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Level2 2016-11-05
食甜品,唔肥。還可以防衰老,聽都未聽過。這裏賣的不是雪糕,而是由巴西運過來的亞馬遜急凍后打碎Wild Berry,據說含有豐富的抗氧化成份。仲幾好味㗎。上面配一些新鮮有機生果,成件事就非常完美了。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-02
I've never heard of the acai berry before until I've visited Project ACAI. The açaí berry grows wild atop palm trees native to the Amazon rainforest. It is as tiny as a small grape, with only 10 to 15% edible fruit. However, the health benefits from this Brazilian fruit is extraordinary. The fruit pulp is richer in antioxidants compared to strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and practically, all the berries on earth.The decor in Project ACAI is largely industrial minimalist — brightly glowing light bulbs hang loose from the ceiling. There is a wide counter table covering about 50% of the store, decorated with pineapples, ripe and unripe bananas and dragon fruits and more. Be warned — don't sit near the glaring refrigerator located near the door or risk walking out with dizziness!Acai Bowl Menu How to order in Project ACAI:1. Let the cafe server know the size of acai bowl you want from the menu2. Add extra toppings if you wish to3. Collect the restaurant pager from the staff. Find a seat.4. When the restaurant pager starts beeping, collect your order from the staff.The Acai Bowl (Handy) — S$6.80This is the smallest size available — and the portion is suitable for one person. Cheers to a great 2016! Where My Chocolate Abs — S$8.50I wish cafes do away with plastic cups. It really cheapens the entire look and it's a great evil for the environment."Where My Chocolate Abs?" is a cup of organic acai blended with swedish chocolate oat milk, mushy bananas, creamy nut butter and semi-sweet raw cacao bits. It's really refreshing, and works so much better than a cuppa of hot chocolate in the sultry weather of Singapore.Original Flower Bowl (Large) — S$13.50I brought my family of four to share the flower bowl. Made up of blended acai base, the flower bowl is topped with granola, fresh fruits, blueberries and super foods such as bee pollen, cacao nibs, coconut shavings, chia seeds and goji berries.It looks so pretty, isn't it? I just kept taking lots of photos because it's so stunning.ACAI BowlIt actually takes a lot of manpower to decorate the bowls. Besides cutting the fruits, the cafe servers have to ensure an appropriate and equal amount is given to each customer. Thanks to the girls who served us!On a side note, I think I would feel better if they wore hats/caps or masks as they are dealing with uncooked food.Information about Acai BowlsThere is also an informative article about Acai bowls reported by The Huffington Post and Dr Oz. I'm convinced that Acai Bowls are not only healthy, but extremely tasty as well!Project ACAI BerriesProject ACAIStorefront of Project ACAI continue reading
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Housed in this little shop space is Project Acai (pronounced as "ah sigh ee"), a simple and comfortably renovated cafe that serves healthy acai bowl and smoothies.Acai - a reddish-purple berry that has beneficial antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory properties.The Acai Bowl - organic acai blended base topped with granola, variety of fresh fruits and superfood toppings all served in a bowl.Here at Project Acai, they offers the acai bowl at different sizes - Handy (S$6.80), Medium (S$9.30) and Large (S$13.50).Want something simpler? Go for The Acai Smoothies. Priced at S$8.50, choose from three healthilicious flavours - Beach Body To-Go for the coconut lovers, Yogi Wannabe-rry for those berry-licious fans and Where My Chocolate Abs? for the chocoholics.The Acai Bowl - Medium (S$9.30)Thick acai blended smoothie base pairing with all the fresh fruits and granolas makes you feels like you are eating yoghurt but minus the sourness. A tasty and healthy aftermeal indulgence that will not make you feel too guilty after consuming it. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)