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Duck Berry Waffle Baked Egg Pots Beetroot Carpaccio Mexican Spiced Hat
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Level3 2014-12-30
PODI specializes in all-day breakfast and grills, but I gave their cakes a go and found them not too bad either.Their range of cakes appears to change every now and then, so the available flavours at any given time is not very predictable. I tried a green tea-based cake, and found the green tea flavour to be just right. It was not overpowering but packed enough green tea to satisfy my (considerable) cravings.Other flavours sampled included a coffee-chocolate amalgamation of some sort, and a banana-based one. Thick and moist slices of fresh banana were present in the latter, and this made the cake fragrant and delicious. While I would have appreciated a stronger dose of coffee in the former, some might prefer the cake in its current milder form.All the cakes sampled were not too exceedingly sweet, and were well-balanced in taste and texture. The service standards left much to be desired though, with inattentive and unresponsive wait staff. Perhaps they need a few more hands on deck to spread the workload.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-24
Have always walked past PODI thinking it is a high end restaurant and wouldnt have went there if not for a complimentary voucher. The name PODI sounds high end too! After the first visit, I sort of quite like the ambience of the place and the food and went back for quite a few times.The Duck Berry Waffle priced at $18 was the dish that attracted me when I saw other diners ordering it, so I have to had that too! Presentation was good and appealing. Duck leg confit is served atop a belgium waffle with a pretty runny egg, and with blueberry compote and honey mustard sauce. The duck leg confit is tender and flavourful, and I quite like it with the waffle, it goes well with it. The waffle is crispy, and eating every mouthful together with the duck and the egg is perfect!During my many visits to PODI, the Iced Chocolate has become my preferred choice of beverage. It is decent at $5, and is priced reasonably as compared to other restaurants or cafes which may price the Iced Chocolate at a higher price. continue reading
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Podi (Pure. Offbeat. Delicious. Infusions) brought to us by the same management from "The Bakery Depot - Cedele". Podi serves All Day Breakfast selections and delicious grills.Podi is situated at the main fountain in the basement level of Raffles City Shopping Mall. To be able to dine in a relaxing ambience while watching the dancing water fountain, with the food at affordable prices... it doesn't get much better than this!Duck Berry Waffle - Crisp exterior with tender flesh beneath, oh so yummy! This is a very bold creation as this is the first time seeing a duck confit with egg and waffle combination. It's like having main course with dessert 2-in-1... Not everyone can accept savoury-sweet dish together, but to my surprise, it works well for me! The waffle was very buttery and crisp, complementing well with the sweet-sour blueberry compote goodness! Not forgetting the well-cooked smooth runny egg... Overall a very delightful breakfast!!!Stuffed Ham & Brie Brioche French Toast - The french toast is made with eggs and spinach brioche, stuffed with smoked ham and cheese, served with grilled tomato and greens. If you like your french toast with a little more punch, this dish is for you! The savoury smoked ham gave a heavier feel to the french toast and the spinach must have been added to offset the guilt... Nonetheless, this is a dish for ham and french toast lovers and those who want a filling breakfast.Service was ok as we're the first table that time. The food quality of the above two items met my expectations so far. Will definitely be back again to try their grills next time!For full review and photos, please visit:]http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/12/all-day-brunch-at-podi-252-north-bridge.html continue reading
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I was first attracted by the decorations of PODI which is located near the fountain in the basement of Raffles City. Their decorations are simple and clean yet alluring. I guess many would have known by now, PODI which stands for Pure. Offbeat. Delicious. Infusion is from the creators of Cedele. Unlike Cedele which is commonly known to us for their desserts, salads and sandwiches, PODI offers a variety of mains.Their menu is infused with a mixture of brunch food, starters, burgers, grills, pasta and dessert. I would say quite a decent menu filled with different choices. Prices are quite reasonable for a place like PODI.We are kind of spoilt for choice, there’s just too much for us to choose from! But whichever the case is, we ordered a mixture of starters and main for trying.Wild Mushroom Soup ($7): Creamy and filled with bits of wild mushroom. It came with a strip of toasted garlic bread.Mussels in Garlic Butter Sauce ($10): I was filled with much anticipation for this dish actually. But it kind of disappoint me. ): Garlic butter sauce is quite diluted, tasted more of a milky cream instead. It lacks of the aromatic buttery and garlic-ky flavor which i was looking forward to. The mussels are a little too overcooked too. Nevertheless, it came with a few different kind of bread toasts which i presume it’s to go with the sauce but the sauce is a little too watery for it.Truffle Fries ($12): Generous serving of the usual fat fries. Subtle taste of truffle, not too strong, with sprinkles of herbs but it gets a little too sick of it after eating. Good for sharing with more people.Crabmeat Konbu Aglio Olio ($18): A dish cooked with house prawn oil, chilli and cherry tomatoes, with sprinkle of konbu seaweed, rocket leaves and parmesan cheese. We opted for linguine for our pasta choice. Pasta is well cooked, al dente, well flavored with the sauce. Chunks of crabmeat can be seen, they were fresh and crunchy. Overall flavor of the sauce is similar to that of a spicy tomato based. Not too bad i feel.Quite a pleasant dining experience at PODI with a nice atmosphere but i believe there’s a substantial amount of MSG used in the food too. It gets a little salty and thirsty after the whole meal.drop by http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/podi/ for full review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-11
Actually, my dinner at Podi did not turn out as bad as the online reviews, perhaps because we picked the right dishes and it was a non-crowded weekday evening when you can dine at ease with less noise pollution.We went for the satisfying Hearty Eggs ($16), a sourish pool of tomatoes with baked beans, mushrooms, spinach, sausages, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese and poached egg.To put it in another terms, it's a Moroccan breakfast, Shakshouka. The ingredients were nothing spectacular. It was the assorted bread served alongside that made the difference when you dipped into the sauce.Bewilderingly, we were discouraged by the staff to order something else instead of the "The Ham and Brie French Toast" ($16) is not the crunchy type. Why must French Toast be crunchy? Were the staff worried that it would not be delicious? Well, I'm glad we insisted with the order as they were strangely delicious.The yellow pillowy bread with a small wedge of stinky Brie and ham in between, smelled like the eggy French toasts from my own kitchen. But somehow the spinach, both inside and on the brioche, together with the maple syrup transformed this into a rather non-prosaic dish.It's cruel for me to compare this Matcha Cake ($5.80) to the standards in Tokyo, but I discovered that the middle is the moistest and most intense section of the cake. A bit boring with only sponge and cream but you can call it "beauty in simplicity".The Banoffee Crumble Pie ($5.80) with scents of cinnamon and thick crust, might be too cloying but oh, that's how I like it to be. Have a bite of that dark chocolate layer, take a sip of the French peppermint tea ($6/pot) and voila~it tasted like refreshing peppermint chocolate!Full Review and Pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/09/podi-all-day-brunch.html continue reading
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