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Pizza Hut operates in 84 countries and territories throughout the world featuring a variety of pizzas with different toppings as well as pasta, salads, sandwiches and other food items and beverages. Their distinctive décor features a bright red roof. continue reading
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Review (34)
Level4 2014-11-22
Time for some pizza treat !! As part of their delivery promotion, it only cost $22 for 2 regular pizza and is definitely worth the money and the taste. I have ordered the tuna flavour, as well as the bbq flavour pizza. Firstly of all, the tuna flavour pizza is not well made as the serving of the tuna is a bit little and it is not spread evenly on the pizza itself. Apart from the tuna ingredient, it only consists of slices of button mushroom, sliced capsicum and last but not least the cheese. As for the bbq flavour, it consists of several chunks of pineapple as well as the chicken cubes. The bbq sauce is spread evenly and goes pretty well with the ingredients. Both the pizza dough is well knead and the thickness of the pizza is quite consistent. Overall, I think the tuna flavour pizza can still be improved on.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-01
Pizza Hut has just launched its new range of Hawaiian pizzas with a one for one promotion on regular sized 9.5inch pizzas. This is great value as each pizza is divided into six slices making it possible for three or four persons to share two pizzas, yielding four or three slices per person respectively. At only $17.90++ with one for one promotion, each person pays only $5.30 (group of four diners) or $7.00 nett (group of three). Iced water is served free of charge. Diners can choose any two from their classic range (such as Pepperoni Pizza, Veggie Delite Pizza) and/or their Hawaiian themed pizzas viz:• Hawaiian Pizza (ham, pineapple and mozzarella);• Spicy Waikiki (new flavour with toppings of ham, pepperoni, pineapple and mozzarella);• Aloha Chicken (new flavour with toppings of roast chicken strips, ham, pineapple or mozzarella).For the pizza base, choose either pan pizza or thin crust pizza (stuffed crust pizzas are excluded from the promotion).Although the waiter who took our orders primed us to expect about 20minutes' wait for our pizzas, the first pizza arrived within 15minutes later.Comments on our pizzas:• Aloha Chicken, thin crust - the toppings were generous and it was bliss to bite into the light and crunchy thin crust. • Spicy Waikiki, thin crust - not spicy at all, a tad dry but still tasty, though it had less toppings than the Aloha Chicken.• Curry Chicken, thin crust - this was yummy, oozing with cheese and topped with generous chunks of lean curried chicken.• Aloha Chicken, pan pizza - best eaten hot as the dough turned too chewy upon cooling. Not enough cheese on the pan pizza so this new flavour works better on the thin crust version.My dining companions agreed that the two new Hawaiian themed pizzas Aloha Chicken and Waikiki were tasty - lighter and less cheesy than the typical Pizza Hut pies. As they had less cheese, the thin crust version of the pizzas tasted better than the pan pizzas. The latter, due to the relatively thicker crust, requires a heavier cheese topping. Cheese lovers should stick to the classic/original Hawaiian Pizza which has more cheese than the two new flavours Aloha Chicken and Waikiki. Curry Chicken Pizza, either thin crust or regular pan, is a crowd pleaser that cannot go wrong.Throughout our meal, the cheerful and pleasant crew topped up our glasses of iced water without being asked. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-17
Pizza Hut is a halal restaurant which serves pizzas, spaghetti and desserts. For appetiser, I ordered a criss cross fries. It came with tartar sauce too. The fries were crispy and fried till perfection. When dipped with the sauce, the fries tasted even better Main course: Personal pan hawaiian pizza (personal 6" 4 slices). This pizza is my all time favourite which consists of succulent chicken ham and juicy pineapple chunks. The crust was crispy and the pizza was full of melted cheese, really delicious! Overall, i will return to try their other pizzas continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-03
I tried the Pizza Hut Double Sensation Pizza, Criss Cross Fries, Truffle Mushroom baked pasta and sparkles drink Berri for my friend gathering. The double sensation pizza was great. It was filled with cheese and stuffing. There were ham, beacon. When the cheese melted over the hot fire, the melted cheese flowed over the pizza and made the pizza very cheesy. The Criss Cross Fries were crispy. The truffle mushroom baked pasta was creamy and hot of mushroom were baked together with the pasta. The meal made complete with a glass of sparkles Berri drink to clear about the creamy texture on the mouth. I enjoyed the wonderful meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-15
I ordered a Personal Pan Hawaiian pizza for takeaway. I havent had Pizza Hut for close to 2-3 years and I was quite apprehensive about the taste as I did not patronise them because I found their ingredients to be very little. What made me buy from it this time was because I had a pizza craving and it was the only pizza outlet. The personal pan pizza crust is thick, crisp on the outside and spongy on the inside. It was a little greasy but not too overly so. The ingredients are adequate, the pineapples are surprisingly sweet and juicy and the mixture of cheese, ham and pinapple made it savoury and sweet all together. It is quite nice and I may just consider buying more often from them again. continue reading
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