With a milkshake parlour and a bar, Roosevelt's is a modern cafe that offers all day dining. And on top of all, you can except more than just fuss free American dining. continue reading
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Level4 2016-07-09
Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is conveniently located right at Outram MRT. There's also an open-air car park that is coupon-based just opposite the cafe, so there's ample parking options should you choose to drive down. This place seems to be catered more towards the expats, for a chill out bar experience but they also have a weekend brunch menu that can suit the needs of any family.1. Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops ($24) For appetizers, we were recommended to try their scallops, at $8 a pop, I did expect it to be at least decent. The pan seared scallops were served on yuzu mustard ricotta with seaweed brown butter and toasted hazelnuts. The menu mentioned it was topped with tobiko, but we saw no trace of it. The scallops tasted alright, but nothing to wow about, except the price.2. Squid Ink Fish and Chips ($26)An interesting version of the fish and chips that I've not tried before. The exterior of the fish was crisp and had a nice bite, with the addition of the squid ink, it was able to absorb some moisture, leaving the desirable crusty appearance and texture. It was certainly a great surprise for me as I really enjoyed the fish. The chips were slightly limp and soggy, but still acceptable.3. Chicken Confit With Truffle Potato Foam ($26)The chicken skin was thin and crispy. Missing was the layer of fat in between the skin and the melt that had melted away during the cooking process. The chicken melt was tender, juicy and flavourful. Paried with the truffle potato foam, this main dish was the winner for the night. The truffle potato foam had a distinct truffle aroma that wasn't too overpowering, along with the smooth truffle lingering taste that made this dish so addictive. I found myself, digging in, spoon after spoonful of truffle mash!4. BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($26)This was served with a bourbon BBQ sauce and was their signature dish. The portion and price was reasonable and I watched a family of 4 next to us, enjoy this as a family sharing dish.5. Secret Compressed Watermelon waffleInstead of picking a dessert off the menu, owner, Ying recommended us to try one of her newest invention. I was honoured to be her guinea pig.A unique waffle with Strawberry, compressed Watermelon with mint and choya, Balsamic Vinegar Honey and Rose bud ricotta.The compressed watermelon with mint and choya was so juicy and sweet, bursting with flavours. The balsamic honey and rose bud ricotta were all interesting ingredients which sounded like an overdose of ingredient combination. But nope, it all worked out, together. The waffle itself was crispy with a butter fragrance.Overall, decent food with a nice, cosy and chill-out ambience. Great for the boys night out, or family gatherings during the day. continue reading
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For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/08/food-review-roosevelts-diner-and-bar.htmlAt the ground floor of apartment Dorsett Residences, Roosevelt's Diner and Bar is conveniently located outside Outram Park Exit H. The interior is spacious and I love the high ceilings that give that relaxing and cool vibe. I was here to try their new weekend brunch menu.Brioche French Toast Waffles ($14++): This is actually a brioche bun soaked in Amaretto-laced moisture, and then pressed into the waffle machine. So you get this bun-c**-waffle creation! The texture quite dense to me - well, rightly so I guess since it's not your normal waffle batter. For people who don't like bread, perhaps you should stay away from this, because you'll complain that it's too gelat. But I enjoyed the combination of everything - I tasted a bit of cinnamon which was just right to go well with the mixed berries sauce. And with that Vanilla ice cream, how can it go wrong?Spiced Potato Bacon Hash ($16++): This dish consists of spiced potato, bacon, poached egg and served with house-made tomato relish. Even though I don't like potato and hence the dish wasn't my top favourite, I have to say that the potato was delicious and the spices sure did give it lots of flavour. A tip: break the poached egg and mix everything up together.Crab Cake Benedict ($21++): A more unique twist to the classic (and perhaps overdone) Eggs Benedict, this one replaces the usual ham/smoked salmon/mushrooms with crab cake! It's served on english muffins and with a thin layer of garlic mayo, plus a side salad. The eggs were runny and nicely poached. But I can't quite get the taste of the crab cake... Except its saltiness.BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($22++): Even though I'm not a meat person, I was delighted that the meat fell off the bone with one slice of the knife/fork! It was tender, not too salty and oh-so-good with the BBQ sauce! And I like the accompaniment of the corn salsa too!Breakfast Waffle Candied BLT ($14++): Essentially all the breakfast items sandwiched between two crisp layers of waffles. And it was so delicious! It sounds like a very plain idea but the tastes, aesthetics... all worked for me. On the whole it was a bit salty but I guess cos there's bacon. But I still love this dish - and oh yes, the waffles! It didn't turn soggy despite the many fillings inside. And you'll think that you'll feel gelat since it's waffles right? But no, it filled me up just fine!Apple Berry Crumble ($10++): All my favourites in this dessert. Muesli and berries crumble mixed with some apple slices and then topped with vanilla ice cream, this was polished clean!All in all the newly introduced food in the weekend brunch menu are worth a try. Some dishes are rather unique, like the Brioche French Toast Waffle and Spiced Potato Bacon Hash. continue reading
