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<BR> A refreshing new location for a laidback night out with friends, or a romantic bistro experience for a first date, Raindrops Cafe certainly fits the bill. Glass walls, hanging bulbs and dancing umbrellas make the place perfect for a lazy afternoon tea, romantic dinner or simply an evening bffs chillout. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-22
It's a you, you and me relationship. It's hilarious how three different individuals decided to come together and acknowledged one another as friends...Smoked Salmon Pizza ($20.00) was more than enough for three like-minded individuals to share with. A little crushed black pepper and a little tabasco sauce goes a long way to spice thing up a little. See those greens strips of leaves? I didn't know what they were called until EY told us they are called wild rockets. Being a foodie is a constant learning process. A valuable learning point taken!The classic Fish N Chips ($15.00). To be honest, I've tried better ones but I find Raindrop rendition, less oily and therefore healthier. Nothing worth talking about if the batter and the fish was fried to such perfection.It was a table full of food and let's not even talk about the heap of Truffles Fries ($10.00) sitting right smack in the middle but nothing could be quite satisfying as compared to Light Brown Beef Pasta ($18.00); essentially fettuccine doused in brown sauce hidden with thick strips of beef cuts. I think pastas are one thing apart from pizzas Raindrop does it wonderfully.Peach Martini ($10.00) & Cosmopolitan ($10.00).Personally, I prefer the Cosmopolitan to the crisp peach martini. It was more refreshing but I have better impression with Strawberry Margarita ($10.00) which was sweetest of all, just like my two lovely friends...It was a great night having nice food/drinks/company. I just wished time could stop just for the three of us, all in the name of fun, joy and laughter. Somehow, I also remembered spending a wonderful time with a bunch of friends almost sometime ago. Another great memory forged and cast in history for reference sake...We are each other's friends. We are each other's confidante/confidant and I foresee many happy days to come in the following years to come. continue reading
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Level1 2013-05-14
Service was terribly slow and the waitress was unsure of what is available on the menu. She came back many times just to change the order as the dish was unavailable. Disappointing service. Ambience of the cafe is nice thou. The layout was quite cramped .One thing about hygiene, the cook was the cleaner as well. To my horror, I didn't see the cook wash her hand before changing tasks! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-21
I decided to check out Raindrops Cafe last Friday to check out what the hype over this 'secluded, quaint cafe at the corner of *SCAPE' was all about. I ordered a seafood vongole, a barbecued chicken pizza, and for the drinks, one Woowoo and one Halloween.The seafood vongole was nothing special given the price of $16-$18 (I don't remember the price exactly), and the barbecued chicken pizza was severely lacking in chicken. The pizza also tasted overly sweet and the crust was hard, not crispy. This was terribly disappointing as we had expected much better from a cafe serving up western food. The drinks were mediocre even though very cheaply priced @ approx $10++ per cocktail as it was happy hour (You can get drinks with better food elsewhere.)To top off my experience, the service wasn't fantastic either and it took several attempts to get the server's notice. We also had difficulty understanding her English. All in all, I would not really recommend this place to anyone, especially not for dinner or a full meal, but perhaps desserts and coffee/drinks might be better. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-13
Had lunch on a weekday afternoon and thankfully there werent anyone there when we reached. The location of raindrops cafe was rather secluded at one corner of scape. Raindrops cafe have promotions wherby 2 mains = 15% off, 4 mains = 30% off, etc. So, good chill out place with your friends during lunch! The more the merrier, the more the discount! We ordered 2 mains (fish and chips, light brown beef) and a drink (Island milk). The fish and chips was good. How wrong can you get with choosing fish and chips? The fish was crisp on the outside, succulent on the inside. There was only one chef on that day and it took about 15mins for the food to arrive after we ordered. My brown beef was too much for me to handle so I didn’t finish it but the beef tasted okay, rather chewy. Island milk was supposed to be some cocktail I guess and it tasted milky, towards the diluted kind. I was quite impressed with the complimentary free flow plain water which had strawberries soak in it and had a rather different taste from the one soaked with lemons. Ambience was rather good because it wasn't as packed or crowded as other places. A rather good choice to dine at raindrops cafe if you want to get away from the crowd during lunch! continue reading
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I went with a group of friends on a saturday afternoon, but there was no one! To view a full review with many more photos, do visit:http://chiamhuiy.blogspot.sg/2013/01/raindrops-cafe-review.htmlThis is the promotion they have now!!! Chef's SaladPrice varies ($10 for photo above)The portion was overall quite small and there were a little amount of berries only! So depressing to have this at $10, way overpriced. Fish N Chips $15I didn't get to try the fish, but the fries tasted normal. I guess there's nothing much special we can expect from FishNChips? Ok here's mine!!Seafood Cherry Tomato with Penne $17For the price of $17, I guess it's just two dollars more than usual averaged priced spaghetti. Perhaps the only thing worthwhile about this dish was the seafood that they've included in. Two mussels and very few clams. Not that great either. What was then displeasing about, was the toughness of the penne. It was really tough, at least to me. I'm not sure if penne are supposed to be prepared like this, but I'm sure as a consumer myself, I wouldn't like the texture of the penne to be hard. Salmon Steak $18 My friend commented that this was good. But you can see that the portion of it isn't very big. But I guess this is pretty good enough for the price you are paying for! Definitely not enough for a man who has a huge appetite though. ;) I also found out something interesting about the cafe! They served iced water with strawberries in it! No wonder the iced water tasted a little better and sweeter than the usual iced water we usually drink. If lemons are included, I understand it's to kill the germs. But strawberries... why? The ambience at the cafeSince I do not have a photo of how the cafe looks like, let me try to describe it to you. A small petite sized cafe located at the corner of Scape (orchard), level 2 (on the level same as gongcha and toast box). There's very limited seats in the cafe it has, I think I can count it - roughly 6 x 4seaters table. There are roughly 3 tables outdoors only. I went with my friends in a group of 8 and the cafe was so secluded and quiet such that we're the only people at the cafe. We indeed had the whole cafe to ourselves! It's definitely a good place to come with your other half or good friends (smaller group) because since it's very quiet here, you can have a relaxing time here, chit-chatting and enjoy the strawberry-flavoured iced water. Haha. About the service There were only 2 waitress, one chef. Imagine the speed of the food served. The food were served one, by, one. Which means if your friends have the habit of waiting everyone's food to be served before tucking in, the first dish served will definitely turned cold by the time the last is served. So one bad thing about coming in a big group ya! Okay hope you liked my review! http://chiamhuiy.blogspot.sg continue reading
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