Opened in July 2007 by owner Janice Yeo, Riders Café has quickly established itself as one of Singapore's most popular brunch spot. Hidden somewhere behind the lush greenery in the heart of Bukit Timah, Riders Cafe is located in one of the most unique venues in this urban city. continue reading
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We had been meaning to drop by Riders Cafe for the longest time but somehow never managed to get to it until one overcast Saturday morning when we decided to go off the beaten track. The Place Located at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club in a charming colonial style building, Riders Cafe boasts great ventilation and views of a field and horses (sometimes - not to mention the smells too). Which is great if the weather is cooling (not too common in Singapore though) and you enjoy dining alfresco. The place is a constant buzz so reservations are advisable (I witnessed a few people being turned away without one). Fried Chicken BLT The chicken patty was well marinated with spices and came across as mildly sweet but not too dry. Topped with coleslaw, rather weak kimchi mayonnaise and sandwiched between two rather insipid buns. Still palatable though. Riders Burger I opted for the works; added mushrooms, bacon rashers and an egg. The Angus beef patty had bits of fat in it which made for a nice chewy texture. However the bovine flavours were a little muted and the bacon, a little limp. I liked the smooth creaminess the egg yolk provided though; a sort of gooey glue that brought everything together. Buns needed more butter and time on the grill in my humble opinion. Decent burger overall but no great shakes. Death By Chocolate Cake This was very sinful and oh so good (I'm definitely biased). A luscious slice of moist chocolate cake slathered with mildly viscous chocolate sauce and served with a scoop of ice cream. Watch out for the sweetness overload though. Salted Caramel Brioche Salted caramel brioche topped with a scoop of vanilla (not vanilla bean) ice cream and honeycomb. I liked the flavours; salty yet sweet. Unfortunately the brioche was rather inconsistent in texture - some were crisp while others came across as limp and stodgy. A bigger scoop of ice cream would also have been appreciated as towards the end, the brioche got a little too salty and there was no ice cream left to "dilute" it. Still a decent dessert nonetheless. Bill Our bill came up to ~$74 for 2 burgers and 2 desserts which isn't too expensive but food quality in general hovered a notch above average at best and service, though proficient enough, didn't seem quite friendly. The place is nice but given Singapore's humid weather most of the time, ambience alone isn't a big enough draw for me to return.Final Verdict:Ambience: 7/10Service: 6.5/10Food: 6.5/10Value for money: 6/10Overall: 6.5/10Address: 51 Fairways DriveContact: 6466 9819Opening Hours:Sunday – Thursday 8am – 9pmFriday & Saturday 8am - 10pmClosed on MondayWebsite: http://www.riderscafe.sg/ continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-23
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/08/22/riders-cafe/Concealed somewhere behind the lush greenery in Bukit Timah, Riders Cafe is thriving despite its inaccessibility. The cafe’s location is unique, situated among the facilities of a saddle club. In hopes of catching a glimpse of a pony, we requested for a table along the balcony, however after a few minutes the heat was too unbearable, so we moved.I love cafes but due to space constraints; most cafes in Singapore are too cramped and uncomfortable. Rider’s Café is spacious, however, rather noisy, so after a while we gave up talking as it was too tiring to raise our voices all the time. As Riders Café is not air-conditioned, do dress light.The aroma of the Chilli Lime Fried Squid ($13) with dill tartar hit our senses before it reached our table. However, its batter was not evenly coated, and wasn’t as crisps as we’d have liked. Not the best but not the worst fried squid I’ve tried but for $13, one would have expected better execution and a bigger portion.Prepared with roasted sweet peppers, the Cheese and Forest Mushroom Omelette ($15) was moist and luscious, but taste-wise underwhelming and one-dimensional. I had hopes that the spuds could save the day but alas the potato hash was too dry.Fried Chicken BLT ($17) fared much better. It’s constructed with well-marinated and perfectly fried chicken, savory bacon and purple slaw sandwiched between sesame buns, with kimchi mayonnaise to cut through the oiliness. The accompanying fries could have been better with a drizzle of truffle oil but they were nevertheless satisfying