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Located at 36 Dunlop Street, ROUSE is a quaint coffee house brewing pleasantries. Brunch is available during the weekends. continue reading
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Beef Wrapped Asparagus with Pumpkin Mash
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They are barely a few months old but is always full house during weekends. Love the feel of this rustic cafe, very laid back and intricate hangout place with friends. We tried the Bakul of Bites ($13.90) offering a platter of sweet potato fries, onion rings & orange glazed chicken wings. The Crabby Patty ($17.90) topped with mango salsa & house salad on the side was nothing fantastic.However, we quite like the Salmon Stack ($12.90) offering triple decker smoked salmon sandwich stuffed with crispy onion rings. Their house blend is roasted specially for them by Dutch Colony Coffee Roasters with a blend of Sumatran beans and Ethopian beans. Bright and smokey cuppa that leaves a strong roasty aftertaste.Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/20-halal-cafes-in-singapore/ continue reading
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Taking over former grounds of an electrical shop, the engraved pillars still stand proudly at the shopfront repainted; something reminiscent of Telok Ayer’s My Awesome Cafe. The interior style is undeniably hipster; peeled walls, large mirrors, bare bulbs and crate tables definitely worked well together.Being a cafe in their soft opening phase, we were glad to find out that they had the full range of brunch items available. They comprise of mostly cafe grub with a unique middle-eastern fusion concept; all of which sounding interesting and daring at the same time. Beverages such as coffee and tea are available, both supplied from the Pasarbella duo; Dutch Colony Coffee and Clipper Tea. Cakes are supplied from Fathis Cakes, a local online baker.We were slightly taken aback by how the Shrooms Shrooms ($11.90) turned out to be, partially because the menu had no categorization of mains and sides. These were mushroom cups with egg white and ricotta cheese filled, topped with cheese and “crumbs”. While it sounded predictable and usual, the fillings created this mushy and foamy texture as well as a neutral flavour to blend into the earthy tasting mushrooms and melted cheese. The “crumbs” were the finishing touch; salty bits made to mimick bacon bits for that extra savouriness.Quinoa Quake ($16.90) was a fusion of a fried Quinoa patty coming together with all-time favourite Eggs Benedict. The couscous-filled patty was well spiced with chili and greens, all fried with a crusty top. Smoked salmon was of reasonable quality, though something we thought was a pity was the poached egg itself, which was a wee bit overcooked with solid white and a not-so-flowy yolk. Nonetheless, it was a great combination with all the ingredients combined, and the garden salad though plain and only had a single variation of green, was well complimented by the Lemon Dill Yoghurt dip by the side which was mildly sour for a refreshing break.As mentioned, ROUSE uses blends from Dutch Colony Coffee for their coffee. The blends they use are uniquely roasted for them, which involves Ethopian and Sumatran beans. This makes for a bright bodied cuppa with a roasty finish that was smokey as demonstrated in the Long Black ($4.00) and Espresso with Milk 8Oz ($5.50); rather unique.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/rouse-dunlop-street/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)