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Mee Rebus
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A Halal stall ran by a Malay Auntie, it located at the central of the market. Business was okay, regular customers support her always. The key thing was the food was tasty and the service attitude was friendly.Providing Malay cuisine as per shown from the picture on top of the stall, the food were all prepared by her own daily. Thin rice vermicelli was stir-fried and soaked into spicy, sour and sweet light gravy. Additional ingredients such as Tau Kwa, Hard-boiled Eggs, Small-dried Shrimps, Beansprouts, finely Crushed Peanuts and some garnished Spring Onion. Chilli Paste put at a side balanced up the whole savour. I prefer the soup version like this, suitable for a comfort lunch. It was cheap sold at hawker centre, only $2.50. continue reading
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