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Sakunthala’s Restaurant, an iconic home-grown brand, well-known for its Fusion Cuisine with Signature range of South Indian, North Indian & Chinese dishes. continue reading
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Briyani Fish Head Curry Masala Chicken Nandu Rasam
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Level4 2017-10-13
The restaurant was located walking distance from the MRT station. The dine in area was quite huge, modern and simple in look. One was quite surprised to find live seafood display shelves in an Indian restaurant, which was something commonly found in Chinese style Seafood restaurants. Interestingly there was Indian kitchen, as well as, Chinese kitchen in this restaurant. There was a open hot food counter, as well as, a live cooking station which was opened to other to watch.We were served complimentary appadam while waiting for the dishes to be served. We tried on a number of drinks. Badam Milk ($4.00)Milky and not too sweet.Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet) ($3.00)It was like carbonated lemonade.Lassi (Sweet) ($4.00)It tasted like yogurt drink.Fish Head Curry ($26/small, $30/ big)A whole anggoli fish head is semi-stewed in a rich thick orange curry with assorted vegetables such as okra and brinjal, and a generous helping of Indian spices and lemongrass. The final result is aromatic and fragrant with mellowed spiciness.The curry was first cooked in the Indian kitchen before handling over to the Chinese kitchen for touch up before serving. The fish meat was firm and tender, with tender cooked vegetables in the curry. The curry was not heavily spiced as traditional indian curry.Chilli Crab (S$40/ 800 grams)Live Srilankan cooked in sweet and spicy sauce.The dish was pretty similar to the usual chinese seafood restaurant, where the crab was covered with a rich spicy sweet sauce. The crab was pretty fresh and we could see that it was freshly taken from the display shelves.Mutton Biryani ($11.50)Basmati rice cooked with lamb, saffron and aromatic spices Although the piece of mutton was bony, the meat was quite tender, without strong gamey taste.Chicken Biryani ($10.50)Basmati rice cooked with chicken and selected spices The meat was tender and rich.Pepper Mutton (SGD $8)Sakuntalas SpecialityThe meat was pretty tender with texture similar to pulled pork. It was covered with a rich spicy paste which made it a must have with rice.Butter Chicken ($9.00)Boneless chicken pieces in a creamy tomatoes butter gravyIt was rich and creamy with tender pieces of meat in it.Tandoori Platter (Non-Veg) ($25.00)A combination of chicken, fish & prawn and slices of bread.It consisted of the following lain Naan (a la carte $3.00)White flour Indian bread baked in clay ovenKashmiri Naan (a la carte $4.20)Indian bread stuffed with dried fruits, nuts and baked in tandoorTandoori Jhinga (a la carte $18.00)Fresh prawn marinated and grilled in the tandoor ovenFish Tikka (a la carte $14.00)Cubes of fish marinated with exoctic spices, grilled in tandoor ovenChicken Tikka (a la carte $14.00)Boneless chicken nuggets, marinated in tandoori masala & yogurt, grilled in the tandoor ovenChickenChicken Malai Kebab (a la carte $14.00)Chicken marinated with cream and grilled in the clay ovenFish Malai Kebab (a la carte $14.00)Tender and creamy clay oven baked fish cubesThe grilled meat was tender and flavourful, while the bread was soft and fluffy.Meals ($4.50)White rice served with two vegetables, chicken gravy, rasam and buttermilkIt was served with fluffy white rice, vegetable dishes, and gravy, making it a simple and tasty meal.Biryani Rice ($3.00)Basmati rice cooked with saffron and aromatic spicesThe rice was fragrant and light.Don't forget to help yourself with some of the mouth refresher at the cashier, on the way out. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-27
This one's for the onion lovers! If you like your prata with onions then you'll love this. This isn't prata though. Its appam+onions. I was quite turned off when I saw it but we've all learnt not to judge a book by its cover and so, I gave it a try and it actually wasn't bad at all! I actually had more than a bite and even my cousins agreed that it was pretty good after trying it. The flour was also pretty soft.Was a good try I would say! continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-22
My father brought us to have dinner with his client.as his client is from india, I research and found this restaurant that we can bring him. We ordered the seafood tom yum soup, tandoori jhinga, paneer tikka, masala chicken, butter naan and garlic naan. We also ordered other food which I cannot remember the name. it turned out really delicious. the seafood in the tom yum soup was very fresh, it was mind blowing spicy, really nice. The tandoor jhinga which is marinated and grilled prawns taste really good. I don’t mind coming here again. The food is really good. continue reading
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