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Why should you go for brunch at Procacci, Customs House (facing Marina Bay Sands)?Two words: The ViewCan you not see how happy I look?Happiness happens when you having brunch with fellow foodies before the stellar view of the latest City Skyline we've got in Singapore. It's a wonder how beautiful it was with a clear and sunny skies to give the surroundings a "glorious glow". Key takeaways:1) For a view like this, it's worth the effort to travel to Customs House2) Brunch can taste great even without meat or salmon3) May have found my ROM location (*mild panic*)Where is Procacci?Located before Singapore's winsome skyline, Procacci can be found at Customs House. I was not joking about the view!Who is Procacci?Procacci is an Italian brand brought in to Singapore by Caerus Holdings (who also owns Lady M). This only one in Asia as the other 2 Procacci are in Vienna and it's origin - Florence. Procacci owns Marchesi Antinori Wineyard = authentic Italian Wine and their own beer - Peroni.What did we eat?Brunch! They've just rolled out their Brunch menu in May, which is available from 11am till 2.30pm and I was there to sample 7 out of 10 dishes that is available. But not alone, together with 6 OpenRice members! We started off with 2 vegetarian plates (out of 5) - Uova Stapazzate con Funghi ($20) and Frittate al Tartufo ($22), plus the Pollo Grigliato ($20).We ate it all, and later requested for the group's favourite: Fritattate al Tartufo. What is it? A beautiful egg frittata on cibatta toast (which I simply loved) and the very-amazingly-smelling truffle cream. Wah-LAH! Can you smell it too (and can you see the reflection of the gorgeous skies on the glass top table)?Uvoa Stapazatte con Funghi is a hearty dish filled with scrambled eggs (yay!), saute mushroom, rustica toast and saute broccoli. Personally, I prefer the cibatta toast (served on other dishes) to the rustica. The eggs, mushrrom and broccoli came together for a complete vegetarian meal! Pollo Grigliato contained the grilled chicken breast, fried egg, crispy bacon and cibatta toast (yay!). I see eggs, I see bacon and I am happy.Next up:Fumo Salmone ($20), Salsiccia Italiano ($26) and Procacci Delizia ($30). What's going here? Yum yum yum SALMON!! Fuma Salmone is a smoked salmon dish with fried eggs, ricotta cheese and ciabatta toast. Salmon, cheese and cibatta toast (yay!) - awww, yummy! This was the 2nd favourite dish from us all.The Salsiccia Italiano a plate filled with grilled spicy Italian sausages, fried egg, rustica toast and arrabiata sauce. And that was one lovely sauce that brought the whole dish to a level up! This plate does (however) pale in comparison to the other 2 dishes (for me).Big breakfast Italian style? Procacci's got the Procacci Delizia - fully packed with mortadella, parma ham, taleggio cheese (WOW!), scrambled eggs, rustic toast. This dish is the most expensive on the current menu and with such a generous portion - you can definitely share it with someone.The Prosecco Surprise!Procacci surprised us with a glass of Prosecco each! We were surprised by the loud pop sound midway eating and the sweet sweet taste of the chilled wine. I love my white wine, Moscato and Prosecco (with cheese) and...I'm all set!Upon request, we had Uovo Benedetto ($22) which come with poached egg, caviar, crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce. There's something about poached eggs that everyone loves to slice open and watch the yolk spread out! The hollandaise sauce was just nice (quantity) and not overwhelming. Eggs poached to pretty-good-level and the bacon added the crisp to this plate.Drinks option: On regular basis (now included) you can enjoy free flow beverages inclusive of Prosecco, Peroni beer, soft drinks and juices for $35. If you to non-alcoholic it out on a Saturday, simply get the $15 free flow of soft drinks and juices for just $15. Procacci also offers other beverages such as tea and coffee on their menu.Now for some behind-the-scenes photos. (of OpenRice members taking photos of food and fooling around!Overall, I'd go again to enjoy the view with a good company of friends! Especially so for this month with their free-flow Prosecco going on at just $25 per person promotion. Click here to view their other promotions!Disclaimer:All images were taken by yours truly, for OpenRice Singapore.Most images were edited by our Designer - Kaeting.Italian restaurant, with a gorgeous view of Marina Bay Sands. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-05-27
