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10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Kway Chap Pig Organ Soup
Review (1)
In the past, I was a frequent user of the National Library located near Bugis Junction. Before stepping in and after stepping out from the National Library, I would never miss the opportunity to savour the delicious Pig Organ Soup(猪杂汤) located in the coffee shop located at Level 1 of Bras Basah Complex.This is the Pig Organ Soup that I'm referring to. The ingredients thrown into every one bowl of Pig Organ Soup is satisfactory. Besides that, peanuts were provided for free too. Best of all, you can choose to have the soup with either white rice or yam rice. Isn't that great? On top of that, the soup itself was clear enough for you to actually see the amount of ingredients thrown into each and every one bowl of Pig Organ Soup. There's meatballs, lean meat, livers, salted vegetables, etc... which is a big whao... For a start, the meatballs are bouncy and chewy. The liver isn't too raw and too overcook, which I love it. The rest of the meaty stuff are pretty average though. However, the best is yet to come. For me, the best part about this soup would be the crunchy salted vegetables. They are crunchy and not to salty. Just for the salted vegetables alone, I could easily pop down a whole bowl of Yam Rice easily. By the way, the Yam Rice over here also comes with a nice fragrance of Yam and if you are into red chillies, you could emptied a whole bowl of Yam Rice with the help of the fiery sliced chillies too. I guess the biggest drawback would be the taste of the soup. Although it's tasty but it doesn't comes with a over concentrated meaty taste.Here's a photo of the stall and the uncle behind all the cooking... For full review and more photos, please visit http://nekyouto-food.blogspot.sg/2011/07/have-breakfrom-reading-have-pig-organ.html continue reading
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