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PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore. They have proudly carried our Singaporean brand to 48 outlets in eight countries, with 29 locally in Singapore. They offer a relaxed, informal environment where freshly-cooked pasta and handmade pizza that are served quickly and efficiently. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-19
To celebrate SG50, the restaurant has come up with a range of new dishes.We order 2 out of the 4 pasta dishes to try.Mum's Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab ($16.90)Crispy soft-shell crab and broccoli tossed in creamy salted egg yolk sauce. It is created by Chef Seng Kit.It tastes not bad at first, but get a bit too much in the end, due to the too thick sauce.Hei Bi Hiam (Spicy Dried Shrimps) Barramundi ($16.90)Fresh barramundi slices, broccoli and tomato dices tossed with chilli padi and dried shrimps. It is created by Chef Calvin.Although the dish is supposed to be spicy, we request it to be non spicy. It really tastes very nice with the dried shrimps in the pasta.We order 2 out of the 3 new side dishes to try.Chop Chop Chicken Salad ($6.50)Gourmet salad with crispy chicken fillet, red apple and pear wedges, served with sambal dressing.It kind of reminding me of the local indian rojak with its dressing.Prawn Salad Stuffed Tau Pok ($6.50)Gourmet salad with prawns, cucumber and peanuts stuffed in fried tofu pouches and served with sweet and sour mayo.It is like a more atas version of the simple stuffed beancurd puff, which is usually just stuffed with bean sprouts and shredded cucumber.We also try one of the 3 freezers which is Milo Dinosaur ($6.50). It looks like a chocolate frappa to me. Very thick and rich.There is also 2 desserts in the new range but we only manage to try one as the Sago Manis Gelato is sold out. We have ordered and paid for both desserts at the counter. We wait and wait and ask one of staff about the dessert. She said that the dessert has already served, which actually has not. In the end after much been pushed around, it is then we are told that the dessert is sold out. What a waste of time. And it is been replaced by another dessert from the regular menu. So disappointing.Goreng Pisang Gelato ($7.50)Corn flakes chocolate chip banana balls served with gelato.It is actually fried banana in batter served with a scoop of gelato of our choice which we selected sinfully rich Chocolate Fondente Svizzero on top. The batter coating the banana is a bit oily and tastes off.CROSTATA DI LITCHI ($6.50/ $9.50 with gelato)Lychee tart topped with homemade custard, a sprinkle of granola to finish the sweet noteThis is the replaced dessert. Although it tastes not bad and served with Vanilla Crema, but the mood is already spolit.HONEY GARLIC CHICKENChicken bites coated with homemade honey garlic sauceIt is a sweet and addicitive snacking dish.Overall the food is not bad. Service needs to be improve especially the way the staffs handle the dessert incident. It could be handle in a better way. continue reading
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Tried cooking pasta at home but always cant get the taste right. Easy solution: Head over to Pastamania to have a delicious, piping hot pasta Upgrade to meal with garlic bread and claw chowder soup. Yums! Prawn aglio alio for the seafood lover the prawns are fresh and succulent.Chicken tomato based pasta (fusilli). My favourite pasta in Pastamania. I have a strong liking to tomata based pasta. Loves it Fusilli cos it is easy to eat and need not twist and turn to get the pasta into my mouth. continue reading
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Level2 2013-02-09
Pastamania fed me through my student years. Back then, it was considered a relatively low-cost, "high-class" food.. -- Pasta. As our incomes increased, we gradually went toward the higher-end of the Pasta dishes. Pastamania was side-lined to being a cheap imitation of Italian food. Over the years, the prices at Pastamania have not changed too significantly. Most of the dishes are still below S$10. The menu has expanded now though.. offering finger food and bites. They still have staff ushering you to seats/finding seats for you, serving food and clearing tables. However, order is still be made personally at the cashier. And, the queue when we visited was rather long.. and moved really slowly! Gosh. The kitchen staff fortunately, worked much faster than the cashier. Food was served in about 5mins. Food quality has not diminished, thankfully. Portion sizes were also just right. Unlike some other joints I know, when Pastamania classifies/labels their food as "hot".. it is truly spicy. Do not doubt or underestimate the power of their chilli. My very innocent looking "Spicy Chicken" in tomato based sauce was a threshold pusher. I had to reduce the eating speed so as not to choke on any accidental chilli padi I might chew and swallow. The "Honey Garlic Chicken" bites was something new and we decided to try it. Hmm.. felt that the plate of chicken bites was over-priced at S$4.90. Very faint taste of garlic. The bites were generally tasty and acceptable.It is somewhat nice to know that people are still patronizing Pastamania, people from different walks of life and age groups. The restaurant saw a continuous queue of customers, majority of home were students. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-29
This beef bolognese cost $ 7.90It taste not bad.The spaghetti softness is just right.They match quite well with the beef and the tomato base sauce.It is simple and it taste nicer when topping with the cheese.I like it as it served warm.The strawberry soda cost $ 3.60It is a fresh drink but i not really like it as it contains lots of gas.I prefer to drink mineral water next time as it is healthier. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-06
Went to North Point's Pasta Mania to have my dinner with friends. And this time i decided to try on something new so i ordered Arabiata. Yet, i found out that it is actually not much difference from spicy chicken, the sauce tasted just the same to me. But yet, it is actually quite spicy to those non-spicy eater. so be sure to order drinks if u decided to try this pasta. continue reading
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