PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore. They have proudly carried our Singaporean brand to 48 outlets in eight countries, with 29 locally in Singapore. They offer a relaxed, informal environment where freshly-cooked pasta and handmade pizza that are served quickly and efficiently. continue reading
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Apple Crumble Pizza Carbonara Prawn Aglio
Review (4)
Level1 2012-07-23
Went there with friends for dinner. I ordered Spaghetti Spicy Chicken. When the food was served, it looks tempting. The spaghetti was very nicely done. The chicken was well-seasoned with natural tomato herb sauce with an appropriate amount of minced chicken and peas. The spaghetti was springy and chewy and easy to swallow. As the restaurant uses minced chicken, it tends to fall between the spaghetti and end up on the bottom of the dish, so diners should toss as they eat. The taste just right not overly salty. Very healthy choice of pasta service. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-13
Brought a plate of the Turkey Bacon penne pasta. Firstly, the presentation of this pasta is appealing with combination of different colours. Secondly, as for the taste, it was well seasoned and has a slight mild hot taste with olive oil. Small sliced of bacons, diced tomato was also included. It is pity to see that some of the bacon is overcooked (burn/turn black). The amount of diced tomatoes was not sufficient and the sliced beacon was a little too much. As for the penne pasta, there was no consistency in the texture of the pasta. It was not thoroughly or well cooked as the texture was different, some was soft and others was slightly harder. Furthermore, it is sad to say that some of the penne pasta have even turned cold. I can hope that they can improved their cooking and preparing skills to serve a better quality of pasta to the customer. Overall, not that worth it. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-10-24
These day, there aren't a lot of choices for delivery and PastaMania is one of the decent delivery I could think of when I really need a quick fix. And PastaMania is the only delivery that is available on Apps both on iPhone and Android.What I like about PastaMania delivery is that they have this good packaging for food so there's no spillage and you don't have to deal with dirty hands, just simply enjoy the food when the food arrive!They even separate the spaghetti and the sauce, just so your spaghetti don't taste that yucky by the time it reach you.Al Funghi $7.60I felt that the olive oil added was slightly a little overload which make the sauce oily instead of creamy. Other then that, everything was good!Chicken Caesar Salad $5.90Don't they pack it very nicely? The dressing for the salad was not enough for me personally because I like my salad with enough dressing else I felt as though I was a cow eating on the grass. Though the picture shown seems a lot but looking at the depth of the bowl it is not sufficient enough.I always order lunch and dinner together, I store the potato salad in the fridge and have it for dinner.Potato Salad $3.60What I love most about PastaMania is their Potato Salad, but that very day the Potato Salad failed on me. The Potato wasn't soft, the chives wasn't evenly chop and there's no chop of onion in it.Still, PastaMania delivery is a better choice compare to those fast food delivery. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)