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Signature Dishes
Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara POMPOMPURIN's Banana & Caramel Pancake Coconut Milk Chicken Curry Mango Parfait Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship Bagel's Special - Pancake Tower
Review (4)
Level1 2016-06-10
To be honest, this cafe is really cute and it makes everyone crazy I was there with my friends for a lunch.We have waiting about 30 minutes then finally our turn.The ambience is nice, food presentation is cute. But the price is expensive.The food actually is okok only. Under my expectation>< continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-07
Full review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/06/07/pompompurin-cafe-orchard-central/Pompompurin is one of the many Sanrio cute characters. He is a Golden Retriever dog who loves to collect shoes, has a talent for napping and loves his mama's Caramel Pudding.The space of Pompompurin Cafe isn't huge. It is decorated like a garden with lots of traces of Pompompurin. The most attractive part of the cafe is at the centre of the cafe where Pompompurin and friends are at. There are 4 “Tomodachi House” (Friends House) with each a Pompompurin’s friends; Bagel the Squirrel, Coconut the Monkey, Mint the Frog and Macaroon the Golden Retriever. These are found on the left of the cafe when facing from the cafe.It is interesting that the cafe serves desserts before the Main. I was quite shock when I saw my dessert order served first. It isn't a bad move, just unusual. We don't mind having Mains after desserts after all.At Pompompurin Cafe, there isn't much food selection. It is limited to 6 Mains and 5 desserts. Among the 11 items, 4 were recommended. And if you like to take home a souvenir after dinning at Pompompurin Cafe, look out for the dishes with a mug. There are 3 dishes you could choose; Bagel's Special Pancake Tower, Spaghetti Napolitana and Mushrooom & Bacon Carbonara.Each month, there are 2 special available, a Main and a dessert.We opted for the Spaghetti Napolitana ($26.99). This is one of the 3 dishes with the Pompompurin mug that diners could take home as souvenir. The tomato based pasta wasn't interesting at all. It tasted very normal with mainly pepperoni flavours. My Mom felt she could cook better than these.The second Main we got for sharing is the Pompompurin's Beef Stroganoff ($18.99). The rice is shaped into Pompompurin's head. This dish is more flavourful and tasty than our first. At the minimum, we could savour the beef flavour. In the gravy, there were extremely thin slices of beef and a beef patty shaped into Pompompurin's signature beret.We felt the desserts and drinks fare better than the Mains. My Mango Juice ($11.99) was filled with mango pieces and of course goodness. The only dessert we ordered is the Pompompurin's Mango Parfait ($18.99). We like the totality of the taste profile.After having the desserts, we thought it makes sense for Pompompurin Cafe to serve the diners desserts first since the desserts tasted better. It will leave a good first impression. LOL!Finally, there are more Pompompurin merchandise on sales. While making payment for your meal, do browse them and diners could make purchase for these lovely merchandise too.We felt the food at Pompompurin Cafe was extremely average and it is expensive. Our damage for the above was $91 which included GST and service charge.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-02
Enter the world of pompompurin. Immerse urself in the cuteness of the decor of the cafe and food. Pompompurin cafe singapore was opened om April 18,2016. It was the first sanrio character cafe that enters singapore, drawing large crowds of diners.Not only the decorations are style with pompompurin characters, even the food are prepared in the way to look like the characters. Read more at http://jacefootprints.blogspot.sg/2016/04/singapore-pompompurin-cafe.html continue reading
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Lo and behold. Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia, to open the Pompompurin Café at Orchard Central with much fanfare. For a weekend ritual, make this cafe the perfect spot for parents to spoil their kids with the famous canine-themed décor. Talk about a menu overloaded with colours and cuteness, we had Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry . It’s a dish made up of chunks of chicken and mild coconut curry, topped off with veggies shaped as hearts, forks, stars and spoons. And, you have an adorable Pompompurin head-shaped rice to make you happy. It’s not spicy, but it tastes somewhat sweet instead. Still, the dish’s cuteness made up for everything!For drinks, we picked the Cookie & Cream Caramel Latte . If you have a sweet tooth, this could be a drink and dessert for you. It’s a sweet and delicious drink, but its rich flavours can be too sweet for my liking. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the inner child in you and indulge in the irresistibly cuteness of Pompompurin today! Overall review: full review and pics @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/pompompurin-cafe-orchard-central.html continue reading
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