Rabbit Owl Depot is a ice cream parlour along North Bridge Road offering gourmet handcrafted ice cream made from only fresh ingredients. continue reading
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Snowflakes Waffles
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Located opposite National Library, Rabbit OwlDepot has specialize in handcrafted ice cream has opened its door in October 2014.Snowflakes waffles, artisan ice cream, tarts and coffee in this café where itstheme is owl and rabbit. You will be greeted with mini owl and rabbit toys at everycorner, complimented with diy wooden chairs and tables.In search for something sweet after our dinner,we chanced upon rabbit and owl depot. It was on a weekday night so we kind ofhave the whole place to ourselves. After trying various flavor, we settled withpistachio ice cream and strawberry cheesecake.To know what the palor is serving, all you have to do is to look at the menu hang at the wall. They do not have paper menu for you to look at. *Update* I have recently went back on April 16, 2016. The environment still looks the same, cosy as previous. Now, they have the menu at the table for diners to look at. Newly added menu place at the table.Newly added menu place at the table.Newly added menu place at the table.Like any other ice cream, they have various flavors for you to choose from and sample before purchase. The boss was very friendly and patient with us as we really took a very long time deciding and literally try every single flavor available. In this pistachio ice cream, the pistachio nut flavor is strong perhaps the nuts were lightly roasted before being added to the ice cream, thus the sweet smelling fragrance. The ice cream was really creamy, smooth and milky. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream has always been one of my favourite ice cream flavor. Here, the strawberry cheesecake was also creamy and the tinge of strawberry jam could be detected It was worth mentioning that the snowflake waffles were delicious. The hot, crispy and fluffy waffles sprinkled with icing sugar on top compliment the ice cream a lot. However, I find that the serving was tiny. Waffles with our Pistachio & Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream*Update* The pistachio ice cream still taste great! This time we have decided to go for thai milk tea ice cream. It was really delicious. It was as though you are drinking the sweet milky tea down your throat, except this is in the form of ice cream. *Updated* Waffles with our Pistachio & Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream *Update* I notice that the palour started selling prawn crackers. We are allowed to sample it and I like it greatly as it was crispy yet not oily. Utensils and complimentary drink for the dinersDespite the palour being small in size, it was actually quite cosy and suitable place for meet-up session due to its decent ice creams, highly accessible location as well as quietness of the café. Follow me at instagram/ Facebook: @jacefootprints continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-10
Located just across from Bugis+ is this small little ice cream cafe. Rabbit Owl Depot turns one this week and coincidentally, it was also my friend's birthday so we decided to celebrate it over there with a group of friends.I loved their decor, it is such a cute and heart-warming feeling, walking into Rabbit Owl Depot. They have a wide range of ice cream flavours. All were great! It was so hard trying to pick a flavour or two for our ice creams!Somethings to note about ROD,they do not use any preservatives for their ice cream, and essential additives such as stabilizers are kept to a minimum! Which means, you are consuming "natural" ice cream!! Enjoy!!Despite the cafe being small and only able to accomodate 20 pax, the owners were very friendly and allowed me to make a reservation for 7 pax. They even helped me put the cake in the fridge and only when we were done with the cake, that they started to make the waffles. How thoughtful!1. Waffle with Chocolate Banana and Hazelnut Rocher $12.50Moving straight to the waffles, first up was the chocolate banana and hazelnut rocher. I loved the chocolate banana, it was like BJs chunky monkey, just creamier! Everyone was blown away at how crispy the waffles were! I'm sure I'm going to get alot of them requesting to bring them back here! The texture of the waffles were very brown on the outisde and yet not burnt. On the inside, the waffles were mostly hollow, so you probably can't get full from the waffles either. 2. Chocolate waffles with Berry Cheese $10.50The chocolate waffles were slightly softer and fluffier than the original snowflake waffle. The chocolate waffles were sweet with chocolate chips in them. It was a nice combination with the berry cheese ice cream which wasn't too cheesey and had the right amount of berry flavour without it tasting sour! I think Rabbit Owl Depot, has got it's mixture spot on!3. Waffle with Wake-me-up and Hunny Bunny  $13.50As a coffee lover, I was looking forward to the wake-me-up but it tasted a tad too sweet for my liking. But nonetheless the hunny bunny was a favourite amongst the group too! It was like a honey flavoured ice cream with an intense smooth aftertaste!4. Waffle with Sticky Salt Caramel and Cookie Jingle $13.50The salted caramel wasn't as salty as you would expect, instead I tasted more of the caramel than the the salt. Together with the cookie jingle, which was my favourite. The salted caramel's saltiness was enhanced! For cookies and cream lovers, the cookie jingle is for you!I am still amazed at how deliciously crispy and yet savoury these waffles were! They sprinkle icing sugar over it for a slight added sweetness but the sweet aroma of these buttermilk waffles are addictive!Quite a reasonable spend for about 7 of us to have a hearty spread of ice cream and waffles!Overall : The ice cream were rich, smooth and didn't melt quickly. The waffles were super crispy and you will be amazed by their snowflake waffles! Their prices are reasonable and they have a comfortable dining area too!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-28
Another ice cream parlor right in the heart of town, located just opposite National Library sits Rabbit Owl Depot. They specialize in handcrafted ice cream made from fresh ingredients with a couple of coffee and tea selections. It’s definitely a good place to chill out after some shopping or a meal in the near vicinity, an alternative to the usual Tom’s Palette.They do sell some cookies packs that are nicely packaged and of reasonable pricing to give away as gifts. Prices ranges from $2.90 to $5.50. R.O.D’s ice cream selection consists of regular and premium flavors. Premium flavors at an additional of $1. Some of their specialty includes sea salt caramel and hazelnut crunch.Snowflake waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream ($14.50): Pretty snowflake-like waffle topped with icing sugar and maple syrup. Crispy with light fluff but a little tad too sweet. Roasted pistachio had a good aroma but too overwhelming roast aftertaste to my liking. Hazelnut rocher on the other hand is smooth with chocolatey hazelnut and finishes with rocher in taste. The pieces of rocher chocolate gives the ice cream an overall crunch.In short, this place is awesome for a dessert break! I’ll definitely want to go again for their ice cream platter and try out the other flavors in store.http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/rabbit-owl-depot/ full review with pics continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-04
North Bridge Road seems to be seeing an explosion of cafes in the area lately; a week after Twenty Gramme’s opening, Rabbit Owl Depot has also started its operations right at the opposite end of North Bridge Road. Similar concept as other ice-cream parlours around, Rabbit Owl Depot serves ice-cream in cones and cups, as well as their signature snowflake waffles. Beverages include coffee, tea and a selection of cold drinks as well.Going for the ice-cream, I decided to couple mine up with their signature Snowflake Waffles ($9.50 with Ice-Cream). Shaped like snowflakes, it looked pretty festive especially with the sprinkle of icing sugar over the top. It came with a wafting aroma of buttermilk, which was pretty evident in its taste. They were crisp and fluffy; perfect in its texture. The Earl Grey ice-cream was not only aromatic with the punch of flavour, but also had a milky, creamy touch. It was also sticky enough, and didn’t melt too quickly. I also got to try the Pineapple (a tart yet sweet flavour with bits of pineapple to chew on) and the Black Sesame (earthy and pungent, fully with a slight gritty texture); both were rather interesting.Coffee here is made from a blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans. Flat White ($5) was smooth and creamy, with a lightly fruity body and a nutty finish.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/rabbit-owl-depot-north-bridge-road/ continue reading
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