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Sakae Teppanyaki offers an affordable, casual teppanyaki dining experience for the average joe, where their chefs cook up a storm with sundry meats and live seafood in teppan-style. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-08
We were here for a late lunch after catching a movie. As we were the only customers then, the servers were prompt and food was served fairly quickly. We order their Kaika Set Lunch which consisted of Wagyu Beef slices, Salmon Teriyaki, Chilled Spicy Asari and Shanghai Green with Scallops. The set lunch was served with cold appetisers, rice, miso soup and dessert. As the husband was also craving for some seafood, we topped up our order with some squids as well. The Kaika Set was delicious. I especially love their beef as it was very fragrant (due to the garlic seasoning) and tender. The squids were pretty well prepared and not overcooked, retaining the natural juices and chewy soft texture.The Shanghai Green with Scallops was equally tasty and crunchy. Unfortunately, the Salmon Teriyaki was overcooked and tasted quite dry and flaky. Overall, it was an enjoyable meal with some really delicious offerings! continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-19
This was our second time here. We ordered two sets, Premium Beef and Premium Chicken, to be shared by four of us. The portion they served was sufficient. The price was reasonable too. The taste was pretty good. The Premium Beef Set contained, beef, salmon, sotong, toufu (very soft, nice) and vegetables.The Premium Chicken Set contained, chicken, fish (not sure what type of fish, taste a bit fishy), toufu, gyoza (my favourite) and vegetables.Personally, I didn't like the way the chef cooked everything at the same time. For example, he mixed all the chicken portions of different customers together and redistributed them to the respective customers after cooking. I felt that the redistribution was not fairly done. The first time I came here, the chef mixed up the food and gave my scallop to another customer. Of couse, I made some noise and they replaced it for me.To be fair, I will give an average rating of both my experience here. continue reading
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Level2 2010-12-03
The folks behind Sakae Sushi, widely credited for bringing affordable sushi to the masses, have also put fast food-style teppanyaki on the map with their wallet-friendly menus. The four-course lunch sets with a choice of chicken, beef, venison or seafood are $10-$12, and five-course sets that include foie gras and scallops come to under $20; a similar meal at a fine-dining Japanese restaurant would cost double or triple that. Even the most expensive seafood dinner set (tiger prawn, cuttlefish, bamboo clam, chicken and mixed vegetables), will not break the bank at $21.99. What’s the catch? Well, we visited one of Sakae Teppanyaki’s ten outlets and dined in a packed food hall surrounded by retail outlets, where we munched on salad drenched in tomato ketchup instead of exquisite Japanese dressings. A small price to pay for the gourmet-quality main courses. continue reading
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