Procacci is an Italian restaurant located at Customs House, Collyer Quay. The restaurant faces the marina bay and the iconic Marina Bay Sands. It has indoor and alfresco dining. Brunch started in May and are available only on Saturdays.Uova Strapazatte con funghi which is basically scrambled eggs, saute mushrooms, rustica toast and saute spinach at a cost of $20. The toast was abit overtoasted resulting it being hard. Love the eggs and mushrooms which were beneath, absorbed all the flavors of everything on top. Sink your teeth into the funghi, it explodes and the juices ended so flavorful & delish.Fritatte al Tarturo. This dish seems to be most of the tasters favorite. The pull factor had to be the truffle cream topped generously over the egg frittata and accompanied by ciabatta toast. If you love truffles, this dish is a must try must order. I am pretty neutral on this as I am not a big fan of truffles But judging from fellow tasters who had a second helping, it must be delish Cost of this dish is $22.Pollo Grigliato. This is my favorite simply because it had the oh so sinfully good crispy bacon. Grilled chicken breast to perfection, fried egg when cut open, the yolk runs out and oozes all over. Yup yup... soak up all the goodness with ciabatta toast and place the crispy bacon on top This is brunch heaven!! For this yummy dish, it goes at a cool $20. Fumo Salmone. Salmon lovers would enjoy this. Smoked salmon with fried egg paired with ricotta cheese and ciabatta toast. The salmon just slides in your throat leaving a delightful smoky aftertaste on your palette. I would say move over fried egg and ricotta cheese, smoked salmon takes centrestage. Cost at $20.Procacci Delizia consist of mortadella, parma ham, taleggio cheese, scrambled eggs and rustico toast. A big platter meant to be shared by 2 or more. This dish to me is normal if compared to pollo grigliato or fumo salmone which had more "oomph". Cost at $30.Salsiccia Italiano. What is brunch without sausages? This i liked. The big fat salty spicy italian sausage wakes up your sense of taste. Nicely grilled with juices intact. 1st bite and you will definitely need a napkin after that. I prefer to eat this with a soft butter roll than the rustico toast. $20 for sausage goodness.Procacci surprised us with a bottle of italian wine which most enjoyed tremendously. I am not a drinker so I enjoyed the clinking of glasses but the wine looked real good.The Procacci folks responsible for hosting our brunch. Thank you for the good food and good service. Also thank you Openrice for the invite. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-05-25
(Procacci has three restaurants worldwide in Vienna, Florence and Singapore. Procacci Singapore is the only restaurant in Asia & outside Europe.)Attended a food tasting session hosted by OpenRice x Procacci last Saturday. The tasting was set amidst my finals but despite having two papers right after that weekend, I still went ahead. Well, because I just had to. You can't say 'no' to good food.The purrrr-fect life on a Saturday morning. All I can think of - Tranquility. Not sure about you but I have a thing for quiet places and Procacci fits the bill. Indoor or al fresco, either way you're located right opposite Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands!If you're unfamiliar with the place (It's located at Customs House by the way), there's a slight chance that you may get slightly lost. Do type 'Customs House' instead of 'Procacci' if you're using Google maps. Yes, the location of 'Procacci' on Google maps' not quite right & I was lost (for a moment) too.This is why you don't have to give up that amazing view for the air-conditioned indoor dining area.The view is as good from the inside!Proccaci has recently launched their Saturday Brunch Menu (vegetarian dishes available). You heard me right, ONLY on Saturdays. We were served a total of eight dishes, which means we tried almost the entire brunch menu! Some visuals to bring you through.First up, Uova Strapazatte con Funghi ($20) - Scrambled Eggs, Saute mushroom, Rustica Toast, Saute Spinach. The Saute Spinach wasn't available that day so we were served brocolli instead. Opt for this only if you like the earthy taste of mushroom! A pity that the Rustica Toast was too hard for my liking.Next, Fritattate al Tartufo ($22) - Egg