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Porridge Paradise is one of the newest offerings at Bugis, along Tan Quee Lan street. At the time of my visit, the restaurant is barely 2 weeks old. And to debunk any preconceptions derived from the moniker, Porridge Paradise is so very much more than just porridge.Star of the menu would definitely have to be the original healthy porridge creations by the chef/owner. Using only all natural and fresh ingredients, there are 3 very unique flavours to choose from:1. Pandan and Basil (Green) with pork2. Pumpkin (Yellow) with prawn3. Red Yeast Rice and Ginger (Red) with chickenEach of the key ingredients were carefully handpicked for their health properties, strengthening our body's immunity system, lowering cholesterol levels and increasing antioxidant levels in our bodies. The restaurant's signature 3C Porridge offers an opportunity to test all 3 flavours at a go, reap all 3 health benefits, at a ridiculously low price of $6.90.This HAS to be what I call value-for-money.I'm not really a porridge person myself, preferring to stick with the staple of Century Egg and Minced Pork Porridge usually. But the presentation and smells really won me over. I am stuck choosing between the Pumpkin and the Red Yeast Rice & Ginger for a favourite - the former for the sweet taste of the pumpkin in the broth and the inherent sweetness of the shrimp; the latter for that combination that plays out so well in the mouth, and I love how the juiciness of the shredded chicken shines through in the aftertaste.And as I was saying, it's not just porridge. Porridge Paradise offers a menu of local delights as well. Assam Fish, Curry Chicken and Prawn Paste Chicken seem to be crowd favourites, with the Curry Chicken selling out by mid-day. I was lucky enough to get the last bowl Assam Fish (small): $10I liked the crispiness of the fried fish, but i felt the assam could have been better to complement the dish further.Curry Chicken: $7A tad pricey at $7, the curry chicken is still pretty awesome taste wise. I liked the viscosity of the curry, not to watery, and the spiciness as the curry goes down the chute gives quite the kick.Prawn Paste Chicken: $8Fried Chicken in delectable prawn paste batter. 'Nuff said.Lunch for our group of 3 only worked out to be $10 each for such a spread. I'd say Porridge Paradise would be worth a visit for a potential lunch option for those working around Bugis. continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-20
Was walking along liang seah street when we decided to make a turn to Tan Quee Lan Street and found Porridge Paradise. So i suggested to my colleagues that we can dine there as its a new eatery. Was able to get a table in 5 mins as we went after lunch time to avoid the crowd.We asked the waitress whats good and she suggested the curry chicken, assam fish, prawn paste chicken and the porridge. So we went along with her as its our first time there!And for the verdict:Curry Chicken:Its so good and i find it better than Toast Box's. Less i expected it to be so tasty! Its spicy and creamy! And its very good to go along with rice and bread(they are bringing in bread soon).Assam Fish: Taste can be comparable to those that is sold at Zi Char! Prawn Paste Chicken:ITS SO GOOOOOOOD! The chicken wings actually 'burst' in my mouth, thou its deep fried but you can taste that the oil they use is fresh oil and its not too oily. Just the right amount of oil!Last but not least, 3C Porridge:3C porridge consists of:Green Porridge(Minced Pork Porridge): Pandan Leaf and Basil - Boost ImmuneYellow Porridge(Prawn Porridge): Pumpkin and Sweetcorn - Acts as an AntioxidantRed Porridge(Shredded Chicken Porridge): Red Yeast Rice and Ginger - Lower CholesterolMy colleague and i both agreed that the red one is the best! Tasted bitter at first but when we took our second mouth, it actually became sweet!And my boss prefer the green one and the yellow one. But something i must agree with him is that the prawns in the porridge is really fresh!Conclusion:I would probably try out their noodles as i saw alot of other customers ordering! Worth the trip and the calories! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)