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PoTeaTo is a portmanteau of the two words: potatoes and tea, with ingenious creations like the Potato Boats with Sausages. The café also offers a range of 20 tea varieties to accompany their satisfying mains. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-27
Full PoTeaTo review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/04/poteato.htmlSurrounded as it is by much more famous cafes, I'm actually rather surprised that PoTeaTo has lasted till now. First opened in August 2012, PoTeaTo is a privately run cafe, not operated under a group like the other cafes nearby, and as it's name suggests, specialises in potatoes and tea.Ambience at PoTeaTo is rustic urban, with red brick and concrete walls flanking the interior, small tight spaces where wooden tables are laid out, and minimal decor. Yet, the place exudes a cozy, relaxing vibe, as evident by diners who linger over conversation and cups of tea here.Service at PoTeaTo is largely self-service, with ordering and payment over the counter, though staff will serve orders to your table. I do commend them for being rather quick and efficient at clearing away tables, as well as being able to offer recommendations from the menu. However, there is very little other interaction with staff here.Food at PoTeaTo is mainly Western style, with a focus on sandwiches, potatoes, and tea. I generally find the taste of dishes here to be hit or miss, mostly ranging from below average, to average at best. Sadly, there's nothing terribly exciting about the food options. Portion sizes are decent, and prices are comparable to most other cafes, budget about SGD $18 per person for a meal here.The Sweet Potato Fries (SGD $7) here are very good! Thick cut and warm, you can taste the natural sweetness in the orange strips of sweet potato, with a lightness to the texture. Sprinkle a little salt and cracked black pepper, and it's good enough to eat on its own!The Party Platter (SGD $18) is a decadent plate of fried stuff, but a combination of hit and miss. Of the items here, the Popcorn Chicken stood out for its crisp yet meaty chunks, with a nice savoury flavour. The Home Made Fish Balls were quite good, you can see it's tightly packed, and the flavour is akin to a Thai fish cake, some slight heat and good use of spices. The Potato Wedges were average, simply deep fried using the frozen version you can get in a supermarket, and the Spicy Mid-Wings were overseasoned and salty. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
To order, just proceed to the counter. All prices are inclusive of GST & service charge. I cant remember when's the last time that I just need to pay what I see in the menu. So, it felt real good, not having the need to do mental calculation of the final bill. I hate surprises when it comes to making payments!Water (both hot & cold) was also placed at the side, for self serving. Fuss free! But we still ordered drinks anyway. =p Iced Peach Lychee - $5.60Hot Honey Lemon Tea - $4I love my peach lychee but husband's lemon tea tasted a bit weird. Finally, I made a better choice than hubby! Woo hoo!Sweet Potato Fries - $6.20The sweet potato fries was served in a brown paper bag, cute & creative! It gave the idea of overflowing fries. HahaBut it was not just cute, but tasted real good too! A M-U-S-T order, because it was so addictive. Sweet and crispy, especially when it served hot! Dun wait for it to turn cold lah, a hot /warm item is of course best eaten when at its right temperature. Louisiana Pork Ribs - $18Another yummy item on the menu! The pork ribs was thick and juicy , finger-licking good! And it came with my new found love - garlic curry sauce and my all time favourite, potato wedges. I was a happy girl. ^_____^Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2013/09/poteato.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Tiong Bahru estates are well-known with its well-maintained architectural buildings and vintage style cafes and shops. There are quite a few lists of cafes that we can explore around the area. My friend and I decided to patron PoTeaTo for our dinner session which is just 10minutes walk away from Tiong Bahru MRT station.The café are decorated with Halloween decorations and even came up with Halloween set. But we decided not to try on the set. We browsed through the menu and decided on our choice. Ordering and payment are made at the same time at the cashier counter. Free flow of plain water is available at a corner where all the cutleries are displayed.Food serving time is within 15 minutes time and consider quite fast. Here are the foods that we ordered for our dinner.Ala-carte Sweet Potato fries S$7.00. Generous portion served with crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.Spaghetti Carbonara serves with cream sauce and crisp bacon S$12.00. The portioning is decent enough but the cream sauce is slightly diluted though. We thought that it would be nice to enhance the taste of cream sauce.Teriyaki grilled salmon with creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus S$17.00 was pretty good. Chef did a good job with the grilled salmon. The salmon meat was soft and tender and blends well with the teriyaki sauce.PoTeaTo provides a casual dinning place with average foods served and affordable pricing. However, I would suggest them to come up with more interesting dishes to attract customers in based on their potato theme concept. Nevertheless it is a nice place to relax and chill with friends as the place is not crowded with people. continue reading
