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Owner-chef Ken Chia has opened up his own restaurant with a personal philosophy of providing good food in a homely, friendly setting. This place does not charge GST and service charge, serving up good food at affordable prices. continue reading
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BBQ Pork Ribs Forest Mushroom Cappuccino Soup Lambshank Ribeye Steak Soft Shell Crab Salad
Review (5)
After a GREAT experience at Rice&Fries last weekend, I decided to head back there with more friends to try more ice cream flavours.You can actually see Rice&Fries from the entrance of Kembangan MRT, and it's maybe a short 200m walk there. But the shop was so quiet for a saturday afternoon. I hope their business picks up for dinner time!I decided to order more waffles with ice cream again since I liked it so much last weekend. But the experience this week was totally different.1. Waffles With Ice cream (Honey&Fig and Hokkaido Cream)The Honey&Fig ice cream was quite sweet. I really liked that I could taste the sweetness of the honey. Not as sweet as their salted caramel flavoured ice cream. The hokkaido cream didn't taste as creamy/milky as I had expected, just think of it as a milk ice cream that is sponsored by the Health Promotion Board, because it's like a low-sugar ice cream.The biggest dissapointment by far was that the waffles were BURNT! So crispy and hard that we couldn't even cut it with a knife, it was like a Julie's or Khong Guan's cream cracker!! It was ridiculous. Not to mention, they served both our fries and waffles at the same time. Seriously? They expected us to eat both at the same time? Last week, they had it all right. Great waffles and they had the brains to serve the ribs first and then the waffles and ice cream.2. B.F.F $14.90So we ordered this to share amongst us as a snack, as we had already had our lunch. I can't remember what all the sauces were but there was tartar sauce and cheese sauce. The fries were okay. The truffle fries smelt awesome and tasted decent. It wasn't bad and wasn't fantastic either.3. Honey Lemon Tea $3.40Honest truth, it tasted just liked Pokka Honey Lemon Tea.I really had better expectations of this place. I like their ice creams, but no more waffles for me. Maybe the lava cake next or maybe their caramelized bananas. just NOT WAFFLES! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-03-27
Located in a quiet stretch of shophouses in Kembangan is this casual restaurant that dishes out impressive Western fare.My friend and I visited the place at about 1.30PM+ and it was empty, hence service was pretty fast.To complete your meal, add $5 to get a bowl of the Soup of the Day and a drink of your choice.Soup of the day was Forest Mushroom Cappuccino. Awesome, because my friend and I wanted to try that while we searched for their menu online. Cappuccino used to describe a savoury soup? Intriguing. Soup wasn't too creamy nor rich. Seasoning is done alright, though I would prefer some chunky mushroom bits in it.Initially, I wanted to get the Carbonara or Breaded Dory because I don't really like to eat chicken and those 2 options were the cheapest out of the whole lot. However, after much persuasion from my friend (she told me to try something else different), I got the Rosemary Chicken, which is also the same price as the Carbonara and Breaded Dory. The chicken was served with a mushroom ragout, red wine jus and thick cut fries. Frankly speaking, I did not really like the taste of the gravy (the alcohol taste was a little too overpowering). But the mushrooms and fries were fantastic. The fries were exceptionally delicious. Oh-so-fluffy and crispy!A meal is only complete when you finish it off with a dessert. When I browsed through the menu for the first time, I knew I had to get the Waffles because I love waffles a lot! And true enough, this version doesn't disappoint. Although R&F's waffles are thin (not fluffy at all), it's really crispy and the buttermilk batter was excellent. It was served hot too so when eaten with the ice cold ice cream, the infusion explodes in your mouth - in a good way, haha! My friend got the Caramelised Bananas. Nothing outstanding, I would say, because I am not a fan of bananas. The combination of the ice cream and the caramel had a weird sticky texture. continue reading
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Discovered this restaurant and tried it last week. The dish creation are interesting and food is of good quality and at the right price for regular visits. The service is excellent and is important for restaurants which tries to create new dishes regularly. They take good feedback and regular surprise their regulars. Thanks for brining good food around Siglap, East Coast and Katong. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-05-28
Tucked in a corner of Changi road. This new joint serves very nice lamb shank. It was tender and soft. The sauce was able to cover the smell of the meat very nicely. We also odered fried dory. That was pretty ordinary but pleasant. Their mushroom cappuccino soup was a very interesting starter, nice texture and extremely tasty. worth a try. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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