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<br>Headed by chef-owner Keisuke Takada of the popular Ramen Keisuke chain, he brings to Singapore yet another outlet influenced by spring, summer, autumn and winter. The ramen broth is cooked for 11 hours and has 1.5 times the amount of pork bones as compared to the other Keisuke outlets. continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-22
The restaurant was colorful decorated, with bright colored paintings decorated the walls.It was interesting that there was tatami mats on the chairs surrounding the counter.One can customize the ramen here, similar to other outlets.Remember to help yourself to the free flow hard boiled eggs, marinated bean sprouts.There's DIY to ground sesame seeds.There were various condiments also available.Ice water is served after placing order.Tonkotsu Ramen King ($13.90++)Instead of the usual char Siew, it was served with stir-fried pork with ginger on top. Barely tasted the ginger, but the pork was tender and flavourful with lots of caramelised onions.Tonkotsu Ramen Autumn ($12.90++)The pork soup base ramen dish was topped with minced meat and finely chopped mushrooms. It added an earthy taste to the creamy and rich soup.If you happen to visit the restaurant during your birthday, you will get a freebies too.The ramen was not bad. The staff were friendly and chatty too. continue reading
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Takeda's Keisuke Ramen restaurants are arguably one of the best places to get your ramen fix in Singapore. It has often been lauded for its rich tonkotsu broth and authenticity. On that day, I went with a couple of friends to try out the ramen from their Four Seasons restaurant chiefly because the unique decor which we had seen online caught our eye. We had previously been to Keisuke Tokyo(located at Suntec) and had a wonderful experience with the ramen there so of course, we went to Four Seasons with rather high expectations as well.The restaurant opens at 5pm and we reached there quite early(at about 5:10pm) to avoid the snaking queues we thought such a popular restaurant would've had at its dinner hours. We were able to get a seat immediately although many seats had already been taken up. It is wise to turn up early though because when we exited the restaurant(at about 6pm), there had already been quite a long queue formed already. The menu consists of five choices only: Spring(basil & cheese powder), Summer(spicy), Autumn(bonito flakes and fried mushrooms), Winter(simply the tonkotsu broth in itself) and last but not least, the King(ginger stir-fried pork slices). From the 5, I decided to go with the King ramen. While waiting for our ramen which arrived quite quickly, we treated ourselves to the hard-boiled eggs that came in a little basket on the table. The eggs were nothing special but were still a treat especially when dipped in the soy sauce provided. There was also a container of seasoned beansprouts which were not too bad. Furthermore, the waitress provided us with a mini pestle and mortar with sesame seeds for us to grind and add into the ramen if we wanted to(I didn't).The ramen soon arrived and the layout of the various toppings were impeccable. I chose the ''Strong'' broth, ''Hard'' ramen noodles and ''Normal'' chicken oil. The broth was really rich and quite salty too; there might have been MSG added because I felt really thirsty afterwards. I thought the chashu was a bit dry and the pork slices a bit lacking in flavour. The large piece of seaweed provided added some visual pleasure but hardly played a part in the flavour of the broth. The ramen noodles were nicely done and firm to my liking. The flavoured onsen egg was excellent. Overall, the ramen definitely surpasses that of many ramen shops in Singapore simply due to the very tasty and pork-y broth. However, there was a huge disappointment this time round - the broth was served somewhat lukewarm and quickly became cold so it got a bit sickening towards the end where I felt I was drinking cold, salty water. Personally, I feel that the ramen I had at Keisuke Tokyo was better than the ramen here largely due to the former being hotter when served and also because the broth felt more pork-y in a way.Service-wise could also be improved in my opinion. The female waitress who served us seemed a bit cold and I definitely did not feel the warmness of the staff in here as compared to Keisuke Tokyo. continue reading
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I had planned for a second trip since my first visit to Keisuke. It was hard to avoid this place since Bugis was along the way home after booking out. Having the book-out timing meet the opening hours was the difficult part. Haha it sounded like i have a say in the book-out timing, the truth is i have none! Nevertheless, i was lucky to book out right when they opened for the afternoon crowd!Located at one of the quaint shop houses along Rochor road. Tonkotsu King makes no attempt to hide it's presence. On a bright afternoon i couldn't help but notice light gleaming from afar. I realized that i was staring at the restaurant all along as the light reflected from the golden signboard placed beside the restaurant's door.Right when I opened the front door the smell of simmering tonkotsu broth engulfed me. The space was tightly packed with wooden furniture and sakuras were strung across the ceiling. There was a sense of liveliness coming from the patrons' murmuring. All these elements came together to produce a surreal feeling of dining in Japan's ramen restaurant.Besides the wonderful atmosphere, the ramen is the main highlight of this post. I am very impressed by the amount of attention the chefs payed to preparing the ramen, ensuring the correct timing and proper technique to produce the right texture and chew to the ramen.After preparing the ramen, the thick savory broth, which took many hours to prepare, were then scooped from the heated pot into the bowl of ramen.And right before serving the ramen, the chashu were sliced from a thick slab it that was seared till the skin have a burnt and crispy exterior. The chashu packs a strong unami punch on the initial bite and leaves a bitter sweet charred taste that complements the unami very well, which reminds me of eating the skins of bbq chicken wings. The ramen is not the only aspect that surpasses the common standard. Keisuke does away with selling appetizers and instead offer free eggs and marinated bean sprouts. For once i felt the service charge was truly well payed for. Overall i would say that Keisuke is one of the most affordable ramen restaurant in town that offers the best ramen and service. It is definitely a must try if you happen to be in Bugis. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
So I've been here like 5 times collecting PERX points which is an app on your phone that collects stamps. For every bowl of ramen you buy, you get a stamp and if you get 8 stamps you get one free $12.90 ramen bowl. So anyways I was here on Thursday night and again on Saturday afternoon and I am very certain that the chef put a ton more MSG into the soup broth today. I was dying of thirst the second I walked out. I gulped down my cup of ice water and after I paid, the cooler of barley tea meant to entertain the guests queuing up was very tempting to me! The autumn ramen broth is very thick and tasty, you may actually be able to see floating pieces of fat... a bit of a gross.. but hey! Ramen isn't exactly a 300 calories salad.. I would still happily sip the soup  Nonetheless...even being MSG ladden, I'm still keen to go back, and I've been here 4 times this year.  A huge fun of the autumn ramen $12.90++ with an addition of an egg for $2 more. I have yet to try their green tea cola in a glass bottle for $3+ . Sounds like a great cooling drink to accompany a hot day. Sadly, I'm always too full after a bowl of ramen to savour it! The service is usually very quick, with at least 2-3 cooks and 3-4 servers. From the time, you sit down till you get your noodles, it's approx a 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I'm stunned by how fast I get my noodles, once you fill up the piece of paper with your order! continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-23
Lots of condiments you can add free to your ramen You can add in grind easement to add more flavors to your ramen Free flow of hard boil eggs and bean sprouts I choose the spring ramen because of the beautiful bowl The ramen is very delicious with thick flavorful broth This is the beautiful bowl. The ramen is so tasty that I clean the bowl continue reading
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