Frittata, Ciabatta Toast, Truffle Cream.This is amazing, my favourite out of all the dishes! I'm not a big fan of truffle, really neutral but this dish caught me by surprise. You know how some places sell truffle dishes but the truffle taste is so mild & almost non-existent? No such problem at Procacci, truffle IS truffle. We even requested for a second serving of this.Pollo Grigliato ($20) - Grilled Chicken Breast, Fried Egg, Crispy Bacon, Ciabatta Toast.A healthier dish, minus the bacon maybe? But brunch dishes with bacon are definitely more satisfying than those without, at least to the foodies who were at the tasting. Everyone loves bacon! Although I don't prefer chicken breast (I find it dry compared to thigh meat), this dish appealed to a few others. I guess, go with what suits your preference!Next on the menu, Fumo Salmone ($20) - Smoked Salmon, Fried Egg, Ricotta Cheese, Ciabbata Toast.If you know me personally, I don't eat raw salmon but I took a piece of it during the tasting. Not sure how to review it without comparison.... I can only say they are pretty generous with the thick slices of smoked salmon. The Ricotta Cheese paired with the salmon lightens the overall taste! Make sure to read other reviews to find out because I don't think my review on this dish is a good nor an accurate gauge of the standard of smoked salmon served.Another favourite of mine, Salsiccia Italiano ($26) - Grilled Spicy Italian Sausages, Rustica Toast, Fried Egg, Arrabbiata Sauce. There's an oomph factor in this dish, the arrabbiata sauce. Each bite leaves you wanting more!The last dish of the tasting (supposedly), Procacci Delizia ($30) - Mortadella, Parma Ham, Taleggio Cheese, Scrambled Eggs, Rustica Toast. The Big Breakfast of Procacci, a tad luxurious to have artisan-cured meat for breakfast. The price may be on the higher end but this is actually big enough to be able to feed two. Do your calculations, that means $15++ per person. Worth it?! Not to mention that their scrambled egg is really well done, look at how creamy it is!We also tried Uovo Benedetto ($22), an addition to our already very extensive tasting menu. It consists of Poached Egg, Rustica Toast, Crispy Bacon, Hollandaise Sauce, Caviar. This came across to me as a normal egg benedict. Although not the best, it's also far from the worst.A pleasant surprise from Procacci! Prosecco wine from Antinori Wineyard owned by Procacci (Italy) to complete the brunch. Thank you for the hospitality!Procacci is currently having a promotion. Enjoy free flow prosecco on Saturdays (limited period only) at just $25 per person. And for $35, you get to enjoy free flow beverages inclusive of Prosecco, Peroni beer, soft drinks and juices. For the non-alcoholics, opt for free flow of soft drinks and juices for just $15. Procacci also offers other beverages such as tea and coffee on their menu.Don't forget to check out the giveaway on the Facebook page of Openrice & Procacci, here and here respectively & stand to win brunch vouchers for two (worth $130++)! Winner will be announced on 27th May 2015.Cheers to better Saturdays with Procacci, xThank you for hosting us, Openrice x Procacci! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
And so, we gathered at Procacci in Customs House on a Saturday morning for a food tasting session. Originating from Florence, Italy, PROCACCI Singapore at Customs House offers tranquility and a stunning view over-looking the Marina Bay Skyline. Italian fine-dining cuisine is brought to higher standards with luscious food paired with an extensive selection of premium wines. On a side note, there are only 3 procacci branches in the world, and one of them is in Singapore! Each branch differ slightly, and for the Singapore branch, it's the first procacci branch outside Europe! Posh and elegant interior, very comfortable for dining.You can choose to sit outside as well, for a lovely Marina Bay view!Uova Strapazatta con Funghi ($20)Made up of scambled eggs, saute mushrooms, rustica toast and broccoli. I found this dish to be on the average, though I did like the simple idea of mushrooms and eggs.Fritattate al Tartufo ($22)One of my favourite dishes of the day! The smooth egg frittata went so well with the white truffle cream! Super yummy! This dish was well-received and we all whacked it as soon as we finished snapping. Teehee!Pollo Grigliato ($20)I loved the super crispy bacon, eggs and grilled chicken breast. Though I'm not really a ciabatta