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Level3 2015-07-18
Full review: http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2015/05/roosevelts-diner-bar-new-bridge-road.htmlRoosevelt’s Diner & Bar is situated in a quiet corner of Tanjong Pagar, away from the crowd yet easily accessible via NEL Outram Station exit. They offer hearty all-day dining in a casual setting, with a huge slant towards artisanal and gourmet fares.The latte art is super instagram worthy! However, it is a tad too sweet for my liking, as I prefer it to have a slight bitterness after-taste.As part of their weekend brunch, I would recommend Crab Cake Benedict - crab cake, English muffin, poached egg, garlic mayonnaise and served with side salad. Something different from the usual egg benedict and is reasonably priced for a real crab cake! It is a good deal Something on the regular menu and it's only available from lunch to closing, BBQ Baby Back Ribs - $22 (half), $28 (full). The meat was tender and flavourful. If you are a meat lover, this could be for you.I got to say Roosevelt is pretty generous with the servings! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-13
As my first experience here was a positive one, I recommended my friends to try out this cafe. The new dishes we had (that I've not yet reviewed) were the steak with wine sauce ($29) and the truffle fish pie ($18). The steak was done medium. It was a rather thin slice but was compensated by its larger than typical size. I'd prefer if it was thicker though. It was nicely grilled and the wine sauce did have the wine taste as well but I felt it wasn't really a matching complement with the steak. The pastry of the truffle fish pie was flaky and moist. There were pieces of fish beneath the pastry and the fish that was drenched in the sauce somehow reminded me of the taste of mushroom soup. As the pastry was soaked in the sauce, it was somehow soggy but still tasted good. The truffle had a slight smokey taste but the taste of the truffle was rather light. The ambience at night was lovely. continue reading
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Dinner at Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, a very accessible location from Outram Park MRT Station. If you manage to get the roadside parking space just outside the restaurant, you can skip the parking coupons! ;)The Place:Situated as part of Dorsett hotel, this is the place is known for their waffles and cheap drinks.When we first arrived at the restaurant at close to 5pm, there weren't much people around, except a few who ordered just drinks.Service:This is one of the rare places which actually served water without asking. Thumbs up for this. The waiters were extremely helpful and seem to know their stuff well.------------------The Food:We scanned the menu and ordered the following-Candied Bacon Beef Burger ($20)Their burgers are served in their in-house brioche burger bun that's baked fresh daily, with 180grams of juicy patty for the beef burgers, and double cheese fries.The many layers of ingredients- pickles and the usual cheese, tomato and lettuce complement the patty very well. That being said, the patty was not well-marinated and could not hold itself well. The candied bacon was actually the star of the dish.What is a candied bacon? As you may be thinking already, yes, it is actually bacon drenched in sugar syrup before deep frying it to get that sweet coating and crunch when you bite. Bacon is already sinful enough, with sugar? Double the sin! But trust me, it's all worth it.We are definitely going to try this candied bacon the next time we make our home-made burgers!------------------Southern Fried Chicken ($18)Tasting somewhat like Popeye's Fried Chicken, including the 3 side dishes- salad, potatoes and corn.Tasted tender, boneless, totally perfect for a first date dish. The skin is very cripsy and well marinated as well.Churros Waffles ($12)With cinnamon sugar, butter, and mocha sauce on the side.As the mocha sauce was not sweet as we would have preferred for a desert, we actually drenched it in maple syrup, which was provided on the side. The waffles were a tad oily, but it was soft and airy. The whole combination was extremely tasty. It definitely kept up to its reputation online.The HUGE vanilla ice cream in the middle totally made my day. I always had to 'ration' my ice cream whenever I have waffles with ice cream. Today, there was no need to, and in fact, the ice cream was the last to be polished off!------------------Good for? Couples, Groups, Cheap Drinks continue reading
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