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Signature Dishes
Cheese Hamburger Steak Chicken Doria
Review (22)
Level4 2014-05-26
Decided to pop in here to check this place out.Mushroom Soup - they made effort to add bits of mushroom and onions for that bite. Nice!Garlic Bread - long focaccia slices of bread with herbs and garlic bits on top. Nicely grilled too.Spag Chicken Bolognese - daughter had this and she likes it! I tried and it's good too! Not too tangy and there's minced chicken & carrot bits in it too.Squid Ink Pasta - generous serving of pasta with ingredients. Served hot and taste is ok. Squid is too tough tho.Service is prompt and polite. Water is also free and self-service! Definitely a plus point here! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-27
This is my second visit here for lunch. Saizeriya is a Japanese owned Italian-styled family restaurant that is well-known with its price. It is truly affordable price offer which best suits for budget family or group gathering. Thanks to Openrice team, I am able to try more varieties this time round.Pomelo Salad S$3.90 which serves as an appetizer to start off the meal. Refreshing salad treat as the pomelo were mixed with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.Northen Shrimp Cocktail Salad S$4.90 which is a mixture of iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce with north land shrimps and cherry tomatoes. The lettuces are fresh served and the cherry tomatoes are juicy too.Salmon Salad S$5.90 served with a combination of iceberg and romaine lettuces, mini tomatoes and Norwegian Smoked Salmon best to have them as an appetizer.Chicken Doria S$4.90 consists of baked rice with chicken Bolognese sauce and white sauce. It would be one of the choice to order if you are a cheese lover.Paella S$7.90 comes with seafood as main ingredients served. Mussels, squid and shrimp were served pipping hot in a hotplate.Chicken Wings S$7.90 (8pcs) , S$3.95 (4pcs) were served in hotplate. The wings were quite a hit when it was served. The skin of the chicken wing was quite sticky as it sticks to the pan.Not forgetting the best seller dish in the menu, Oven Grilled Escargots S$5.90. The taste is quite consistent when I last tried. Grilled with special butter topped with minced garlic enhance the fragrance of the dish.Bacon Spaghetti Carbonara S$5.90 comes with Italian flavour of creamy egg yolk sauce. It tasted normal to me. But can’t really expect more of the taste since the price you are paying is relatively low compared to other restaurant.Curry Chicken Pizza S$7.90 is an interesting dish. The pizza comes with curry flavour and notable grilled chicken chunks drizzle with bell pepper. Curry sauce was not too strong though.Seafood Spaghetti S$7.90 served with classic combination of squid, prawn, scallop and tomato sauce.Baked Asar Clam S$3.90 is worth ordering. The price is too tempting that you couldn’t want to miss this.Mussels Marinara S$5.90 served in 8 pieces and cooked in tomato and garlic sauce. The mussels texture were quite chewy and I barely taste the sauce. It would be nice if the sauce is much thicker.Tiramisu Cake S$4.90 is a dessert that is well-known in restaurants. There are many versions of it and the one we had here is the sponge cake dipped in a liquor and layered grated chocolate and custard. The taste wise is quite decent with the price to pay.Overall, the foods quality is average with the price offer. Prices listed on the menu are nett and quite reasonable. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
I first chanced upon Saizeriya when I was at Liang Court 2 years ago and it was also my first time enjoying a half dozen escargots in garlic butter at a mere $5.90 even though its standard was comparable with some French restaurants here. The prices for food were incredibly cheap for a decent restaurant like this, plus there was no GST or service charge too. This restaurant is perfect for group dining so more side dishes and mains can be ordered for sharing without breaking the bank.Saizeriya is actually a Japanese chain of family-style Italian restaurants with over 750 outlets in Japan and Asia and is well known for its low, affordable prices since the late 1960s.The variety on the menu is pretty impressive with soups, salads, appetisers, baked rice & gratin, pizza, pasta, grill and desserts.Freshly made, creamy mushroom soup that tastes more of milk than mushrooms. It is mediocre, nothing spectacular. Still better than canned soup and at this price, I have no complains, really.This is the best focaccia I’ve ever had! Fresh from the oven. Crispy on the outside and light on the inside. The garlic butter spread on top is so good, it makes this focaccia one to die for! I like to eat it on its own rather than dip into the soup because it’s just so buttery and fragrant yet not overly greasy. Yum.Octopus slices that are lightly torched on the outside for a slightly smoky flavour. I thought the octopus would be really hard and chewy but I was wrong. The interior is done medium so it’s actually quite tender when I bite into it. I could taste butter, olive oil and parsley in the sauce that was drizzled over the octopus. This is a welcoming alternative to sashimi.Mussels cooked in a tomato & garlic sauce. You really have to like garlic to like this dish because a lot of minced garlic goes into the sauce and the flavour is quite overpowering. Despite the strong garlicky taste, I still like it because it manages to mask any possible shell-fishy flavour from the mussels. There was one piece of mussel that didn’t open up so it’d be good if the chef could check on such details next time before the dish gets served to customers.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/01/31/cheap-italian-fare-saizeriya-ristorante-e-caffe-toa-payoh-central/ continue reading
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Saizeriya is a family restaurant in Japan with many branches and it has lots of branches in Singapore too.It serves Japanese-Western fusion food with no GST and Service Charge!Mushroom Soup had a "Special" attached to its name, but it's normal. Except for the extraordinary amount of garlic. But, it's nice.The Curry Baked Rice is not anything special and took quite a while to be served.Overall, it's a fuss-free restaurant and I like it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-20
Thanks OpenRice for giving me the opportunity to help out in the "Rice & Shine" community project which involved in creation of Rice Mural using Expired Rice with a aim of helping the 80 Needy families by distributing Rice to them.Our event was beautifully wrapped up with a wonderful lunch at Saizeriya. To start off, we were served with a plate of 8 golden glossy looking wings. They wings were quite inviting as an appetizer and well coated with sweetness. A little force was required to pull them out the pan as their base were rahter sticky.Tender and juicy cuts of meat in vegetables consisting of celery, corn kernals, carrots, potatoes and onions.Never knew such salad existed and surprisingly a refreshing treat as an appetizer to start off with. Pomelo were fresh sprinkled with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.A mixture of Ice Berg Lettuce, romaine lettuce with North Land shrimps and cherry Tomatoes.New delicacies from their menu on Baked Rice & Gratin. Chicken Doria consisting of Bake Rice with Chicken Bolognese sauce and white sauce. A definite must try for cheese lover.Paella is new on menu too with seafood as main ingredients consisting of mussels, squid and shrimp.The No. 1 Best Seller dish in their menu, these oven grilled Escargots were grilled with special butter topped with minced garlic. Another hot selling item in the menu, the spaghetti carbonara. It has a traditional Italian Flavour of Creamy Egg Yolk Sauce with Bacon. Curry Flavoured Pizza with notable grilled chicken chunks drizzle with bell peppers and curry sauce. While the seafood spaghetti presented a classic combination of squid, prawn, scallop and tomato sauce.I'm a fan of such clams, unfortunately it was a let down as it was not sweet enough. Perhaps more seasonings has to be added to reduce the seafood smell.In summary, I find that their food was average. Dishes prices were all listed as nett, thus no more hidden cost is required. For those who required lots of drink during their meals, Saizeriya offers free flow of drinks at $2.80 per pax.Once again, Thanks OpenRice for the treat and organising such enjoyable event in every aspects. continue reading
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