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Poteato is nestled in Tiong Bahru together with some other cafes nearby. Second trip to Poteato! Their design revolves around brick and cement with a touch of modern. Previously only get to try their matcha tofu cheesecake and seeing their menu decided i should come back to try their mains one day! But quite disappointed that they changed their menu (top right hand corner). There’s less variety and more expensive now. )rdered their poteato dippers to try ($10). The description was crisp potatoes skin with salsa and cheese dips. So in my mind, i was like is it literally potatoes skins only?! That will be quite funny, $10 for just the skins. But yup, its actually like wedges but the ‘healthier; version as its really cut pieces from potatoes. Good for sharing as its really filling. Overdose of carbo. Not too oily though, crisp outer skin with soft inner potato flesh.As there’s really limited choices, so the mains that we ordered were only Teriyaki Grilled Salmon ($17) & Cheesy Melt Beef Burger ($21). The Teriyaki Grilled Salmon is served with mashed potato and asparagus. Thick and rich teriyaki sauce that was a lil too overpowering and i find it a little salty. But overall, it has that jap flavour i feel. So on my very first trip there, i tried their tofu cheesecake and a cup of hot lemon tea. Trying tofu cheesecake for the first time, was refreshing, and i find the taste quite light. It’s like an alternative choice to the usual cheesecake. Its not as rich as the usual cheesecake. Got the combination of mashed up tofu mouthfeel with dense cheesecake feel. To sum up, probably after a change of menu and prices, will not want to go again. continue reading
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Poteato had fast became my favourite cafe in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood and I have brought several friends on different occasions to try the food there, after they saw the mouth-watering food that I posted online! I have since tried their lunch, brunch, tea and dinner menu.Eating the Buffalo Wings ($10.20) was a hot and fiery experience! The wings are marinated in a hot sauce and you can feel the heat and spice with every bite, especially the skin, the meat inside is also spicy but to a lesser extent. My friend and I dont usually take very spicy stuff, and this level was too much for us, so we had to gulp iced water almost with every bite, but that said, we enjoyed it very much! It is hot and spicy, but it was very Shiok!! Because of the thick and rich sauce on the wings, eating the buffalo wings was a messy affair, we had to go wash our hands immediately after hahaha!We also had the Classic Chicken Wings ($9.20). The moment it arrived on our table, we could smell the aroma of the chicken, and of course it was a great choice, very crispy, tender and delicious!We were on a snack attack! Been long wanting to try the Sweet Potato Fries ($6.20), and we finally got the chance since we are in the mood for their small bites! It is indeed as good as we had heard on online reviews. The goodness of real sweet potato is evident with every bite, and it comes with a very taste-bud pleasing cheese sauce and a tangy tomato salsa sauce, though the sweet potato fries is good enough to eat on its own. It is worth mentioning that they are not salty like most fries are.And, I finally got to try the Poteato Chips ($5.20). Just couldn't resist the thin and crispy hand sliced chips. I love it that they are so thin, it makes it all the more crispy and great to munch! I like my chips with the cheese sauce, it makes a perfect snack! The fries and chips comes with the same two sauces as the fries and a small serving of salad.This is also the first time I am trying their spaghetti. I chose the Cream Sauce Spaghetti ($12). It is rich and creamy with lots of bacon bits, it is not exactly the best spaghetti around, but it is a decent and tasty one. Portion is just right. This is only available on the dinner menu.Food and drinks are great at Poteato, at least they are to me. I particularly like the Iced Teas in Poteato, and their small bites snacks!  continue reading
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