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Seasonal Salad Bar is a causal dining restaurant that serves a range of Mains and a generous salad bar buffet for a holistic dining experience. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-30
Small gathering before Chinese New Year, idea to come Seasonal Bistro was suggested by a colleague. Bright and simple décor, the restaurant was full of festival feeling. Offering semi-buffet style, customers may order a main course with unlimited food items at Salad Bar.Saw a promotion advertisement on the table, it was Seasonal Platter for 2. Luxury Steak and Seafood included, the price was $69.90++ only. Valid until end of February 2014, it sounded worthwhile.I opted for healthier choice, thus Fish was selected. Fresh from Ocean, the flesh was tender and juicy. Drizzle of Lemon and Mango cubes highlighted the dull fish, French fries aside were a crispy dressing.This was what I took at Salad Bar, springy Bolognese and fried thinly noodles were filling. Calamari and Potato Wedges was sinfully nice, Mayo egg was matched perfectly. There was soup and snack food on tray too.Dessert was a must, Ice-cream was readily to serve in DIY basis. Topping can be added according to personal preference, sweet and satisfied. $23.90 for my set, the price was pretty affordable. Impressive service and atmosphere, we enjoyed very much. continue reading
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Seasonal Salad Bar has replaced Chums Steak House. What is different now is that the restaurant now has official Halal Restaurant certification which means Muslim guests can dine in too. So gone is the wine section. The restaurant is simple in decoration with wooden look. There is quite a number of malay customers dining in the restaurant. Besides dining in, there is also cakes and biscuits for sale at the display counter by the entrance. Iced water is chargeable at $0.50 a glass and refillable. The service is quite good here as the staff makes sure the glass is filled from time to time. Currently there is a 1-for-1 promotion for its chicken meal with cut-outs from The New Paper. Due to the promotion, we have Spicy ChickenGenerous portion of boneless chicken thigh fired up with a secret blend of spices ($23.90++) and Southern Grilled ChickenGrilled tender chicken breast topped with turkey bacon, cheese and finished with salsa ($23.90++). The chicken is quite juicy and tender. The topping of salsa is a pick-me as it enhances my appetite. The free flow salad bar has quite a variety of items and kind of reminds of Sizzler. There is a DIY salad section with different vegetables, dressings, ham and grilled chicken. I like the sesame dressing which has quite a tangy taste.There is also ready to serve salad section. I like the apple salad which is quite crunchy and not too sweet. The crabmeat salad is nice too. At the soup section, there is 3 kinds of soups available : mushroom, clam chowder and hot & spicy soup. The clam chowder is full of vegetables and chopped clams, while the hot & spicy soup tastes more sour than spicy to me.At the pasta section, there is Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce (Meat Sauce) and stir-fried Angel Hair Pasta with vegetables. The angel hair pasta is simple and very tasty.At the dessert section, there is soft-serve machine which we have fun time creating soft-serve ice-cream, with different toppings. There is chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces available, as well as, chocolate chips, colored rice and chopped nuts for toppings. Besides soft-serve, there is also bread pudding, cut fruits and jelly to help yourself to.Overall it is quite a full and delicious meal. The staffs here are also quite friendly too. continue reading
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Feel free to visit my site: http://thedessertprince.com/chums-steak-house-steakhouse-at-toa-payoh/Toa Payoh has become one of those favorite place that I enjoy hanging out. The estate is literally sprawling with hawker food/cafes/restaurants only if you know where to find them since most of them are quite hidden especially if you’re the type that don’t travel and explore places like I do.Who says being a food blogger means I have to lead a bunch of foodie(s) out? I could always appreciate fellow foodie sharing their experience with me and on one such expeditions, two of my close friends lead a group of us to Chums for dinner.Citing their lip-smacking, irresistible and let’s not to mention mouth salivating steaks that comes with free flow salad that comes with no additional cost as the main focal point.Since it’s an eat-all-you-can mini buffet with an array of veggies/pasta/meat cuts/fruits to pick from. Even the dressing to go with is pretty extensive, with six to douse your greens in. I personally love the tangy taste of the French dressing. Not sure why though, maybe I just have a love for all things French.Mushroom or Pumpkin? For those who can’t endure spicy broth, just stay clear from Tom Yum. It’s seriously spicy!I’m a steak lover and so when I ordered my Black Augus Steak ($30.60), instinctively I would opt to have my steaks medium rare where the slab of beef is just seared on the outside but tender and succulent inside if not bloody red as well. If you’re daring, opt rare for your steaks like the carnivorous friends but I just like mine, medium rare.If not, how about Black Pepper Steak ($25.90)? I presume my friends ordered medium rare as well?Lamb Racks ($29.90) was nicely plated, siting in a pool of brown sauce. I can’t comment on it since I didn’t try it personally but it sure got me salivating while blogging about it!I could always do with a glass or two right after dinner…I love sweet and fruity cocktails just like I love sweet and fruity desserts and popping those lychee just reassured me that Lychee Martini ($10.00) will always remain my second most favourite alcholic drink with first being the tropical Singapore Sling.Desserts came in the form of soft ice cream. They were pretty tasteless to be honest but I can’t find any fault if you have toppings to play with!All in all, I thought the beef steaks were great although they seemed rather petite when it was plated on a huge plate but was still reasonably priced especially with the salad bar. Just two of three maybe four is enough to keep your tummy filled to the brim! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-02
What was called sizzler is now called chums i think... I wonder why it is called chums... sounds like a crazy thing but il use chum frequently now... Like for example... i am feeling chum... or like what should i chum??? or i will chum your face... well i will never know what chum really means but hey im feeling chummy...Ok so there are 2 main sections to this chum dining experience... The first a salad bar and then the main entree... so basically if your paying x amount of dollars for the entree.. it will entitle you to have the salad bar and the entree... drinks are separated...Ok so you have to ask yourself... do i want a heavy dinner with light salad or do i want light dinner with heavy saiad... For me.. i would usually choose... light dinner and more salad because i like a slightly healthy lifestyle because i believe in the shield! Basically believing in the healthier diet.. The salad bar comprised of many vegetables like lentils, asparagus, mushrooms, egg mayo, tuna mayo, penne pasta with tuna... there were three kinds of soup that day... clam chowder, sour soup and mushroom straganoff... Other items like peaches, alfafa and even fruits are served for you...Other than that... there is also soft serve ice cream consisting of 3 flavors... chocolate, vanilla and mixed... toppings are also available with crushed nuts, chocolate rice... coco pops and rainbow rice.. served with chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauce...For the entree... i ordered the southern chicken... basically in a nutshell it is grilled chicken with a piece of turkey streaky bacon... a slice of cheese... some bbq sauce, a little brushetta and served with fries... hmmm how simple... not very fantastic but yea i have always been a lover for their steak... been quite a while since i had steak... hmm.... I will be back to try their steak... overall not too bad... $30 i spent for the salad and the entree and a glass of grape... Drinks are payable which makes this place a bit of a downside? For coffee with the entree is $3.50 but with the a la carte it is $5....In conclusion... do not be a chum chum... continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-30
The chicken was juicy.The panko breadcrumb crust was an oil sponge.While I liked the melted mushroom cheese, it made everything a lot more salty than it already was.All mains come with the complimentary salad bar.Sounds familiar?Sizzler style.I don't know how true the news is- just a change of management for Sizzler?I took a salad bar option and it does seem that it's exactly the same.I had my favourites of tuna mayo potato salad, mushroom soup, nachos and soft serve ice cream.Mmm. continue reading
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