toast lover, for some reason, but overall, this is another dish that I do like!Fumo Salmone ($20)Smoked salmon, fried egg, ricotta cheese and ciabatta toast. Have I already mentioned that smoked salmon is my favourite? Lovers of ricotta cheese can try this as well. They were very generous with its servings.Salsiccia Italiano ($26)My takeaway from eating this dish: the grilled sausages very shiok! I would recommend this dish to those who loves a good sausage in the morning. Also includes rustica toast, fried egg and arrabbiata sauce. Tomato-ey, please. A pleasant eat indeed.Procacci Delizia ($30)I loved (x3) the scrambled eggs. They were cooked so well and were runny just the way I love them. They also have parma ham included in the mix to pump up the saltiness. Also consists mortadella, taleggio cheese and rustica toast. This is so big, it can be shared by 2!Uovo Benedetto ($22)We also had the all-time favourite: poached eggs and bacon! Could anything go wrong? Sorry, cannot lor, This dish also consists of caviar! How luxurious please! Plus the addition of hollandaise sauce, super lovely!Well, let us break it down for you:As you can see, the egg wasn't very flowy, so that's bad news for #eggporners. But of course, I have a soft spot for benedicts, hence this was one of my favourite dishes after all as I already mentioned, yummy!Here's a photo of me enjoying the Prosecco wine from Antinori Wineyard owned by Procacci (Italy). Enjoy a free flow of Prosecco when you hit $35 on all brunch orders!Cheers to Openrice Singapore and Procacci Singapore, who generously organised this session.ProcacciLocation: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-04 Customs House, Singapore 049323Tel: +65 6532 9939This is an invited media tasting session. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-05-20
Start the weekend right with the new brunch menu offering at Procacci! Located at the Customs House, near Raffles Place, Procacci started serving Saturday brunch in May 2015, with various Italian-inspired plates of goodness. Choose between dining indoor in the posh atmosphere, or al fresco style right opposite the iconic Marina Bay Sands.Pollo Griglito ($20)Bacon can never go wrong, especially for brunch! Alongside the crispy bacon are grilled chicken breast, sunny side up, Ciabatta toast and a grilled tomato. A very standard yet delicious combination. Thumbs up for the eggs that were done perfectly.Uova Strapazatte con Funghi ($20)If you prefer saute mushrooms and scrambled eggs, do go for this! Enjoy the freshness of the mushrooms together with saute spinach and the Rustica toast.Fritattate al Tartufo ($22)Egg frittata and truffle cream with Ciabatta toast. Definitely my favourite (because, truffle) of the Procacci brunch menu! A must-order for any truffle lovers. The truffle taste is quite significant and yet not overpowering.Fumo Salmone ($20)Smoked salmon lovers, this is for you! A good quality smoked salmon served with sunny side up, ricotta cheese and ciabatta toast. My second favourite!Salsiccia Italiano ($26)Grilled spicy Italian sausages with sunny side up, this dish is lifted by the Arrabbiata sauce that adds some sweetness through the tomato.Uovo Benedetto (22)A classic Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce. Served with streaks of bacon. Another combination that should be welcomed by many.Procacci Delizia ($30)The 'big brother' of Procacci's brunch menu. Served on a huge oval plate, it includes mortadella, parma ham, taleggio cheese, scrambled eggs and rustic toast. Lovely proteins as well as the warm melty cheese. A really huge portion and might even be suitable for two.Procacci gave us a pleasant surprise with the literal 'pop'! Prosecco wine from Antinori Wineyard, which is owned by Procacci. A sweet sparkling wine that completes the whole brunch affair we had. Satisfied my recent craving for a good brunch!Top up $35 to enjoy a free flow of Prosecco wine, Peroni beer, soft drinks and juices. For non-alcoholics, free flow of soft drinks and juices at $15.There is a promotion going on where you can enjoy them at only $25 (instead of $35)!Brunch at Procacci is only available on Saturdays, 11am to 2.30pm. Vegetarian options available for certain dishes, upon request.Many thanks to Openrice Singapore and Procacci for hosting us to this marvellous brunch! Definitely an excellent place to head down on Saturdays! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)