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Ramen Ten means "noodle shop" in Japanese. It was established in late 2002 in Singapore and awarded the Halal certificate by MUIS in 2005. They adopt the concept of hip and vibrant decor, which is in line with downtown Japan, Harajuku. continue reading
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Dry Ramen Teriyaki Beef Ramen Tom Yum Ramen
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Level4 2013-12-25
They are halal.. but for ramen I prefer it to have my favourite cha siew. We went for the groupon deal buffet.. The sushi rice is too soft and doesn't taste very well. The ramen taste ok. Overall still quite worth it with the groupon. We ate quite a lot. Their sushi is still okay. The rice is too soft, and not enough vinegar in it... Salmon not that good as compare to other jap restuarant(e.g ichiban/ Nihon Mura)... Nuggets! I was kind of excited when I saw this... because I had too much of "not so nice"sushi (RICE)...so fried finger food is something nice... Not bad I like the tuna sushi and crabmeat salad sushi... Oyaku Chicken Ramen. This tastes average... The soup is still acceptable... The chicken meat is kind of tough... I prefer this to their sushi.. But per pax only entitle to one ramen for this lunch buffet. Forgotten to ask them not to put bean sprouts in it. haha1 ramen per pax... taste too milky(not nice)... And we should ask not to put the ebi prawn into the ramen..it became v soggy lor... continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-15
I remember having Ramen Ten quite a few years back.It was situated at Century Square in Tampines back then and it seemed very popular because it was pretty much one of (if not the only) place you could get Halal Japanese cuisine.I remember there was even a commercial shown on Suria where some Suria actress (whose name I can't recall) tells you about Singapore's first Halal Japanese Sushi Restaurant and exclaims at the end - "Oiishi!!". Unfortunately I couldn't find the ad but (believe it or not) Ramen Ten has their own "Corporate Video".So I went to Ramen Ten almost 10 years after my first visit and I didn't know what to expect.I decided to have something that seemed like something I would enjoy.Super Spicy Ramen consists of yummy ramen noodles, delicious minced chicken in a super spicy broth.Only the spicy part was true by the way.When they say Super Spicy boy do they mean Super Spicy.You can definitely feel the heat from the chilli oil that comes with the minced chicken and the broth.So all you lovers of spicy food can rejoice.But here's where it all went wrong for me.If there is one thing I cannot stand food with that 'hanyir' or 'hanching' taste/smell.(I developed my own word for it - 'hamching')This is the 'fishy' taste/smell you get if you don't wash meat or fish properly.And this was the case with this dish.From the very first taste of the minced chicken, I literally had a look of disbelief on my face.I simply could not fathom that this supposedly fine establishment had served me a dish that was hamching!Okay so maybe I'm very sensitive to this kind of thing (I take after my mum in that sense) but even my darling wife agreed with me something was definitely wrong taste-wise.Well it may taste perfectly fine to a lot of people no doubt.But to me, if with that much chilli and spice and you can still taste the hamching - something is so wrong.I stopped eating my dish after less than 10 bites.I tried oh trust me I tried.My wife decided to have the Tom Yum Beef Ramen which seemed like it might be nice.(Well it was deifinitely better than the Super Spicy Ramen I can tell you that much)The tom yum flavour in the broth was very nice. Not too strong yet very typical tom yum.Not too spicy though so don't expect the spicy type of tom yum.The one thing my wife and I both agreed on was that the beef itself was excellent. It absorbed the tom yum flavour very well and was very tasty.Best part? The texture of the beef.It was cooked just nice so that it was melt-in-your-mouth tender! Needless to say, all the beef was completely wiped out from the dish!Perhaps it's worth mentioning however that there is not much beef given to start with (as you can see form the picture above). Which is kind of weird because it's actually one of the more expensively priced Ramen on the menu @ $11.90.A few more pieces of tender beef in the bowl would have definitely made it worth the price.So we've covered the meat (both hamching and yummy) and the broth...there's only one thing left to cover...Something my darling wife definitely wants me to mention the Ramen noodles.She says that it was more like Maggi Mee than ramen.I agree with her that the noodles were not fantastic but I wouldn't go as far as to say they were like Maggi noodles at all.Sure they may look a bit thick but I think the biggest problem is that they fail to compliment the broth.You may think me silly but I found it a real chore to have to chew those tasteless noodles.I'd rather just eat the beef and drink the broth. Just not my kind of noodles I guess.The most consistently delicious part of my meal was this thing called the Blue Lime Soda.Citrus. Sweet. Refreshing. I love it.Well there you have it. The first dish I've reviewed on this blog that got a ZERO rating.Blame it on the 'hamching'.For the full review and more mouth-watering pics, visit my blog!http://thehalalfoodblog.blogspot.sg/2012/08/ramen-ten.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-03
This outlet is the first in Singapore to introduce spicy sushi range.Instead of sushi, I opted for Teishoku Set aka Japanese Set Meal. This is a pre-set meal comprising of a main dish, always with miso soup and a bowl of rice and chef's selection of fruits and pickles.Though its been like six months ago, I still remembered very well the deep fried cod fish Teishoku set I ordered.The reasonable size cod fish is deep fried, crispy on the outside and juicy inside topped with a special sauce. Two pieces of deep fried scallops as side dish. The miso soup served has a very special taste. I confirmed with the waiting staff at the restaurant and he told me that milk was added to the miso soup. This is the first time I had tasted miso soup with milk combination. Good flavour.This set was around S$25.00. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)