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Potato Head Folk, spanning four massive floors of creativity and whimsical furniture, is designed to be our home away from home. The first level kitchen, Three Buns, is an organic community space serving a menu of gourmet burgers and cocktails. On the second level is the dining room where hand painted murals and well curated art pieces adorn the walls. The door on the third level opens up to the lounge bar, a decadent chill out space. Arriving at the fourth level is an alfresco rooftop setting where an urban herb garden flourishes. Here you can savour a tiki cocktail or pick from the barbecue menu. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-14
If you have heard the news way back about Tong Ah Coffee House, you could have knew that the one talking over the shop space would be Potato Head Folk.Potato Head Folk creates a whimsical environment with its furnishing spanning across 4 floors in the hertitage building of Chinatown.At the first level along the passage way, you can see the workings in the kitchen and perhaps smell the good food that they are preparing. They are called the Three Buns with a space serving gourmet bugers and cocktails, also for taking aways.Stairways between the levels are all hand painted with murals and hanging with art pieces.On the third level where we dine in the lounge bar as the dining room in level 2 was fully reserved. Atmosphere is definitely better if you are in the search for vintage seating, leather couches to chill and have catch up conversations with friends over for some snacks and cocktails.If you enjoy alfresco dining, head up to their rooftop setting where you grab a good dining environment with herb around.Their artisanal buns were freshly baked by local baker daily. Even their sauces, pickles and garnishes were made by their own chef with love. Priding their food with best quality prime beef and lamb from Australia as well as UK, be rest assure to sit back and enjoy the burgers. Do not be too shy to request how you want your patty to be done, be in medium or well done. Even if you are looking for different diet like protein style, they can provide patties to be wrap in lettuce instead of the buns.The toasted demi brioche buns was airy and light, sandwiching 120g of prime beef patty together wtih cheese, lettuce, ‘Notorious T.O.M. sauce’, pickles & spiced mayo. Yummy!Fun Boy Three was classified as burger of the month. With its name after the 80's pop band, grab it when you see it as they won't be in the menu for long.This rich gourmet burger features 120g aged beef patty, roasted portobello mushroom, garlic, miso butter, smoked cheese, double ketchup, truffle aioli in toasted demi brioche bun. If you were to asked me to choose 1 between the 2 burgers, I would give this more voteJust 2 burgers with nothing else in our orders cost us about $55 in total which we thought was hefty to our pockets. If you don't mind splurging once a while for quality burgers, these gourmet burgers are actually good. However, do remember to make a reservation before heading down to avoid disappointment. continue reading
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Full Potato Head Folk review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/potato-head-folk-three-buns.htmlOpening in June 2014 along Keong Saik Road, the Potato Head Folk, in partnership with Three Buns, is the latest fashionable eatery under the umbrella of the Potato Head lifestyle group. Potato Head Folk & Three Buns looks set to be just as popular as their other, internationally reowned outlets in Indonesia, including the Potato Head Brasserie and Potato Head Garage in Jakarta, and Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. Ambience at Potato Head Folk & Three Buns is novel, vibrant, and whimsical. Housed in a historic building, the 'Kitchen' on the 1st level is an organic community space, created for takeaway, counter dining, or street side dining, with a bustling, open atmosphere. The 'Dining Room' on the 2nd level is adorned with whimsical hand painted murals, well curated sculptures and art pieces, as well as eclectic vintage furniture that is functional, spacious, and comfortable, for casual sit-down dining. 'Studio1939' on the 3rd level is a cozy, intimate lounge and bar, whose elegant, sophisticated decor, and plush leather or rattan lounge chairs, lend well to long, relaxing conversations. Finally, 'The Rooftop' is a relaxing, bohemian tiki alfresco / outdoor dining space with an urban herb garden, offering views of the surrounding heritage shophouses and tall skyscrapers in the nearby business district.Service at Potato Head Folk & Three Buns is decent enough. Staff give a good first impression with their snappy dressing and greetings, and will seat you quickly. They're also knowledgable enough about the various items on the menu, able to provide simple descriptions when asked, and able to offer recommendations. This also extends to drinks, as staff are able to describe the various alcohol available. However, they stike me as rather aloof and somewhat impatient when taking orders, like they're rushing you to make up your mind. While they do clear empty / dirty tables quickly and efficiently, they're not proactive, as they don't check on your meal, or whether you require more drinks. Decent service overall, but could be so much better.Food at Potato Head Folk is provided by Three Buns, a Western gourmet burger joint. Opened by Executive Chef Adam Penney; who worked in various restaurants in London, England, including under Chef Gordon Ramsay in Aubergine Restaurant; the food here is mostly handmade, including the burger patties, sauces (even the ketchup and mayonnaise is home made), and the artisanal burger buns, which are baked fresh twice a day for lunch and dinner. Their burgers are juicy and packed with flavour, but the use of premium ingredients and a bespoke approach means that prices are high as well. Burgers are priced ala-carte, without any side dishes, not even fries. Budget about SGD $35 per person for a burger, side, and drink here. Portions are decently sized for 1, or 2, people at most. Overall good food, but be prepared to spend! continue reading
