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Real Food is a grocer, cafe and bookstore all under one roof. Enjoy healthy organic meals in this peaceful and sophisticated atmosphere. Real Food prepares their food using only the best organic ingredients and are willing to tailor dishes to suit the special needs of patrons, such as vegetarian, vegan, wheat/gluten-free, no garlic/onion or sugar-free. continue reading
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Beetroot and Apple Salad Fried Vermicelli Grilled Veg Sandwich
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Eating well doesn't always cost much. At real food, pricing is relatively reasonable, considering the high food quality. Besides that, I really like how comfortable and laid-back the interior is. The cushion seats are cosy with even some small pillows laid on the couch as well. There is a section with reading materials made available for the customers. It is a very nice chilling place for chit-chatting.Good ambience aside, food is equally good and fresh. Real food prides itself of serving food with passion and utmost effort while compromising is not an option. Thus, time spent on preparing the food could be fairly long.Ordered the Real Mushroom Soup ($12.80) and the Vegetarian Pizza ($14.80). There were some sautéed mushrooms together with a piece of toast along with the soup. The soup was good and tasted really wholesome with the mushroom bits inside. But I didn't like that the bread was placed in the soup which made it too soggy after a while. That was quite unsatisfactory.The pizza, on the other hand, was much better. It had a crispy thin base with all my favorite toppings such as olives, onions and capsicums.Overall, I think the place manages to achieve customers satisfaction in all aspects from food to environment. Good option for health junkies! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-03
Real Food is a grocer, cafe and bookstore all under one roof. Its restaurant provides a great and relaxed ambience whereby you could chill and hang out, had small talk and catch up with your friends while having awesome organic food! Their food are made from scratch hence you may have to wait quite long for the food. However, they have some books and magazines for you to browse through and read them if you are bored! I had the Lentil (quinoa) Burger @ $ 12.80, it had a handmade patty made from roasted walnuts, mushrooms, quinoa, fresh oregano and green lentils. It is also stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, onions. They also served organic sweet potato wedges! Their burger tasted great and unique however it was a tad dry as there were no sauce to accompany the burger ): The patty did not really had any taste though. On a side note, the sweet potatoes were really nice and sweet! Overall a great dining experience at this organic vegan restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-15
Throw away junk food mindset, let’s us had a healthy snack during tea break. Real Food Café was not only served fresh out organic dishes, but also a grocery shop selling a lot of natural foodies. Vegan please be rest assured to dine here, it was totally meat-free. Pretty with simple layout, the café looked clean and neat. We had our leisure time as well, comfy ambiance. Talking about our order, it was mouth-watering seriously. Solid and firm layer, the fluffy pancake was topped with fresh Strawberries and Slices Banana. Sugar syrup was substituted by Agave, drizzled on top and it was much sweeter than honey. Price may slightly steep, $9.80 per plate. Perfectly tea dessert, we shared and completely happy with it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-04
Real Food is not only a cafe; it is also a grocer that stocks up on organic foods which you can buy home if you fancy, as well as books on healthy living. All of the items in the menu of the cafe are good for vegans/vegetarians, and the menu is pretty detailed with labels that indicate if items includes onions/garlic or caffeine-free. Most of the items are also organic; a concept that is not yet being popularised in restaurants in Singapore.Mushroom Bruschetta ($7.80) is one of the sides we ordered. The Bruschetta had cheese melted on top, which is pretty gooey and stringy when pulled apart. The crispy Bruschetta also created a nice texture, with a brilliant earthy taste that compliments the cheese by the sauteed assorted mushrooms on the top. A great side for those who loves mushrooms and cheese.I did not have the chance to try out the Fruit Rojak ($6.80), but my dining partners commented it was basically a Rojak sauce mixed into organic fruits such as Apples and Pineapples with sprinkles of peanuts on the top.If you thought that only our regular Potatoes were used in the Organic Potato Wedges ($6.80), be in for a treat as there are few slices of Sweet Potato used as well. I did not try the Sweet Potato slices because there were only a few slices of it in there, but the regular Potatoes were pretty crusty on the top but soft in the middle. Would prefer it to be seasoned more though, although that would have defeated the purpose by being a bit too unhealthy.I also did not have a pinch of the Organic Mushroom Aglio Olio ($7.80), but it was pretty mild on flavour with plenty of sauteed mushrooms. My friend whom had it said he forgot to opt for the additional chili flakes, so it seemed lacking of a spicy punch in taste.For someone who did not like celery, I was actually pretty fine with the Mushroom and Celery