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<Br> Saboten offers family style service and serves traditional Japanese food. They use a family recipe to concoct their tonkatsu sauces, which is made with fresh cabbage. This makes their tonkatsu different from other Japanese restaurants. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-03
Full Saboten review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/saboten.htmlA popular tonkatsu (fried breaded pork cutlet) franchise founded in Shinjuku, within the Kanto region of Tokyo, Japan, in 1966, Saboten has since grown internationally, and is today the biggest tonkatsu franchise in Japan, with over 500 outlets. Saboten first opened its doors in Singapore in 2012, and on 23 April 2015, celebrated the opening of their 3rd outlet in Millenia Walk. We decided to celebrate a friend's birthday at Saboten this year.Ambience at Saboten is casual, with a zen minimalist feel to the decor. Pale off white, against light browns seem to be the colour theme here, and the tables are solid and spacious, large enough to accomodate all the various plates you're served with. I find the booth seats at Saboten to be functional but not too comfortable, but the bright lighting allows for clear views of the table.Service at Saboten is outstanding. Staff are welcoming and very polite, efficient at taking orders, and able to make recommendations. They also accomodated our special requests, such as storing the birthday cake, and clearing our table efficiently. We were very pleased that staff came around to check on how our meal was going, and even offered complimentary tea! Also, the birthday was a true surprise, the staff actually joined in the singing of the birthday song, and presented the cake well!Food at Saboten is focused on their excellent tonkatsu, with most dishes revolving around its presentation. The menu is otherwise limited in options, typically featuring their tonkatsu with other fried items, and mostly served as a set meal, not individual plates. Generally, I find their tonkatsu to be excellent, tasty and non-greasy, the batter is light and crisp. Their side dishes in the set menu are of similarly high quality as well, and great care is taken in the preparation of food. Portions are large, and I feel that Saboten is good value for money, budget about SGD $33 per person for a set meal here. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-06
Saboten might be a familiar name to you if you are a fan of Tonkatsu. Known to been one of the go-to places for their golden brown breaded pork and chicken cutlets, you will have a definitely leave the place with a smile on your face. If you are not a fan of Tonkatsu, you will be please to know that they have recently launched their brand new dining concept in their IMM outlet, which consist of shabu shabu and teppanyaki offerings.Once seated, we were given a bowl of thinly sliced cabbage with dressing to munch on while waiting for our orders. Super DA BOMB! I love how fresh and crisp the taste is!The chawamushi also one not to be missed out! Soft and melt in your mouth delicious!I managed to try out a couple of sets with my friends and they all turn out pretty delicious, except for pork which had a porky smell which I didn't like. The sets are really generous and you will definitely be stuffed once you have finished everything!If you like fish, don’t miss out on the cod fish set! Just one look at the cod fish and you will know why I am salivating all over my keyboard as I finish up this entry.Some of the items which I had to highlight where the mentai prawns and scallops which are slurpiliciously good. We even ordered extras to feast on it.As always, their Tonkatsu is deliciously heavenly when dipped in the grounded sesame and Tonkatsu sauce mix.VERDICTThis place is definitely worth a visit, if you are a seafood and tonkatsu lover! I can't wait to sink my teeth into another piece of yummy Tonkatsu! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
Had a distinctive dining experience at Saboten, the restaurant was proud of their Tankatsu and Udon. Staff was still politely welcomed us even she was told that we were only ordering some finger food, impressive service attitude. Simple brownish wooden in general, the atmosphere was cozy.The freshness and brittle of Shrimps were unexpectedly good, shredded cabbages as a dressing at the middle. Crunchy sounded awesomely, I dipped it along with Teriyaki Sauce. Shrimp was firm and succulent, although it was slightly oily towards the end. Asparagus wrapped with golden bread crumbs was in correct mouth-bite size, added marks to the whole. Hot green tea flushed away the greasiness, overall was a pleasant experience. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
At Saboten, there are limited choices to choose from. There is no ramen and udon that I can opt for. It is such a meaty dinner and is pricey too. Since it is not crowded, then it becomes our choice for the day.Chicken Katsu Curry $17The curry is not very tasty but yet not watery type. Most importantly, it is not spicy. The breaded chicken cutlet looks crispy on appearance but actually taste not the same. Soft texture inside out. Chicken Katsudon $18.50Everything is about the same as mentioned for the above except that it is the sauce and egg that covered the breaded chicken cutlet rather than curry. It tastes a little watery for the layer of egg but still bearable. There are a good amount of onions to complement with the rice and sauce. The chicken cutlet is a little tasteless. Probably the seasoning is not enough.Green Tea (Matcha) Ice CreamFor those non-sweet tooth people, this is really a good choice. A little icy and creamy. Just nice to end your meal with a happy note.Our meal comes with free refill of rice, cabbage and pickles plus one time dessert. One thing to comment is their fresh and crunchy cabbage. Love it. Add the sauce provided on the side of the table for taste enhancement. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-11
FoodCraving for mouth watering japanese deep fried pork in the western side of singapore?Visit Saboten nowFrom 1 Jun to 31st Aug, saboten's menu has cheese tenderlion katsu included.I had decided to go for the Cheese Tenderloin Katus Variety Set, S$21.00 as it gives me more choices in their cheese katsu. Bottom to Top: Cheeese Tenderloin Katsu, Asparagus Cheese Roll and Crab Cream Croquette.Items were fried to golden brown perfection with crispiness and crumbs at the exterior. These sticky and gluey cheese blends in well with the katsu and they were served piping hot. The sticky cheese creates an neverending "thread" as I bite off the top of the cheesey katsu/roll. As it was quite hot and sticky, it makes quite a challenge to handle such food.Premium black and white ground Sesame seeds were given and we have to grind the seeds into powder form with the wooded stick given. Drench these powder by scooping in the home-made black/brown tonkatsu sauce which is available on the sides of our table. This special sauce is made of onions, carrots, tomatoes, apples and over 10 different spices, simmered to perfect taste and thickness to bring out the best flavour of our tonkatsu.Loin Katsu Curry Rice Set, S$19.50. The sweet japanese curry accompanied by the breaded pork loin. Yums! Generous amount of curry gravy was given. My friend who was enjoying his set had took additional bowls of rice to paired with the left over of gravy.Just the curry and rice alone is already very delicious. On top of that the grain-fed pork loin was soft and tender, coated with cripsy fried golden crumbs and amazingly not oily at all. Salmon Katsu Set, S$20.00. Salmon's moisture had been retained well even though it was deep fried and it wasnt dry at all.Free flow of fresh shredded cabbages are best eaten with either the Creamy Sesame or Yuzu (Citrus) Vinegar dressing. A Highly addictive and tasty combination while waiting for the main course.Green Tea Macha completes the meal, tastes mild sweet yet bitter green tea taste is quite a refreshing treat after all the deep fried food.Service & AmbienceWhat we like about Saboten is its generous free flow of shredded cabbages, soup and rice. There were only 2 tables of customers, including us and they have given all their attentive services to us. Our cabbages and drinks are topped up promptly as well as the requested made.Unlike the outlet in Parco, long queues are seen. Perhaps this outlet was just opened and not much of advertising, it just stays low profile as it is.I was quite surprised that the staffPriceValue for money for quality food packaged with the free flow of rice, soup and shredded cabbages. Aren't they just too good to be true? continue reading
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