Serving all day dining breakfast, cold pressed juice, home-made yogurt gelato, coffee and all other hearty delights that's sure to pick you up! continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-10
Pick me Up is located at Parkland green, a new stretch of flat grassland with with some eateries to cater to leisure goers. It is a pretty chill place, meant as a hang out for tired cyclist to take a break, or for young families with children flying kites.Unfortunately during the hazy period, when I tried to visit Pick Me Up, they had changed their opening hours from 3pm to 6pm without any notice on any social media. Given that I heard great stuff about their manuka waffle, I decided to try again in the evening.There is a huge air-conditioned dining area whereby it was mostly empty each time I visited. I'm not sure how their business is doing, but according to social media, they tend to host alot of childrens birthday parties. They have a wide variety of toppings and gelato flavours.During the SG50 period, there were flavours like pulut hitam etc, they were really good too!The staff were very friendly and patient and recommended a bunch of flavours to try that would go along with the manuka honey waffle. In the end, I just went with the defult manuka honey gelato. Manuka Honey Waffle $16+I loved the huge almond bark on top! It was so crisp like a hup seng cracker! They were generous with the Manuka Honey, I loved how the honey tasted, definitely some quality honey right there! The fruits were placed nicely over the waffle. The gelato itself tasted like honey, but with the drizzled honey over the ice cream. It tasted like a super sweet honey gelato scoop! The waffle itself was very brown and crisp. It was probably more closer to the "burnt" texture but I was fine with it. We did wait quite a while for the waffle despite being the only customers having a waffle, maybe they make their waffle batter on the spot? Either ways, for a crispy waffle lover this was yummy!All in all, a better than expected waffle and gelato experience but at $16+, it is a tad pricey! But you do get to enjoy the leisure facilities in the area.Free parking on weekends!7% GST no service charge continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-29
Pick me up before you go go.The idea of going to East Coast Park is undergoing a metamorphosis... from cycling tandem bikes and kite-flying to eating waffles. Only maybe, I wouldn't know what the new generation does. East Coast Park has changed so much, especially this new wing called Parkland Green which has a row of hipster cafes and restaurants that opens till late. At Pick Me Up, we dined on waffles, big breakfasts at nine-p-m, yogurt gelato... because we were looking for some sugar rush... Something that really stood out was the fact that they serve only yogurt gelato in their gelato bar, alongside their other signatures.Waffle time! Sweet or Savoury?Whichever way you like your waffles, Pick Me Up has something. For Sweet, we had The Manuka: Buttermilk Waffles topped with homemade Greek Yogurt gelato (or your choice of yogurt gelato), organic honeycomb and a drizzle of Manuka honey. For Savoury, we had the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on Waffles which were dressed with a poached egg and heaps of bonito flakes. This combination was slightly weird but well... savoury waffles have yet to sit well with me because these waffles are supposed to feel more like desserts than anything else. So I would go with the yogurt gelato and waffles combination any day.These, I say aye.Not everyone likes Big Breakfasts because they are too conventional, too mainstream. Now would you put your hipster lenses aside? Pick Me Up's Big Brekkie is something that I would recommend for brunch at East Coast Park. Firstly, I like the proportion of all the components which I can imagine myself finishing it up with a satisfied stomach on a lazy Sunday. The sausage was springy, delicious and not too salty, and the wholegrain bread was also a good switch-up with the usual white fluffy bread. The quintessential garden mushrooms and cherry tomatoes were included... but the one thing missing was bacon... now where is my streaky bacon?! Their Pizzas are pretty good as well, the cheesy and fluffy.The Real Sugar RushI love the plating for this Caramelized Banana French Toast, which was a real sugary treat with fifty shades of sweet. Caution: diabetes-inducing, but if you like it that way, oh yeah.Yogurt-gelato-ingPick Me Up Cafe is very adventurous in their flavors, creating a lot of surprising results in their experimentation. A little more fine-tuning needed in the balances of quite a few flavors, but it could be the yogurt creating a natural sweet-and-sour undertone that makes it difficult to reconcile with other unique tastes like red bean, rum-and-raisin, and taro. In the end, I decided to go with Summer Berries - a staff's recommendation, which turned out to be pretty much seems to be the best of all indeed (I tried most of it and got my tastebuds really confused). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)