the process. The otah here wasn't the firm type of otah you tend to eat outside. Instead, it was kinda watery and mushy but not in a gross way, it still tasted very good. We saw that most of the other tables ordered tahu telur, will try it the next time we come back! P.S. There's 15% off everything for Citibank cardholders, no min spend! continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-30
Just now we had a gathering lunch, there were 14 of us, we ordered the 9-10pax set lunch at 320++ By right it should come with freeflow rice.. but 1 serving was enough for each one of us.The set lunch comes with lime juice and dessert (choice of avocado or cendol) for 10 pax, so we ordered 4 extra desserts and lime juice, to make it the same and of course 4 extra rice.Total bill was 424.43, which makes the cost per pax is around 30$.We feel $30 is not worth what we ate, it's too expensive for such food.The portion of each dish was small, it came with 10 dishes of meat/seafood and 3x2 dishes of veggies, enough for all of us, even got some extras.Tahu telor and curry chicken was not bad.The fried squid was good, there was only 1 dish for 14 of us, so I think some didn't get it.The rendang is normal.The food I would say is normal.. so so.The avocado juice was not thick but too sweet.The cendol is also quite sweet, not much content with bits of red bean.So overall, we feel it's too ex to eat there.. it's better to eat at Cumi Bali for the same price!Maybe should have ordered ala carte instead of the set lunch. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)