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Level4 2014-03-09
Suddenly had a craving for heavy-flavoured food, I thought of Malay-style Mee Goreng. I was brought by a fried to here, Rabia Muslim Food opened quite a long time. Some may felt that Mamak stall was unhygienic, but not for this stall. Appearance was clean and neat obviously, even their ingredients were well kept too. Ingredients included shrimps, eggs, veggies, fish cakes and fried tofu, yellowish noodles did a nicely blended along. Every strain of noodles were soaked with moisten sauce, created a rich flavourful scent. Totally satisfying to eat up delicious mess, it was spicy tangy. Generous amount of Tomato sauce put aside, Cucumber as a dressing to the plate. Price was reasonably at $3.00, few spoonful of Mee Goreng was quite a fair bite. continue reading
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