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Sarah's The Pancake Cafe is a Halal kitchen serving homemade pancakes and crepes with a different twist. continue reading
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Good news to our Muslim community as there seem to be an increase of Halal certified cafes springing up at other parts of Singapore apart from Bugis/Arab Street area. This new Halal certified cafe is all about sweet and savoury griddlecakes, with a local touch to it.Menu is rather extensive with 13 types (7 Sweet and 6 Savoury) of permutations to choose from.We ordered the MJ ($14) - 3 White and Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Whipped Cream and Caramalized Banana.The Benedict ($15) - 3 Pancakes, slices of Smoked Salmon, Greens and Poached Eggs with hollandaise.Generally, Sarah's pancakes were a little dense rather than light and fluffy. Portion was towards a meal in itself, so it was fit for sharing for a time such as this, Tea Time.The chocolate chips in the MJ was interesting as it boosted the flavour. Apart from that, the rest was just calories.The Benedict, the hollandaise was...odd or different or poorly done? I can't decide. Help me with that.On top of that, there was a hint of vinegar while eating the Poached eggs. Perhaps too much were added during the "poaching" process.Overall, Sarah's pancakes weren't the best in town, however, it is a gem for a Halal certified cafe in the East of Singapore!More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/sarahs-the-pancake-cafe-halal-pancakes-crepes-at-simpang-bedok-east-village continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-04
The opening of East Village saw many interesting eateries pop up in the Simpang Bedok area. Sarah’s The Pancake Cafe is yet another one interesting eatery that has just recently opened its doors. Pancake specialty stores are not unheard of; there are already a couple of notable eateries that serve only pancakes in Singapore. To distinguish themselves from the rest, Sarah’s The Pancake Cafe is also fully Muslim-owned, which provides a complete Halal dining experience. Apart from both sweet and savoury pancakes, there are also items such as spaghetti to choose from if you are not into pancakes.I visited on their very first day of operations, and as much as I wanted to try both variants of savoury and sweet pancakes, being alone meant that I could only choose one. Ala Dol ($12.00) caught my eye pretty naturally; a local-infused pancake that puts together pancakes and Chendol into one dish. Unlike usual pancakes, these were presented in a crepe-like form; each crepe containing multiple layers all smothered with thick red bean paste that was sweet but barley cloying. It also comes drizzled in Gula Melaka, but that sweet coconut flavour seemed to get covered off by the red bean paste easily; would have preferred the Gula Melaka to be thicker so its flavours could be better brought out. Savoury corn bits were all over, and it gave the dessert a small tinge of saltiness. Coconut ice-cream sits on the top; a flavour that cannot be missing in Chendol. Loved the Atap Chee added around the sides too; I have had countless Chendol local-infusion dishes but its the first to have included the usually-forgotten ingredient.Homemade Iced Tea ($3.00) was light, cooling and refreshing for the hot weather, but I would have enjoyed a heavier tea aroma for their brewed tea.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/sarahs-the-pancake-cafe-east-village/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)