Swing by Royal Palm, a waterfront restaurant that combines elements of different culinary traditions and comes with all-day dining and a bar, and an artful blend of old and new with classic English decor. Royal Palm offers a fusion of different cuisines from all around the globe. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-19
We saw a deal online for buffet dinner at Royal Palm on National Day for $48 and a few of us decide to buy it to spend our first national day evening together. We are so looking forward to it as this is going to be a dinner buffet and we can get to watch fireworks while we dine. This buffet starts from 7pm to 10pm and it includes free flow of soft drinks. We do not have to get the drinks ourselves, the staffs here will walk around to help us pour and refill. A little slow at times but we are still quite ok with their service.One of friend decide to buy this Singapore Sling Cocktail at $10 after many persuasion from the manager. This is an alcoholic drink, I don really fancy this kind of alcoholic cocktail but my friend manages to finish it.The buffet spread is sort and serve according to various ethic group. Check out the spread they have for the evening.These are some of the stuffs that I have tasted for the evening. The chili crab is one of the hottest for the night, often wipe out quickly when they refill. The crab does not have much meat but the sauce is nice. The carrot cake is a little dry but still taste ok with the sambal chili they provide. The fried hokkien mee is not nice, dry and too salty. The sushi is ok, the ingredients they use are fresh.The satay is not nice, too dry but the satay sauce is nice and we eat it with the chicken wings which is crispy on the outside. Gado Gado, quite nice with the nice balachan chili which is spicy and smelly enough and the nice satay sauce. I like this balachan chilli so much that I even dip it with crackers and the other food.Food choice is a little disappointing with not much choice but we like the feeling of getting to eat and watch firework at the same time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
Friend bought a deal online for buffet dinner at Royal Palm on National Day for $48. We were quite excited about it cos of the wide selection of local food available & it promises to be able to watch fireworks. Buffet includes free flow of soft drinks & it's available from 7pm-11pm.Chinatown section includes Chinese cold combination; Sushi Maki; Soba Noodle and Oven baked rice with chicken and mushroom - The only item worth mentioning is prawn from the cold combination, which is sweet & fresh. Satay Club Section includes Assorted Satay with Ketupat, Onion & Cucumber Served with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Gado Gado with Homemade Peanut Sauce with Long Green Bean, Boiled egg, Tempeh,Tahu. Condiments includes Sambal Belachan & Keropok - While the Peanut sauce for Gado Gado is nice & ingredients are fresh; the Sambal Belachan is stinky & nice; the keropok is crispy, the rest are not worth mentioingJalan Sultan section includes Indian Chicken Tikka (tender & nice), Saffron Rice (very fragrant) , Assorted Naan, Stir fried Chilli Fish fillets (a little salty) & Mutton Ragan Josh (tender & no stinky smell) - This is probably the best amoung all the stations. Olio Pasta with assortd muchroom There's also Lau Pa Sat section includes Fried Hokkien Mee with Prawns & Cuttlefish, Chai Tao Kueh (Fried Carrot Cake) & Homemade Chilli crab - Hokkien mee is salty; carrot cake blandDessert includes Mango pudding with longan, Cold sweet Cheng Tng, Ice kachang action station & Oriental Fresh Fruit Platters. However, the Ice Kachang station was removed after a while! Quite a lot of selections but unfortunately the food are either bland, too salty or overly sweet. Buffet supposed to be from 7pm-11pm but no more replenishment at 9.30pm. Even the drinks also stop serving at 9.30pm continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
We purchased vouchers from Deal.com at $48nett per pax for Buffet dinner at Royal Palm on National Day. The buffet consists of several kinds of local delicacies and free flow of soft drinks.The spread...My food choices...Satay and fried chicken wingsThe satay was very dry, not nice. The fried chicken wings were quite nice, we dipped them in the satay peanut sauce which is quite good.Sushi, baby octopus, jelly fish & fresh prawnsSushi and fresh prawns were quite yummy...so was the baby octopus. The only disappointment was the jelly fish, it was fishy and tasteless.Hokkien mee, chili crab & carrot cakeThe chili crab is nice and spicy. The hokkien mee & carrot cake was dry and tasteless!Cold soba, chicken & nasi bryani and gado gadoThe soba was alright. The nasi bryani was very good, rice was soft and fragrant and chicken has smoky aroma. Gado gado was pretty tasty too, I love the sauce!Fruits & mango puddingThese were ok, the pudding was a tad sweet though.Overall dining experience was decent, service staff was friendly but clearing of dishes and refilling of drinks was rather slow. Food wise, mostly mediocre. But we do enjoy the Al fresco dining experience and being able to see NDP fireworks while we dine continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)