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Professor Brawn is a superhero character who is 'smart, kind and strong'. Created by a child with a learning disability, he became the catalyst to start a social enterprise based on the values of quality, dignity and inclusiveness. Professor Brawn Cafe's mission is to provide affordable good food by an inclusive quality workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages and socio-economic background. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-04
I find it quite meaningful when Professor Brawn Cafe's Business has a cause which is we are actually helping by supporting Social Enterprises to fulfill a social mission of providing employment & social integration opportunities to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) when we dine.The founders of the cafe are parents and friends who want to make a difference to the special needs community by giving them a suitable job, showcase their talents, also to raise awareness to people around and getting contributions to support the cause. The character of professor brawn was actually created by a children with learning disability. The superhero, professor brawn had characters who is 'smart, kind and strong'.The decors of the cafe had amused me with its welcoming and colourful chalk written wordings on the wall. Not only that, its interior was filled with lively bright colours such that everyone who walked pass will turn their head towards Professor Brawn Cafe.The set dinner (6pm to 9pm) comes with Main course, soup of the day and House Drink. Soup of the day was Calm Chowder. It was served warm, cream based with calm bits and chopped celery (vegetables).The server had gave us a bonus by offering us mushroom soup so that we do not have a repeat in our dinner menu. He was so thoughtful.I like the mushroom soup as they were purely blended with tiny bits of mushroom filled throughout the soup which lends a good mushroom fragrance from every spoonful unlike most of the restaurant, they could have used the premixed powder in preparation of the soup.Drinks was part of the meal and tasted rather standard from the typical syrup mixture with water. They were served in a tall hour glass glass. This was one of the popular Main course for the night beside the enormous Fish & Chips. One glance through the restaurant and you will notice that many had grilled chicken thigh laid on their table. The grilled chicken was cooked to crisp golden brown with some burnt patches. Meat was tender enough and tasted refreshingly sweet with Orange marmalade. The grilled yummy thigh were stacked up on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes while having salad as the appetizer, dressed sparsely with vinegar.A close up on the chicken leg. Woot Woot! How can I resist? Although I would prefer its rosti to be darker in color than its current faint yellow as seen, the first bite of it had took my taste buds! I thought Marche had the best rosti so far but I was wrong. Their sour cream was lighter, refreshing and left a tangy taste on my buds. The rosti was cramped into a rectangle size, about 1cm in thickness. Yummy!For sausage, there were a few types we can choose from and I had the Swiss Cheese Pork Sausage. I had tried the pork version as I thought it is hard to come by such meat in a westernized cafe when most of them are halal certified. Well, how the taste? It was pleasant, long in length and had a textural bite. Have some privacy dining at a cosy corner in the semi sphere like environment. Just too bad I came to realise this place after I had done with my dinner. Looks like somewhere great to romance a date in a mall after office hours. Ha! What else can I say?Having dined in Professor Brawn Cafe was a killing two birds in one stone matter. It's food is reasonable and had "substance" while service was better than average, thoughtful and polite. It's also good to know that we are helping the needies by dining in Professor Brawn Cafe. Do lend your mouth by helping them to achieve this mission.Do visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2013/11/professor-brawn-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-12
Was introduced to this social enterprise by a friend and we were pleasantly delighted not only by their extensive menu offerings and varieties, but admirable service level too! Professor Brawn truly stands by its mission to support and empower the disadvantaged amongst us.The quirky interior – with its colourful walls, bookshelf backdrops, scribbling on the chalkboard with words of encouragement and compliments from customers of all walks - creates a laid back and enjoyable ambiance.Black Pepper Steak ($18.90++)The steak was well prepared with generous portions of potato wedges. Succulent, tender and lightly marinated, yummy! Waffle with Ice Cream ($6.90++)This was a highly recommended item by our friend. However, I thought the waffle was pretty average (perhaps cos it was not served hot?) and lacked the crisp and buttery fragrance I was anticipating. Nevertheless, the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream that accompanied the waffle was really rich and creamy! Do drop by if you're around the vicinity to support this lovely little cafe for a good cause! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-29
I came here for lunch ,the layout of this restaurants was quite attractive, I had their beef bolognaise spaghetti,nothing to shout about, tasted quite normal. The taste is not strong enough, was a bit disappointed, after that then I realized their signature dish is their fish and chips! I regretted not trying that!The service was great, the price can be considered affordable. I will come back try fish and chips next time. continue reading
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Level2 2012-09-26
Went for the lunch set. Fish and chip set comes with fish and chips, mushroom soup and a drink. The fish is well done. Taste just right and big in portion. Fries are chunky and tasty. Mushroom soup is tick in taste and nice. Went for another order and mushroom soup and wedges. Simply love the taste of the mushroom soup. Wedges was fried just right. Nice big bite size and tasty. Overall a nice place to dine at. Service staff are friendly. Price is still affordable. continue reading
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Level2 2011-12-30
Came here for after dinner coffee and desserts. As a passer-by, I always thought it was some pretentious Western cafe. However, after dropping in for a visit and reading up a bit about it, i found out that it was spawned from a very humble and meaningful beginning. You can read more about them here: http://www.professorbrawn.com/index.phpsect=aboutAnw, we tried their Carrot Cake here, which was actually quite good. A light layer of cream cheese and chock full of walnuts, carrot strips and some other white-ish chunks which I can only conclude are pineapple cubes. Iced chocolate and coffee was pretty ordinary. Other than that, can't comment much about their food. Would like to go down again someday to try their other dishes though. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)