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Originally posted on: http://www.thegirlnextshore.comSurely, most of us have experienced that "perfectly tipsy" state, oui? You know, that point of inebriation when you feel relatively hazy but coherent enough to know you've had one too many. All you need is a bit of air, et voila! You're sensible enough again to hear the clarity of that loud "give me something greasy and oily!" scream in your stomach, diet be darned. After a very satisfying liquid supper at The Library on Keong Saik Road, I found myself in that "perfectly tipsy" state and in dire need of something substantial. Plaid Boy, who just finished dinner with his corporate buds at Potato Head Folk across the road, suggested we go back there so I could try their burgers. "They have good fries," he said. "And the burger I had earlier was decent." The Three Buns takeaway counter at Potato Head Folk smelt like the holy guacamole of post-revelling grub. I wanted to try everything on the menu and Plaid Boy had to stop me from ordering one item too many as he wasn't having any of it anyway. I got the naughty fries as recommended (hand cut potatoes topped with spiced bearnaise, hot beef chilli, fried shallots, parmesan, sesame seeds and parsley). Reckon they could've made it "naughtier" with a bit more chilli (and perhaps something to give a bit of acid?) but overall, these were top notch chips with a pretty good sauce.Plaid Boy recommended the Burning Man burger which sounded promising with roasted jalapeño but I didn't fancy a wholemeal bun so I opted for the Smokin' B-Boy instead. It's a 150g beef patty in a brioche bun with double smoked cheese, beer and treacle cured bacon, barbecue sauce, smoky mayo and crispy onions. Good freakin' lawd.The patty was a juicy medium rare, the sauce had a decent smoke and the bacon added that much needed crunch. Perhaps it was me being larry, perhaps it was sobriety kicking in... but in that moment I was the happiest person in the world with my partner on my side and a very good burger on hand.I managed to order some wing-its before Plaid Boy gave me his "STOP OVER-ORDERING!!!" look. I'm glad I got them as they were delightful. The twice-cooked chicken wings were actually meaty and tender and generously topped with smoky barbecue sauce, chilli and scallions.My stomach finally caved in after five pieces but there was still a fair bit left. That sauce was smoky enough but as with the fries, it could do with a bit more heat.I was too inebriated to remember how much each item costed but I'm sure I paid just a little over SGD$50 for everything. Overall, not a bad way to bring you back to sobriety. *hic* continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-21
I had an off day so popped by for an early lunch at Three Buns @ Potato Head Folk, apparently the latest and greatest F&B joint, fresh off the beaches of Bali.Housed in the iconic, former Tong Ah Building (東亞) along Keong Saik Road, Three Buns @ Potato Head Folk offers takeaway and alfresco dining on the ground floor, table service on the second and a cocktail bar on the third. The kitchen is also located on the ground floor so you can pretty much have a good view of the workings if you choose to sit along the passageway.Dining alone, I didn't quite fancy any table service and wanted a look at the kitchen hence I made myself comfortable on one of the tiny wooden bar chairs along the passageway. On hindsight, that probably wasn't a great decision as passers-by kept bumping into me due to the rather narrow path. And lets not forget about the afternoon humidity and heat.Naughty Fries - Naughty fries. How catchy. Instead of the usual rectangular shaped strips of fries, these came in wide, thinly shaved pieces and topped with the likes of Parmesan, spiced Bearnaise, shallots, parsley, chopped spring onions and a smattering of mildly spicy hot beef chilli. Apart from the rather interesting Asian twist to an otherwise Western dish, it was essentially Carl's Junior's chilli beef fries with a little more finesse; Fresher tasting with a slightly spicier kick. $9++ gets you a sharing portion for 2pax.Baby Huey - A thick and juicy but mildly overcooked 150g beef patty topped with melted cheese, lettuce, spiced mayo, pickles and 'Notorious T.O.M Sauce' (whatever that means). Served up between two soft and fluffy buns (like the one's from Triple O's), this was one pretty good burger. I personally liked the mild tanginess of the of the whole burger and the crunchiness provided by the pickles. An abundance of sauce made for a very messy burger but it was all good. I'm definitely trying out the double patty burger on my next visit!A rather sweaty but filling lunch cost me about $37, which seriously isn't cheap by any standards for a burger, fries and an iced coffee (which incidentally tastes like the $1 ones at a local coffeeshop. But don't quote me on that as I know nuts about coffee). No service charge was levied because it was pretty much self serve but I assume a 10% service charge would be tagged on if you were to sit on the second floor. The burger alone is worth a revisit though!See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/07/potato-head-folk-three-buns.html continue reading
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