Tomato Penne ($11.80). The celery did not have the heavy flavour of what some people might dislike or like it for; much of it had been covered by the tomato sauce. The tomato sauce however felt increasingly sour halfway through though. The shaved cheese did melt in the pasta and provided a nice chew and stringiness in the sauce.The Genovese Pesto Pasta ($9.80) might look odd compared to the other pasta dishes that night, but it was just the Pesto sauce. Personally, I felt that this was the best pasta of the night. The pesto sauce was chunky with bits of nuts in it which created a lot of bite. The addition of feta cheese also adds an interesting salty touch to the dish.Assorted Vegetable Ball Pasta ($13.80) was the most unique pasta that was ordered that night. The Vegetable Balls were made of various vegetables, such as lentils, beet and chickpea to replicate meatballs to keep the dish vegan. The pasta is tossed in tomato sauce, which was the same as the one found in the Mushroom and Celery Tomato Penne.The Organic Pizza ($13.80) are homemade here and comes with cheese, tomato sauce, organic tomatoes, organic aubergines, organic zucchini, organic pineapple, organic capsicum, onions, wild mushrooms, fresh basil leaves and olives. Patrons can choose to opt out any of the ingredients with no change in pricing, but all items will be included if unspecified. The person who had the pizza seemed pretty happy about his order, and while it is a personal portion, I must say it is possible for it to be shared between two as well.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/real-food-%E7%9C%9F%E9%A3%9F%EF%BC%89-central/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-11
What's Real Food about? We know that they practise healthy living because of their strict vegan menu, but there is something more about what this restaurant chain offers. It is that 'zen' feeling which I get when I step into the restaurant. The dim yellow lightings and wooden furniture makes me feel at home, and the kitchen concept is extremely open. This is not any vegetarian diet that the hawker center offers, because there is absolutely NO MOCK MEAT. This is the true diet of a health-conscious individual, and I just love soaking in the atmosphere where everything seems a little pace slower, because they are serious in offering a healthy meal from.. scratch. When I mean from scratch, it means that they do all the mixes THEMSELVES, no pre-made (yes, they aren't off the shelves of a supermarket). There is also a pop-up store where you can browse for health magazines and healthy takeaways such as sauces and vegetables. In addition, there are health brochures for you to take home, free. The furniture in the store is light and easy to carry, thus providing an extremely homely ambience for all. It is not a fanciful restaurant, but really emulates the setting of a cozy home.Oat Milk with Almond (Top Right)$ 4.00So I ordered a cup of Oat Milk with Almond. It is apparently made from unpeeled and unbleached almonds to ensure better aroma and nutrition. Honestly, I'm not a fan of almonds and the oat milk tasted funny. I could hardly taste the oats, but the strong stench of almonds (haha yes, the smell of almonds is a stench to me) really lingered in an aftertaste. I felt super perked up by it though, it definitely did not taste like any of those in a carton or milk packet.GARLIC / ONIONSGenovese Pesto Pasta$ 9.80The Pesto Pasta is an organic pasta, tossed with homemade organic pesto, fresh grilled courgettes, olives and crumbled boiled potatoes. It is topped with delicious feta cheese and fresh basil leaves. I have never tasted vegetables that are so fresh and so good. There is a crunch in every bite, due to the courgette. Even the boiled potatoes were full of flavour, who says healthy food can't be that good? I really had a misconception that any food that is linked to healthy would be bad, but Real Food really made the effort in ensuring their food is not only presentable, healthy, but it also taste great!Original Strawberries and Banana Pancakes $ 9.80**This delicious, organic gluten and wheat free fluffy pancakes is topped with strawberries, bananas and organic agave. It took 25 minutes for them to make this, and they did give us a heads-up before preparing that their pancakes would take longer because they would do the mix from scratch. True enough, their pancakes really took 25 minutes and IT IS ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY. All the pancakes in the world suddenly pale in comparison to their made-from-scratch pancakes, and even though its' not something that they boast of, the kitchen staff secretly works behind the scene and all of the employees there have one philosophy and passion: to make healthy food that taste good too.Dripped with honey over the pancake, the batter was not only fragrant but also moist and juicy. The organic banana and strawberry is a blend between sweetness and sourness, and if there is any dish that would define a state of bliss, the Original Strawberries and Banana Pancakes would be it. Who else can trademark or patent such a claim that their pancakes are original? Only Real Food.Posting this photo just for fun to show how delicious it is. I would wipe their plates clean (no need to hire dishwasher anymore, Real Food!) I would recommend you to try the original strawberries and banana pancakes if you are a newbie in starting a healthy diet. Go slow and steady, but don't stop! continue reading
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