Pita Pan is a restaurant specialising in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean wraps and salads. There is no compromise on quality or taste here and diners can choose from 35 varieties of Middle Eastern Salads with only the finest handpicked vegetables, home-preserved sundried tomatoes, home-grown olives, air-flown spices, sauces and pickled vegetables. Their ingredients are specially flown in from Israel to recreate the most authentic tastes of the Mediterranean. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-26
This 65 seater eatery is the only vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant in Singapore to offer a veggie shawarma (a kind of mock meat which is made of soy) and other tasty vegetables. From far it looks like a subway outlet with its simple decoration. A favourite of most people is the falafels which is available in 3 different flavours : orignal, basil and sun dried tomato. One can enjoy it in stuffed in pita bread pocket which is available in regular, whole wheat, za'atar or sumac. The outlet also has a salad bar featuring 35 different selections such as fresh greens, sundried tomatoes, olives, sauces, pickled vegetables and different spice condiments. After paying for my order at the counter, I am given a pagar which will ring when food is ready and also to select the vegetables to build my full pocket sandwich. One have to be patient while waiting as there is only one person making the sandwich. So it takes quite awhile.For a Full Pocket Sandwich ($10.95+), the pita bread is spread with hummus and stuffed with five crispy Falafel Balls plus the as much as you want vegetables and sauces from the salad bar. I have the regular pita bread stuffed with beetroot cubes, shredded carrot, coleslaw, shredded red cabbage, sweet corns, garlic sauce and Tahina Sauce (sesame seed paste). The sandwich is quite tasty and filling. Although I am not a fan of chickpeas, but the Falafel Ball is very crispy and tasty. The pita bread is a bit tough, and I could feel the pain in my jaw from all the chewing.A highlight here is the Red Shakshuka($11.90+) - a Middle Eastern favourite, this is a hearty dish of eggs poached in a tomato based sauce flavoured with chilli, onions, spices and cumin. Besides the Red Shakshuka, there is also White Shakshuka($11.90+) and Green Shakshuka($13.90+). The Green Shakshuka($13.90+) is made of Fresh Spinach, Garlic, Basil Leaves, Ground Pepper, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Onions, and Sweet paprika. I also top up $1.50 for Halloumi cheese. The dish is served in a pan with a pita pan in a basket. It tastes quite peppery. The add-on fried cheese is quite salty on its own. Overall it is a dish which I do not quite take to it.Overall the dishes here are quite unique but I do not seem to have a taste for it. The service here is a bit slow with only 2 persons at the counter. A number of tables are left unclear, which makes the place a bit dirty. Another thing which I notice is that one can help yourself unlimited times at the salad bar, based on what I have seen a couple of customers have done. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-16
Groupon was having a deal and my friend and I bought the $14 for $28 worth of food here! The Red Shakshuka instantly caught my attention and I ordered that! It consist of two eggs poached in a ragout spicy tomato, onions, sweet pepper sauce and served with freshly baked pita. There is also the Green Shakshuka (Spinach) and White Shakshuka (Feta Cheese). I absolutely love the combination of pita bread and shakshuka My friend had the Half Pocket Sandwich, which is freshly baked pita bread filled with Veggie Shawarma. Just the sandwich itself cost $9.90. We also shared the sweet potato fries, which were crispy and full of flavour! Overall, their menu is quite limited but this place makes a great option for vegans or health-conscious people! continue reading
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I paid my visit to this vegetarian restaurant for breakfast during deepavali day. It was my first time trying Mediterranean cuisine.The food I ordered was the red shashuka complimentary with whole pita bread and extravaganza pizza which come in two.The experience was good and I like the healthy option they offered. The egg cooked in red shashuka was perfect and went well with pita bread. But I found the pita bread is tad too dry and hard. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-14
For Mediterranean inspired vegetarian meal in a casual dining experience, Pita Pan is your choice! I've heard about this place before but didn't know it's vegetarian. It was during one of the Christmas gathering last month then i get to visit this place.At first glance for the menu, looks pretty good and i was aiming at a few items already. And turns out my friends had the same taste as me! So we got 3 items to share - Mediterranean Platter, Sweet Potato Fries and Red Shakshuka. Mediterranean Platter $26.90 - This is great for sharing and when you want to try a bit of everything. Hummus, baba ganoush, dolma leaves, Jerusalem salad, olives and chillies served with 2 freshly baked pita, with our choice of crispy falafel balls! Some of these tasted very appetizing so it balance out the whole meal quite well.Sweet Potato Fries $7.90 - This is simple and yummy! My friend's little girl keep eating this. Haha!Red Shakshuka $11.90 - This caught my eye when i saw the picture on the menu! Quite eye catching with the colour contrast. This is good too and i love the eggs + it goes well with the pita bread!It's a place i will definitely be back again as the price is reasonable too after discount with my DBS Amex card. continue reading
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Level2 2014-01-12
Riding on the healthy food/salad craze, Pita Pan is a Mediterranean vegetarian joint offering salads, falafel and dips like hummus and baba ghanoush. Hot food options include vegetable soup and their signature Red Shakshuka.Having tried both the Red Shakshuka and the Green Shakshuka, I would say that I am more partial to the Red though the Green is tasty too. The Red Shakshuka comes in a pan filled with tomatoey goodness(or as my mum puts it, like eating pasta sauce with eggs), whilst the Green features spinach blended with basil (high in iron!). Both are served with a pita bread and the price point is comparable to similar QSR concepts like Pastamania. If you're not a fan of mushy stuff like my mum, you can try their pita pockets which come with falafel and are filled with as much salad as your server can fit in the pita bread. Similar to the Subway experience, you go up to the salad bar and indicate the fillings you'd like in your salad. The choices are certainly more exotic than your regular Subway experience, and if you're a big eater you can also order some extra sides such as tabouleh salad or baba ghanoush, both of which I tried. The tabouleh salad is packed with mint, couscous, tomato and pomegranate and makes for a refreshing side. The baba ghanoush was a bit of a letdown though - the eggplant had a somewhat bitter aftertaste, which I'd also detected in the Shakshuka. I've never had Shakshuka elsewhere so I can't comment if that's normal, but having tried baba ghanoush elsewhere I would say Pita Pan's is somewhat disappointing. All in all, if you're trying to eat healthily or go vegetarian but don't quite fancy having a boring ol' salad, this place is worth a try! continue reading
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