with a sweet chilli dip (you’ve to request for it). Super comfort food I must say.This was what attracted me to Riders Café; was practically drooling at the monitor when I read the menu description. The Salted Caramel Brioche ($12) comes with crumbled honeycomb, butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. What a beautiful mess! It started off being superb. The toasted brioche soaked up a little ice cream and salted caramel sauce-the crumbly texture and combination of sweet and salty was irresistible! The homemade honeycomb was spot on- neither overly sweet nor hard. As we chowed along however, the dessert gets overwhelming saccharine as there was insufficient vanilla ice cream for balance.Other dessert options (all made in-house) include Freshly Baked tea Scone ($9), Death by Chocolate Cake ($13) and Pound Cake Cinnamon Churros ($10).Hits and misses with the food, but Riders Café’s one-of-a-kind ambiance and excellent service made up for it. As the venue is popular brunch spot during weekends, reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment. Brunch is available on weekends from 8am to 9pm. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-12
For more reviews, please visit www.umakemehungry.comFinally, I can have Riders Cafe strike off from my "To Visit" list afterall it had been sitting there for quite sometime.Hidden behind the lush greenery of Bukit Timah, Riders Cafe is located at a unique venue in Singapore. They serve contemporary meals in a casual, lay back and relaxing environment.The first step into the restaurant and I was engulfed by the strong smell from the outfields - smell of horse manure though it was not that strong to my dining partner. Settings was very simple, English style and the entrance to the restaurant was guarded by a big gate.Too bad that I went on a rainy day, the horses were all back in their comfy stables and I didnt have chance to sit by the side of the dining area to have a good view of the fields. The Boston Iced Tea was refreshing with fresh fruits like raspberries, cranberries placed into the drink.After suprise on the taste buds with creamy peanut butter with Jelly and quite filling to the stomach. Perhaps this drink goes well if you are planning to have a light meal.We started off with some Fried Chicken Taco as starters. The fried chicken had a very strong fragrance, infused with herbs. It was supported with avocado slices, purple slaw and Sriacha Mayonnaise. Whipped out from the kitchen with pan seared Hokkaido scallops, big and juicy as well as broccoli. The level of cream was well balanced with the truffle infused risotto and was yummy.Riders Burger come with rocket, brie, relish, bacon, onion and seasoned fries. Wellness of the beef patty is decided by the diner and we had it medium well done. It was thick and juicy and the cripsy bacon had complimented it. Top of the toasted buns came with distinctive black sesame seeds and was fragrant.Food was great and the environment was complemented by its friendly service crews. Rider Cafe is quite inaccessible due to its location, however, to avoid disappointment it is best to do a reservation before making a trip down there. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-09
Ordered the chorizo egg wrap which was a tad too salty. The french toast with banana was good though. Chai latte was a little bland but the peanut butter jelly milkshake was yummy! Ordered scones which were huge and we couldnt finish it in the end. Enjoyed seeing the horses prancing around but the occassional smell of horse poo was a little distracting continue reading
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Level2 2014-08-10
Ordered the Peanut Butter Jelly Milkshake to share. Peanut butter wasn't overpowering but the jelly made the drink a little sour. I thought the drink was average but boyfr loved it.Ordered one main, Blackstone Benedict, to share. Thank goodness, the yolks of the poached eggs were runny else we would have to exchange it. Read reviews saying that their poached eggs were overcooked and we saw one lady who exchanged hers that morning. Especially love the Sourdough!!!!And how could one possibly miss this?Their Death by Chocolate Cake, with really rich chocolate ganache and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We shared this and we really couldn't stand the sweetness towards the end of this dessert. It's nice but too much for 2 people imo, maybe 3 would be good. And coming from a person who doesn't like chocolate, this must be pretty up there already.Visit http://playmatesorlovers.blogspot.sg/2014/08/riders-cafe.html continue reading
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