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Level4 2014-02-09
Took our dinner after movie, we decided on Ramen Play. Climbing up staircases to second floor, there was more spaces and comfy seats available. The décor was simple and full of Japanese atmosphere, dining area was clean and quiet. Menu was straightforward, one huge page to tell the choices. Promotion ongoing was the complimentary signature snack, with a minimum spending of $48.00 for Standard Charted Cardholders or $58.00 for all customers. From now onwards until end of March 2014, the original price was $3.60 in 3 pieces per set. Free of charge, we were surprised to receive it initially. Generously covered by Mayonnaise and Japanese Teriyaki Sauce, Meatball was firm and tangy. A very good appetizer to start up my meal, it came before our main course. Spiciness was acceptable, the soup was savoury along with the minced pork on top. A tempting bowl of noodles no matter in appearance or taste, the portion was filling too. Price at $12.80, it was a must try dish at Ramen Play.Ordinary thick and rich soup, the bowl was stuffed with a lot of ingredients. Nothing exaggerated, I found it was the most classic decent soup among the whole list in Menu. $12.80 was reasonable, yummy homely soup. Almost every Ramen had the braised egg, special recipe and upgraded the bowl of Ramen. Curry gravy was slightly oily, yet flavourful soupy in overall. $12.80 for one bowl, price was reasonable. Too bad the chicken cutlet was a bit hard and cold, my friend complained the disappointment. Noodle in soup was all right, springy in texture. $12.80 was its price, he finished up and put down an empty bowl. Enjoyed our time over Ramen Play, we chatted and laughed until it closed. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-18
So I've recently went on a ramen hunt and since Ramenplay is one of the more popular ramen joints in the country, I set my feet into the 2-storey outlet at Bishan. I've ordered their signature Sanpou Ramen (Tonkotsu), whereby this deliciously presented bowl contain three treasures of braised pork cheek, braised pork belly in special sauce and charsiew sauce. This hearty bowl is filled with a very flavourful broth boiled and simmered for more than 10 hours in order to achieve it's rich consistency. I love all the ingredients that it contains along with the springy textured noodles that's not too thin nor thick for my liking. The perfectly soft boiled egg is also the best that I saved for the last. Always a great place to go! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-19
I met up with ex-colleague for dinner a while ago (Date of visit: 22/7/2013). We decided to meet up at Bishan interchange for dinner. RamenPlay was our choice that night. There isn’t any queue around 8pm and we got our seats immediately. RamenPlay is the collaboration between Singapore’s BreadTalk Group Limited and Sanpou Co. Ltd. It expands the creativity of the ramen to enhance the customers’ dinning experience. It serves the combination of traditional and modernize creation flavours on ramen which provide customers with better choices and experience.Here are the orders that we had on that night:-RamenPlay Grand Salad @ S$9.80 for myself. Lightly tossed with a special vinaigrette, the green salad has a stylish assortment of ingredients, fresh rocket, tomato, romaine lettuce and hardboiled egg. The serving was generous with the value paid. The dressing was just nice to compliment with the fresh salads.My dinner partner ordered Pork Yakiniku Ramen which is also known as Stir-fried pork tonkatsu ramen @S$14.80. Served with thinly sliced pork stir-fried in a sweet savoury gravy to melting tenderness, the yakiniku is topped with a light sprinkling of fragrant sesame seefs and spring onions. Noodle texture is springy and not soggy and the soup broth was rich. Soup broth for ramen plays an important role forAdd on S$1.60 for whole tamago (braised egg) to complete the ramen course. For full review and more photos, please visit http://www.hazeldiary.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-19
The chicken katsu curry ramen is not really chicken katsu curry ramen in my opinion, its more like curry ramen and chicken katsu as side dish. This ramen has a really watery soup base and am rather disappointed that it tasted just like Myojo curry instant noodle.The soup tasted more towards sweet than curry flavour.The chicken katsu tasted nice though, crispy on the outside and tender on the meat and not oily. continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-16
Ramen Play was packed on a Saturday night at approximately 7PM, with the queue spilling out of the main door. After we were seated, we realised that there were ample seats in the seating area on the second floor but there was a severe lack of staff. On the up side, the staff were attentive and service wasn't particularly lacking.We ordered the Butariki Ishinabe, Hiyashii Chuka Ramen and the Chicken Toji Set.With the Butariki Ishinabe being one of their signature dishes, we had high expectations for it and it definitely did not fail to disappoint. The sauce was drizzled on the rice contained in the hot stone bowl and the combination of the egg yolk, rice, pork strips and sauce was amazing. A plus would be the charred bits of rice at the bottom of the hot stone bowl that added crunch to the meal.The Hiyashii Chuka Ramen was a cold dish available on the menu and the noodles were soaking in a sauce with the distinct taste of vinegar. It was topped with a generous serving of shredded ham, cucumber, egg, as well as chicken. A grinder with sesame seeds was also provided - allowing you to top your ramen with sesame seeds. Doing so really accentuates the flavours present in the noodles. The Chicken Toji Set was a hot claypot of eggs and onions cuddling an entire chicken katsu. The set came along with a side salad, rice and miso soup. The combination of eggs and the chicken katsu was really good but this dish was not particularly outstanding, especially in comparison to the Butariki Ishinabe.As for beverages, we ordered the Yuzu Yoghurt and Oreo Shake. The Oreo shake was topped with a biscuit and was sufficiently chocolately with generous amounts of Oreo blended into it. As for the Yuzu yoghurt, it was refreshing, had the right balance of sweetness and sourness - definitely my favourite drink from Ramen Play. continue reading
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