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Rakuichi Japanese serves authentic Japanese cuisine using only the freshest ingredients imported directly from Japan. Besides its popular a la carte fare, Rakuichi Japanese at Dempsey Hill also serves seasonal gourmet items, served with a range of premium Japanese sake, shochu and beer. continue reading
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We were walking aroung Far East Shopping Centre, and was thinking of what else to eat. Since the shopping centre have not much choices, we tried to go some other places to eat but as it is raining heavily, we just walk around the shopping centre to check if there is any other nice restaurant which we can try out and this is when we saw a Japanese Restaurant called “Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant” which seems to be quite nice but very quiet. There are just about 2 small groups of customer eating inside the restaurant when we walked in but the staff are very welcoming which makes us feels quite cozy. The restaurant looks nice with wooden decoration design theme and they display some of their seafood (Though some of them are fake) on the counter.After looking through their menu, you can feel that they are mainly into set meals with a lot of different dishes included in it. Most of them are quite on the high side of price too. The dishes are also quite limited on which set you can choose as most of the fresh sashimi depends on whether there is any of them in the restaurant.All meat are being kept nicely inside the display fridge to make sure the meat is fresh before cutting it.This is something which I had eaten in other restaurant but not being prepared in this way. The chef used simple way of grilling the salmon skin with pressing the skin till compacted together resulting in crispy yet nice salmon skin. Best to be eaten together with rice so as not to be too salty. I do not think I saw this dish inside the menu but you can request for it from the staff who will get the chef to prepare the dish.Fresh oyster are being opened on the spot and marinated with some ponzu sauce together with some greens. One mouth all in and you will be able to taste the freshness of the oyster while the ponzu sauce compliment the overall taste with it nice sweet plus salty feel. Highly recommended but as I said, it is on the high side of the price to me.The whole of this set include the following:-Raw Fish of the Day -Grilled Kama (Fin portion) with salt -Steamed Egg Custard -Seafood Tempura -Rice, Mixed Pickles -Seaweed and tofu miso soup. The one that I get does not really looked like a fin portion but neverless, this is a nice and simple dish to have with it meat being grilled to light brown with juicy meat when you bite onto it.The seafood tempura is actually consist of part of soft shell crab and some vegetable prepared in tempura style. Very crispy while able to taste the juiciness of the soft shell crab and vegetable.The whole of this set include the following:-Sashimi of the Day -Grilled Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce -Steamed Egg Custard -Food Tempura -Rice, Mixed Pickles -Seaweed and tofu miso soup. The whole presentation of the dish is very nicely done with real crushed ice base to keep the sashimi as fresh as possible (Some restaurant used reusable chemical ice packet instead). Sashimi is evenly sliced (Equal thickness) and most importantly, it is very freshly made and you can feel the texture of the freshness with each bite. continue reading
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Rakuichi is situated in Far East Shopping Centre, which is just a stone's throw from Ion Orchard. The building is quite old and worn and the escalators were not working when we were there. Nevertheless, we managed to locate Rakuichi on the 3rd floor.Even though it was a Friday night, we were quite surprised that the place was not crowded. In fact, we were one of the three tables there were occupied that night. We ordered the dinner set which came with Tempura, Teapot Soup, Assorted Sashimi of the day, Yakitori Sticks and some Shishamo and Edamame. We thought that the portion was on the small side considering the cost of the meal.The bowl of assorted Sashimi that came caught us aback! It was presented in a large bowl of ice and out salmon and yellowtail fish sashimi was placed neatly on top. Presentation and effort is worth 10 points! Sadly, they did not have my favorite swordfish sashimi that I was craving for. All of us felt that the temperature of the sashimi could be cooler. It was strange because with the amount of ice, we thought that the sashimi would be much cooler. I could never have enough of Salmon Sahimi!Aburi Sushi! Yes, everyone loves Aburi sushi, which is sushi that is torched lightly. It was our top dish of the day as well. The burst of flavor when you put a piece in your mouth is really too much to describe.We had some Assorted Sushi set as well which came with Teapot Soup, Tempura and Shishamo. Well, I am not a fan of Shishamo actually. The idea of eating a pregnant fish is just too overwhelming. The assorted sushi were alright. Similar to the Sashimi, we would prefer the temperature of the slices to be cooler. The tempura was fried to perfection but, we were a little disappointed that it was not served hot.I guess many patrons of Rakuichi are more familiar to the branches at Oasia Hotel and Dempsey. Of course, if you compare the sets to high end Japanese restaurants Tastsuya, the price that they offer is quite reasonable for sets ranging from $40-80. Well, I would recommend you visiting Rakuichi for lunch as I feel that their lunch sets are quite similar to dinner and more value-for-money. For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2013/08/rakuichi-japanese-restaurant-far-east.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-02
We ordered a bowl of sashimi to share. It came in a varieties for us to choose from. Great for sharing! It consist of salmon sashimi, tuna, swordfish, hotate etc. I really like the salmon sashimi especially. It is really sweet, juicy and fresh! All of them are fresh in fact and the cut is really good as it can be swallowed and chewed easily. I don't even have to squeeze those lemons as the entire dish is just near to perfection! continue reading
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Level3 2011-08-19
Stepping into the restaurant, it has a homely and comfortable ambiance. We were also received warmly. Adverts and gourmet recommendations are pasted on the wall. And we came to a conclusion that Rakuichi is well-known for its seasonal gourmet items and chef's specialties. However, prices are quite high on these seasonal items and we decided to order our usual favorites which shouldn't cost a hole in our pockets.Chawanmushi - very delicate tasteChicken Katsu - Hmm, so-so ... Tonkinchi's & Tetsu's are better ~The grilled eel set is a feast to the eyes ... the fine slices at underneath the eel are made of egg ... they are almost as fine as sewing thread ... grilled eel + rice + sliced egg = perfect combination I was complaining initially that the portion is small but I was bloated when I finished the meal ;pThe lunch sets are quite affordable and are sumptuous too. Some sets are exactly as what dinner serves but at lower prices. If possible, I'll love to try its lunch set continue reading
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