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Sakae Sushi is a trendy, quick-service kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi concept that has become synonymous with a fun-filled, value-for-money and healthy dining experience. Other than using top quality ingredients, they enrich their sushi rice with Vitamin E for added health benefits to their customers. They also make frequent farm visits to ensure the safety of their food sources. Food served at Sakae Sushi does not contain MSG and is sent for laboratory tests regularly to ensure food freshness and quality. continue reading
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Review (8)
Level4 2013-12-31
Kimchi chicken hot pot 16.99. The soup base was well flavoured with kimchi and there were tender chicken, soft cabbages, tofu etc in it which were quite nice. Katsuo Sashimi 6.29. I've never tried this before so I decided to try it. The fishy taste was stronger and more distinct. This is something different from the usual sashimi. Soft shell crab hand roll $2.29 - the seaweed was crispy and the soft shell crab was not soggy nor oily continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
I would say that the makeover of its shop and a twist in menu had changed my impression on Sakae Sushi. As I stepped into Sakae Sushi, there was a comfortable feeling as the environment was well lighted with its brown theme color and seemingly spacious with reflective mirrors all over the walls. Not only that, the benches are well arranged along the Sushi Conveyor Belt, facilitating customers to pick their desire sushi on the go as well as giving customers ample of room along the walkways! So different from the old Sakae i used to go in Westmall!With the use of technology, every bench was well equipped with an Ipad mounted to the side of the table. It was really a good idea as it minimized the number of times the servers had to come over our table to take the orders as well as ordered items are listed in the system too. Not only the dine-in diners are well taken care of but also those who are having take-away ! Fantastic implementation of Self Ordering Kiosk! This was my first dish from the new menu, Ika Okura, Lady's finger with squid. I thought it would be interesting to have something like this but it took me quite sometime before I can finish them up. Ladyfingers have mucilage in nature and this gluey substances was so strong that it binds the small pieces of cut squid altogether in a string and makes it very hard for me to handle the dish especially with the use of chopsticks. However, it was a real good experience and an eye opener.Cost: S$6.29 (Red Plate)The tempura cheese maki marked as a Must Try on its menu. The sushi roll was filled with prawn tempura and , topped with fish flakes on top of the cheese wrappings. The smell of the yellow cheese...yums!Cost: S$4.29 (Pink Plate)Lobster Salad Inari is one of my favourites too with yummy sweet Inari and salad consisting of tiny bits of lobster meat in mayonnaise. Cost: S$6.29 (Red Plate)Sakae Chawanmushi, was contained in a ceramic little pot. The steamed egg with crab stick, vegetarian shark's fin, japanese fish cake and mushroom.Cost: S$2.29 Mekajiki Sashimi aka swordfish sashimi was always my favourite when it comes to sashimi. Due to its springy and chewy bites in nature, I can never fail to order one plate. These thick fleshy pieces of raw fish adorn with shredded white carrot are my sashimi fix for the night. If you look close enough, you will notice that the usual bag of reused old looking ice pack is missing from the plate! I realized the plate used was different from before as the ice was hidden within the base of the plate.Cost: S$6.29 (Red Plate)Fried Toufu, Beancurd with teriyaki sauce, Tamago(Egg) sushi and Cha Soba. Instead of taking them from the moving conveyor, we had ordered them from the Ipad and all was freshly made and taken out from the kitchen.Cost: S$2.99 Each (Color Plate)Unagi Maki was classified under the premium dishes of makimono in its menu. Comes in 4 pieces, these fried salmon skin wrapped in sushi roll was topped with eel slices in sweet savoury sauce. Cost: S$8.99Combo Inari, the combination of 3 different kinds of inari toppings. From left to right, Smelt roe, tuna mayo and egg mayo Cost: S$4.29 (Pink Plate)Total Cost: S$53.67 I can see that Sakae had put in alot of efforts improving its environment as well as improvising its ordering menu. Even with the implementation of technology into the business, i still felt that there are rooms for improvement in their service. I called loudly and raised my hands to a server who was just a meter away from our table but there was no response until she suddenly turned alert and responded to my request for billing. Note to diners1) Sakae classify the price of their sushi in color plates with the red plate as the most expensive then the pink then the colored.(2) When you are done with dining, stack your plates up according to the color stickers plate on the table. This will ease the calculations easier for the server who will indicate on the slip of paper.(3) Take that slip of paper from the server and proceed to the counter for payment. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-17
Westmall does not have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from so my family settled for Sakae Sushi. The other choices are Mayim and Swensen's for chinese and western food respectively. We were not feeling very "western" and there was a long queue at Mayim.Got the seasoned seaweed and I must say, it is very, very seasoned. The colouring left a green tinge at the bottom of the bowl it did not feel good to know that the food was so processed and it must have had lots of preservatives. I wonder if seasoned seaweed in other Japanese restaurants are the same. Salmon sashimi is a must-have when we go for Japanese food. We may have gone overboard with the amount of salmon there was on the table (there are more salmon dishes coming up haha) but back to the sashimi. I find that the sashimi slices have really gone thinner over the years. The colour of the sashimi is also a little dull and not as bright-looking as before. Would reconsider when getting sashimi slices from here next time.There were some special salmon dishes for the month so we picked this salmon sushi with fish roe. The design of this was really cute but taste-wise only so-so. Lastly, we had the salmon karaage which is basically fried salmon. This is normal but we always order it because it is important to have fish in our diets. Although Sakae tries to stay in the competition by always coming up with creative and innovative dishes, the quality of its food has really gone down over the years. There used to be a long queue outside the restaurant but the numbers have since dwindled to only about a handful. Having said that, it is still a very established restaurant that has so many branches that it does not need to be afraid of going out of business. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-07
Nephews are done with their swimming lessons and requested for sushi dinner, so we head down to the branch at West Mall. It's been awhile since we have been there and only realized that they have some new items on their menu. Beancurd with mentaiko: This is pretty good cos the sweetness of mentaiko & the beancurd blends in quite well.For the salmon addict. Both Salmon on the outside & inside is sweet & fresh.Salmon with mentaiko: I was expecting the salmon to be slightly torched, but it wasn't. Taste of the mentaiko overpowered the salmon.Sashimi although sweet, it's too thinly slicedSalmon sushi is a total disappointment as the salmon is super thinly sliced. continue reading
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We ordered enoki mushroom with beef, cha soba, paperpot and salmon sashimi. The soup in the paper pot (kaminabe) took a long time to arrive and when it was served, we had to wait for the soup to boil and for the ingredients to be cooked. In the end, a lot of time was wasted as we had already finished all our food and were only left with the paper pot. service is extremely slow even though there was no crowd (3pm). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)