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Level4 2013-05-06
FoodHotplate tofu came first out of the 4 dishes we ordered. The gravy tastes abit of unusual as compared to the normal hotplate tofu I have eaten so far. Found its secret remedy: they uses roasted pork meat and enhanced the taste of the gravy. Tofu are soft and had been "treated" before - the skin of the tofu looks different. Peas, seafood and tofu tastes good and goes well with my noodles even though I did not order plain rice.Braised Ee Fu Mee was a disappointment, lacking of dark soy taste. The mee was blend and the taste of the raw ee mee has surfaced as I eat them. I believe that this raw mee smell should be cover up and complement by other items.The Hor Fun has an old school taste which give off so much of my childhood memories, simply love it. Gravy was light and not so gluey and most importantly the cook had actually did a good job by stir frying the hor fun before hand. The hor fun has an uniquely charred taste on top of its usual ingredients.The preparation work was not fully done. The meat has a strong smell of porky even though it was covered by sweet tasty sauce on the exterior. Meat was either not marinated or have not been marinated for long. Although we have waited for quite sometimes, the girl had actually bothered to apologize for the long waiting time after serving the dishes. It is not usual that hawker will apologies for the waiting time sincerely and I never expect this coming out from a hawker. Simply polite!AmbienceABC Brickwork Food Centre is another food heaven. Simply by telling from the full house carpark, it's quite a common scene that the places are packed with people and families who are enjoying their meal. Even on weekdays, the place is as pack, not to mention on a weekend. PricePrice is very competitive to most of the neighborhood zhi char stall.Recommendations / TipsIf you like the old school taste of Hor Fun. Do give a try. continue reading
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