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Rainbow Cottage Cafe is a place that brighten up anyone's day! Their decor is colourful and makes you feel like you're up in the clouds right next to the rainbow! Their cakes are also very cute, colourful and they all look so delicious and tempting to order them all!I came in a very large group of 10pax and the owner Jason was very accomodating and frequently called me up to confirm the party size and checked on what we were planning to order. This was to ensure that he had enough food prepared for my party of 10. Great cafe planning in my humble opinion! This is the first cafe to give me so much attention before I even step into the cafe! *applause*1. Haiwaiian Pizza $13.50I started off the meal with a very familiar pizza, I didn't enjoy it so much the last time, and now, it has a stronger cheese factor! The base of the pizza crust is still disappointing but taking that aside, the ingredients tasted great and everyone loved the pizza. 2. Baked pasta with Beef/Chicken $8.90 *Highly recommended*There's something about Rainbow Cottage Cafe and their pasta sauces, it is very addictive! Their beef or chicken baked pasta was so good, it disappeared almost immediately! For those who can't take beef, the chicken is very tasty and makes a perfect meal. For those who can take beef, just go for it! The beef lasagne has a stronger flavour and the beef is mouth-watering! The fragrance from the sauce is very memorable, and I would definitely order this again!3. Baked Pasta with Mushroom $8.90For the non-tomato base people, there's the pasta with mushroom sauce, this sauce is alot milder in flavours compared to the tomato base. You can still taste the mushroom but just a tinge of it. The mushrooms used here seem to be thinly sliced but still juicy in every bite!4. Baked Rice $8.90This seemed to be more of a baked risotto as the rice was very soft and even a baby without teeth could enjoy this main course! Some of my friends couldn't stop exclaiming in excitement as they dug into this, as this is probably the most unique experience I've had with baked rice. Usually in baked rice, the top layer of hardened cheese covers a bowl of plain white rice, but not here at Rainbow Cottage. Their rice is seasoned well and even a small mouthful of the rice is very tasty! 5. Baked Lasagne with Chicken $8.90 *Highly recommended*In Singapore, I think we generally see more spaghetti more than lasagne, so *applause* to Rainbow Cottage for offering, macaroni, spaghetti AND lasagne. The sauce here is similar to the one with the baked pasta but there seems to be more minced chicken embedded in the layers of lasagne. Again, the chicken is very tasty, but for those who can consume beef, just go for the beef option, it has more flavours!6. Baked Lasagne with Beef $8.90 *Highly recommended*Personally, after trying all their available main courses except the vegetarian pasta and wraps, this is my personal number 1 at Rainbow Cottage! The sauce was executed perfectly, it's not too salty and you can still taste the tomato and beef distinctively in every spoonful. The lasagne was cooked to perfection, the texture was on point!Everyone couldn't stop raving about the beef/chicken pasta/lasagne!7. Beef/Chicken Spaghetti $8.90The sauces here seemed to be a slightly more watered down version of the sauce served with the baked pasta or lasagne, but still enjoyable for any spaghetti fan out there. The noodles were al dente and the portion was just right.8. Mushroom Spaghetti $8.90Not that this was my least favourite, but there were tons of good dishes served to us and I think this didn't seem to "wow" me. My friends who weren't fans of cream based sauces told me that they loved this. I felt it was a so-so dish, even as a mushroom lover, I would rather go with the baked mushroom pasta instead of this.9. Assorted Gelatos $3.50 per scoopRainbow Cottage Cafe has an array of homemade gelatos, their Bubble gum coloured cotton candy gelato (*Highly Recommended*) is so yummy! It reminds you of your childhood days eatin bubble gum and it is not too sweet either. Actually, all their gelato isn't too sweet. The raspberry gelato was the most sour of the flavours we picked, but it was still delicious and smooth. But beware, do not mix it with other flavours, it might not benefit the other sweeter flavoured gelatos.The cheesecake gelato was nice, it was a very dense and creamy cheesecake in a gelato form. It did take my friends awhile to guess what flavour it was though, but everyone still enjoyed it!10. Matcha lava cake with Tiramisu gelato $6.50 + $3.50I'm not a huge fan of lava cakes but I am a huge fan of this matcha lava cake! The matcha flavour is strong and the cake is moist and the lava was milky and again, had strong matcha flavour. Paired with a scoop of Tiramisu gelato, it was a one way trip to heaven. Best of both worlds, in my humble opinion. I'm sorry chocolate lava cakes, you guys are outdated, the new thing is matcha everything! Both inside and outside!Watch the liquid gold of matcha milky goodness flow out!!!11. Dark chocolate cake with duo chocolate gelato $5.50 + $3.50I had massive chocolate fans dining with me that day, so I decided to surprise them witha  dark chocolate cake and chocolate gelato. The chocolate cake was slightly on a drier side but mixed with the chocolate gelato it was sweet and enjoyable. 12. Waffle with marshmallows $ 4.50Rainbow Cottage Cafe seems to be selling lots of waffles, everywhere I turn, every table seems to be order waffles with ice cream or just plain waffles. I got waffles with marshmallows and the waffles were slightly salty, I guess they expect you to order ice crema with the waffle, which is understandable. The waffle plate was cutely decorated with little chocolate and honey syrup to make it look like clouds maybe?All in all, a very enjoyable experience for everyone and everyone had a full and happy tummy. Service was also excellent and the food came out in a timely manner. The owner Jason was also super friendly and accomodating to our every needs. continue reading
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