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Level4 2012-06-16
This steak from Saga is one of my 'must have' dishes wihenever I patrol to this restaurant. Just base on the appearance of this main course, you will be just like wonder how the chefs here can have so much creativity in designing the dishes before presenting to the customers. It almost look like admiring an art piece and at the same time get to enjoy this really juicy and tender steak here. Simply too good to look and taste it at the same time. continue reading
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Level3 2011-09-29
I went with my friend during lunch timeThis restaurant is owned by a husband & wife Been wanted to try for so long but saw their dinner set price was really very expensive so we aimed for lunch The ambience is very nice & their food was nice The lunch set is $38++ Mushroom cappuccino is very very special mushroom soup served in a cappuccino formThe top layer is creamy milk based form their mushroom soup is not salty nor heavy,light & nice They have the Cod fillet topped with prawn and cognac butterThat is nice too,cod is very crunchy ,prawn is fresh Also must try their dessertI ordered their Chocolate Fondant very rich & creamy dark chocolate ,not very sweet to me overall i rate 8/10 continue reading
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Level4 2011-03-09
Many had raved about their restaurant, the signature Foie Gras and the cod. Sage’s kitchen chef’s are trained are les amis which explains the standard of food being served. The consistency of the food had always maintained after many years. Sage had relocated from Robertson Walk to one of the Mohd Sultan Road’s conservation shophouses. I would have never notice it’s existence if I had not search their website of the exact location. The interior is cosy, perfect for intimate dining.The 3 course set lunch are priced at $38++ and 4 course at $45++. Some of the dishes require additional top-ups such as the foie gras and cod. Do not miss their signature foie gras here even if you have to top up additional $15. Do try their” Asaparagus & egg” and the ” Mushroom Cappuccino. Asparagus & Egg Deep-fried hen’s egg coated in Parmagiano on steamed green asparagus & brown butter Hollandaise.This dish is ”highly” recommended by many reviewers and diners. I was certainly impressed with this starter that I had. The 4 spears of asparagus with lightly steamed and topped with a deep-fried egg and drenched with hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce is something unique, it taste like some hard-boiled egg mixed with mayonnaise. It is rich in flavour and not heavy and goes well with the asparagus too. Runny egg yolk The Egg is really crispy on the outside & when you cut it open with your knife, the runny egg yolk just flows out, blend in with the hollandaise sauce and ”soaking” the crispy skin…. woooh! it was marvellous! Sauteed foie gras with cherry compote on pain d’e spices Please do not invite your family doctor here for the foie-gras. This 2 pieces of artery-clogging liver is going to make him scream at you! The foie gras was pan-fried and presented on the gingerbread with sweet red wine sauce. The foie-gras really lift up it’s name. It is really crispy on the outside and when you bite in it , the juice just burst out , lingering around your tongue. It melts in my mouth in every bite.It’s simply too delicious that I can’t find any fault or excuse not to like it. I had to savour it slowly…The red wine accompanying sauce is sweet & pleasant to the taste-bud. The sweetness complements with the foie-gas very well.I like the ginger-bread, it is not too soft and it taste good when you actually ”soak” it in the red wine sauce. May I proclaim that this Foie gras is damn fxxxxxg good!!!Fillet of cod topped with prawn and cognac butter, roasted mini ,spanish red peppers stuffed with salt cod brandade, caramelized lemon confit and saffron creamThe cod is highly raved as well but it just failed to impress me. The fish was not warm enough when it is being served to me. I was a little disappointed as the fish is little tad over-cooked, resulting in a little rough in the texture. The fish is topped with prawn& cognac butter which was rather interesting but I find it just normal. Spanish Red peppers I was deceived by it’s colourful appearance. The red peppers were fiery hot! They were stuffed with salted cod brandied which taste like the spicy dried shrimp. Personally, I did not really like it. Avoid this if you can’t take spicy food.Overall, there were some hits & misses. Generally, I felt that it’s worth coming here for the Foie gras alone. The foie gras was indeed a dish that I would really come back for.The bill came up to about $80 as I had to top up additional of $30 for the foie gras and the cod. I do agree that the price is on the higher side but it all depends whether you feel it’s worth it.The service here is friendly and attentive. continue reading
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Level4 2010-10-04
Mention beef rump to anyone in Singapore and chances are, you would invite blank stares or a pertinent look of disgust. Long overshadowed by the more illustrious cuts like the ribeye or striploin, the rump is actually quite tasty as well and value for money to boot - a proposition that the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has put forth. And it has organised a tasting session in Singapore to showcase and promote the best of alternative cuts for both beef and lamb. The venue of choice was Sage, The Restaurant, with the talented Jusman So at the helm.Roast Beef Carpaccio - Seared and then roasted to a perfect medium rare, the beef carpaccio was thinly sliced and very sublime. A lingering of natural beefiness coupled with a smattering of salt, black pepper and grated parmesan rounded up the taste perfect moment. And no surprise that it was a rump cut.Lamb Shoulder - I was so transfixed by the sight of this dainty looking dish that I almost forgot to take a snap of it. Fibrous and tender without the overpowering lamb taste that I personally dislike, the lamb shoulder was very good and the smoked bacon definitely helped to provide a salty dimension to this dish. The mildly shriveled looking cherry tomatoes provided a nice explosion of red.Beef Au Gratin - I felt a nice warm feeling radiating throughout as I ate the beef au gratin. It was almost homely. Generous beef chunks coupled with mushrooms, root vegetables and potatoes, baked together with Parmesan cheese and beautifully browned in the oven. Very tasty except that I found it a tad too salty for my liking.Leg of Lamb - This dish was a little more gamy than the lamb shoulder dish I had earlier, but still very bearable. The skin had a little crisp to it which was excellent when eaten with the drool worthy layer of fat beneath it while the meat was tender yet firm. I personally liked the accompanying potato mousse, which was very smooth and creamy without being too heavy.Lavender Pudding - My last experience with a lavender based dessert was at Ember and that honestly didn't turn out too well so I was actually quite doubtful about this dessert. My initial skepticism gave way to surprise as the pudding (essentially bread and butter pudding) was spongy yet firm and a little sweet to boot. Soaked up in a pineapple milk foam with a scoop of coconut sorbet sitting atop, I could make out faint traces of lavender. Very nice!To end, it was a wonderful meal and I would like to thank the MLA and Cuisine and Wine Asia for graciously extending the invitation to me. See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2010/09/sage-restaurant-part-iv.html continue reading
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